Sunday 17th May

Hey there,
It has been suggested that we go to the National Art Gallery this Sunday. It's free in and you always discover new gems when you go. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to make them in the comments to this post. I'll post a final meeting point by two today.



Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks Stephen - I won't be around this weekend as I'm heading for the Rebel county again, but hope you enjoy the National Gallery.

Mary said...

Sorry I can't make it either.
Also, there is a new drawing exhibition in the print Room, in the Nat.Gallery, it began today. Great antique work,using pencil,pen,wash,water-color, also red chalk. Could easily be used today. The second exhibition there is Harry Clarke's illustrations for Hans Christian Anderson. These were done when he was only 24! Enjoy the day everyone!