Sunday 24th May

Hey all,

thank you to everyone who made it last week. There was a great turn out and some fantastic new talent. Hopefully some of them will get around to putting up artblogs soon ;)

This weekend I propose we head to the Iveagh Gardens for Africa day. There's bound to be a lot of colour and excitement. There'll be street performers, live bands, food stalls and a myriad of other activities. Also it's free in :)

If there are no other suggestions (I hear there's a soul picnic on in Merrion Square for instance) then I propose we meet at the main gates at 1:00 on Sunday.

Alright then, please leave comments and as always a mail will be sent on Friday with the final destination. Enjoy the rest of the week.



Tracy O'Brien said...

Where are the main gates? I've only ever been once the time we walked around from Harcourt Street Starbucks.. is that it?!

Yip I second Africa Day, weather depending I suppose, but should be great day out :)

Mary said...

Sounds like a great event, hope the weather obliges!
Tracy, the main entrance is off Harcourt St., just up from the Stephens Green end.

SarahOR said...

see you there!

kay said...

right so i was looking it all up and wondering, im gettingthe luas down from stillorgan, take the harcourt stop best or just go down to stephens green?

Stephen said...

The Harcourt Street stop is closer. Just cross the road and go one street up. The entrance is on Hatch Street.

Mary said...

OK Stephen, so we all meet up at Hatch street.

TAW Blog Admin said...

Sounds great look forward to the colour of it all!See ye there.