Merrion Square Sunday 10th 1pm

Hi all,

Ok - this weekend I am away, but I am naming Merrion Square Park as the location for sketching. I am hoping the weather will hold up for ye all - but if the weather is poor the National Art Gallery is close at hand!

So - meet up at 1pm at the gate entrance of the National Gallery to avoid confusion. Sketch pads out so you will be recognised and all newcomers are more than welcome. Happy sketching people and please post up your sketches so that people know we are actually sketching something each weekend!!!

Have a good one,



Mary said...

Nice venue Tracy, lots of colour there at the moment.

Mary said...

I just thought I would mention that there is a very good talk in the N/Gallery at 3pm. entitled "Why Artists Draw", and it is given by a very good artist, Samuel Walsh. You could drop in to the cafe afterwards, or before it!