Initial Sketchers Meeting this Sunday 30th

At the merrion square entrance to the National Art Gallery at 12pm.

The group can start either Sunday i.e this weekend or the following weekend (April the 6th) its up to the group (Im free for both days!).

Also be sure to let anyhow interested in sketching know about the group/ website :).



Blog Admin said...

This Sunday 30th at 11am is good for me too(next weekend I will be away)

Should be able to bring at least one other sketcher with me, see you there.


Jessica PY said...


I should be able to make this Sunday.

I think weekends are good, but when the nights are longer, we could look at a weekday evening?


SarahOR said...

first session then will be on this Sunday coming. Im hoping the weather will get a bit better too, in fact i think the hour's going forward this Sunday?

SarahOR said...

I changed the time to 12 as that's when the gallery opens :) hope that's okay with everyone!