Sunday 10th May

Hi all,
I don't think any of the admins are around this weekend for various (but very believable) reasons. If any of the regulars would like to take point on waving a sketchpad about the place at a predetermined location it would be greatly appreciated.

As always please post suggestions for a sketching location here. Tracy will send out a mail at two with a confirmed starting point. Please note that as we won't be there to co-ordinate it is important that you visibly have your sketchpad out and are not afraid to approach others in a similar disposition. Artists rarely bite and remember it might well be everyone who arrives first time ;)

Have a great one and hopefully I'll see you next week. Promise :)



Tracy O'Brien said...

Sound!! I'm proposing Merrion Square Park and the National Gallery unless someone wants to suggest an alternative!! Weather might be nice to the park will be perfect.


Mary said...

Sound fine for a venue Tracy, and plenty of alternatives across the road in the Gallery if the weather fails! I will be there with the pen and paper at 1 oc. Looking forward for a good turnout!