A few more from the Flea Market

Three pen and inks from Des, three from Mandy and a colourful pastel from Caitriona

Putting a name to the sketches done at the Flea Market.

The first four figures in charcoal, browsing - Lorraine.
Five pages of faces and objects, and a page of bicycles - Jessica.
An interior drawn in pencil showing the canopy - Filipa.
A two page sketch of the entrance corridor - James.
Charcoal drawing - Lorraine.
Two figures in pencil, and a man wearing a red head - Catherine.
Exterior with motorbike in the foreground - John.
Colour pencil sketch of a stall - Sandra.
People browsing, loose figures and the interior with canopy - Balaz.
Two sketches of people browsing, in blue pencil - Katherine.
Coffee shop queue with woman texting - Keith.
Grand vista showing the canopy - John.
6 pencil drawings of people browsing, figures, people seated - Sinead.
Interior detail showing the banner, exterior with bicycle and motorbike - Melanie.
Coffee shop with two women seated at table - Lia.

Sunday 27th November - Dublin Flea Market

Hi all this week we will be visiting the DUBLIN FLEA MARKET - Dublin Food Coop, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8.

The flea market takes place every last Sunday of the month. As we've never been here before we will meet at what seems to be the main entrance at 2pm. At 4pm we will meet at the main entrance again and decide where to have our usual coffee - at the market or elsewhere. If you're lost - Jessica's mobile number is 086 818 5537.

There's lots of free parking spaces right outside the door. Find a map here http://www.dublinflea.ie/dublin-flea-market-contact-get-in-touch.html

Here's the blurb from their website - The Dublin Flea Market is a non profit driven social enterprise that promotes sustainability and opportunity in the wider community. It is as much about innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration as it is about fun, haggling and friendship. We opened our doors for the first time in November 2008 and since then it has grown into one of Dublin's most loved markets. It takes place on the last Sunday of every month in The Co-op on Newmarket square, Dublin 8. There are 60 rotating stalls each month (40 indoor and 20 outdoor) selling everything from vintage clothes to second hand bikes, retro furniture and random odds and ends - pretty much everything you would expect to find at a flea market. As well as the buying and selling we usually have a mix of djs, live bands or whatever we can throw together on the day to keep the folks entertained, as they soak up the atmosphere, drink a coffee and fill their bellies with homemade falafel, belgian waffles and greek dishes. The Co-op's organic food store is also open on market days with the best selection of organic and fair-trade goods in Dublin.

Plenty to sketch - it's an inside/outside affair so dress up warm!

If you've not been out before, just look for a group of people holding sketch pads, or get stuck in with your drawing and meet up at 4pm for a coffee.

See you there!

Puppets at Collins Barracks

Both Theresa and Jessica went to the puppet presentation - sitting in different parts of the room, here's what they came up with. The puppets appeared to be made out of wicker, papier mache, fabric and paint.

Collins Barracks - more sketches

Monsieur Slimane created a sturdy chair and a vase, Catherine did two Louis Le Broquy-esque crucifix studies, Melanie was prolific with two pencil drawings of chairs, another of woman's fashion (or is it a doll?) and a drawing of the exterior. James did a pencil drawing out by the park in front and Jessica did a pastel/charcoal study of a glass vase with fishes swimming in a river. Harry's always one to produce a finished article - I like the way his colours echo those of my fish vase. Jenny captured some nice shapes with her clock study, and Claudio told me he had learnt alot about geometric drawings - he used it to good effect with his pencil exteriors.