Sunday 15th - Change of Location: 2pm @ National Museum of Ireland

Ardagh Chalice

OK!! So, seeing as the RDS is a non starter due to the promotion ending, those of you who didn't get tickets and want to sketch will now visit the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street.

The Museum doesn't open until 2pm, so it's a later start than usual, but well worth it. It's been some time since the Sketchers visited and seeing as it is off-peak now it shouldn't be too busy.. fingers crossed.

Info on the various collections here!

Hope ye enjoy it!

Apologies to anyone who ends up in the RDS looking for a bunch of sketchers!!


TAW Admin said...

Sounds good Tracey, enjoy the boxing in Limerick, see some of you in Kildare st.

Mary said...

Enjoy the day at the Museum everyone.

Sorry the Promo ended so abruptly, my fault for not mentioning it sooner in the week! Also, enjoy the show those who did get tickets.

Catherine said...

Thanks for organising Tracy:)

Il be at Museum !