Phoenix Park Sun.27th March

The park was beautiful today as the sun shone all day,
Some sketches from around Farmleigh in Phoenix Park.  I used a watersoluble pen and a water brush.
 Apologies I have no more photos from anyone else as I forgot  my camera and the phone was dead! One of those days!

Magazine Fort Phoenix Park @2pm Sunday 27th


Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

With the sun shining on us this week we have to go out and take the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors, so this Sunday we will be found wandering the Phoneix Park - specifically the area surrounding the Magazine Fort. There are spectacular views from this area across to the Dublin Mountains - so it's perfect for a nice spot of painting or sketching. We will meet at the foot of the Fort - just by the exit from the Park to the Conyngham Road.

For those on foot - the best entrance is the turnstile entrance which is just on the Conyngham Road at the Junction of the South Circular. When you walk up those steps, turn left and follow the road until you see the fort up in front of you. It's a lovely walk. If you are walking from the main entrance to the Phoenix Park, it will take about 15-20 minutes - take a left after the large Wellington Monument and keep going. You'll see it in front of you on your right.

There is lots of information on the Magazine Fort here on the Abandoned Ireland site - well worth taking a look before visiting! Also, very closeby is Farmleigh House and gardens, plus numerous beautiful open areas and woodlands to spend some time in. Definitely won't be short of something to inspire you!

At 4pm, we will meet back at the Fort, at the bottom of the hill near the Islandbridge junction. From there, we will decide what to do for coffee, whether it be the Zoo cafe/tea gardens or another alternative. Here's to the fine weather and it staying sunny for us!

See you on Sunday,


Sunday 27th March Suggestions??!

Quickly now!! There's no tiiiiiime, it's the second to last day, the penultimate. If you wanna go somewhere suggest somewhere. Otherwise it'll be the side of the road again and no one really wants that!! So go on now, scour the internet for free weekend drawable things. If we don't go there this weekend we might next :D

Suggestions for themes for next week?


also would anyone be interested in a day trip to Glendalough some Saturday soon?

Some sketches from Sunday March 20th. Stephens Green,

(Note: Click on Pics. to enlarge)

                                                                     Sketches from Stephens Green
and  a view from the Sol Gallery,  by Maura Q. 

 Drawn by Deirdre M.
Drawn by Mary O'C.

Sunday 20th March- Meet in the entrance to Stephen's Green shopping centre at 2pm

Hello Folks,

We're off to Stephen's Green this Sunday 20th March! Meet in the entrance to Stephen's Green shopping centre at 2pm. If the weather is warm enough, we can sketch in the park. If not, the "Mall" itself offers plenty of scope, and the Kylemore cafe up the top affords great views over the park and the top of Grafton Street. We'll meet in the Kylemore at 4pm for coffee and artist exchange!

Just a reminder that the Art for Japan fundraising art exhibition is on in the Sol Art Gallery on Dawson Street, and includes new works from some of our members. The gallery is open 10am - 5pm on Saturday and 1pm - 5.30pm on Sunday.

Quick Update:Also there will probably be Japanese students raising money around the mall for Japanese Aid Relief and any sketches can be afterwards brought to Veronica in the Sol Art Gallery where she can try selling them. So if anyone would like to donate a sketch for that purpose it will be much appreciated. You can hand them in to her personally between 4pm and 4.45pm after skecthing session or give them to me at 4pm coffee in the Kylemore time.

See you Sunday,


Haiku from Botanics

Me again! I think of haiku as word sketches, and they're slowly combining in my mind with my soundscapes......Hopefully something will come together for the exhibition in June....These are from the Botanic Gardens...

A sudden silence –
Expectation of delight.
A park land in spring.

Pansies and tulips
Where kitchen garden once grew.
Nature changed by man.

Pungent pollen smells
Creep deep down and fill the lungs.
Evoke memories.

Ludwig Wittenstein
Sat here nineteen forty eight.
What was he thinking?

The steamy glass house.
Warmth penetrates to the bone,
Cold muscles relax.

The north side jungle,
Foliage luscious and strange.
Kids play hide and seek.

Erratic movement
Of upward arching branches.
Buds ready to burst.

Switch grass firmly pruned.
Like upturned shoe shine brushes
Waiting for a boot.

Sniffing the spring they
Poke their nose out of the earth.
Is it time to bloom?

They float in the breeze,
Hanging from silver birch limbs.
Mistletoe pom poms.

Oh, Mister Magpie,
Please fly over that high wall,
See what lurks behind.

Empty park benches
Waiting for people to come.
Like Magritte’s coffins.

Elegant entwined
Sculpture, echoing the grace
Of the tangled yew.

Girls, stay on the path?
The earth is damp and muddy.
Too real for your shoes.

Green has many shades
Converging round lakeside curves.
Grey sky heralds rain.

Art For Japan - calling all sketchers

Veronika is organising an art sale in the Athena Room this Friday to help relief work in Japan after the terrible earthquake and tsunami there. The Sol Art gallery is giving the use of the room there for free. It's a very worthwhile cause and the Japanese ambassador may even be opening it.

If any of you can donate a piece of your work to it for free it would be great, all the money will go directly to fund the relief work in Japan. If you have a piece already or will have one ready by this Friday the 18th March and are willing to part with it please, put your name down here in the comments section or talk directly to Veronika or myself James about it.

When we find out more details we'll post again.

Friday, March 18 at 5:30pm - March 20 at 7:00pm

Athena Room, Sol Art Gallery, Dawson Str., Dublin 2

Created By

More Info
Please come and support our earthquake aftermath relief donation event.

Art for Japan - an Art Exhibition in Sol Art Gallery (who kindly donated their space) in Dublin from Fri 18th — Sun 20th March 2010.

Opening this Friday 18th March at 5.30 pm.

Looking forward to see you there.

Please forward this invite.

Thank you,

Veronika Samlova
Artist & Art Promoter and Fundraiser

RHA Gallery 2pm Sunday 13th March

Sneak preview of art by James Moore!

Helloo all!

This Sunday we are going to visit the RHA! Meeting at 2pm, inside the main doors. There is a pop-up shop happening at the moment in there, which is a fantastic showcase of Irish craft and design - surely enough to inspire us all!

The RHA website is here:
Info on the Popup Shop here:

Everyone is welcome to join us - draw/paint/enjoy for 2 hours and meet up again at 4pm. We will then wander over to Dawson Street to the Sol Art Gallery to take a look at the fantastic exhibition of James Moore - which will be open until 5.30pm and is definitely well worth seeing - sneak preview attached! Details here

Then for coffee, cake or something stronger nearby!

Until then have a great weekend,


Ideas Ideas Ideas..

So - it's that time again when we come a lookin' for ideas.. what would you like to do this Sunday?? Let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Work from Temple Bar Russian Festival

Sketches done by Elena Soriano based on the Russian Festival - she has also some pics above of what inspired her yesterday!

Done by Colm McConnell

Some sketches from the Russian Festival in Temple Bar today.

 Drawn by Deanna.

Drawn by Marcus.

 Drawn by Balasz
Drawn by Mary


(Left): Drawn by Stephen                      

                                          (Right):    Drawn by Maura
 Drawn by Karine.

Sunday 6th March

Well hello there again you delightfully artistic types. I hope this finds you well or indeed finds you at all.

Now then, there's a wee Russian festival on in Templebar this weekend. We should go along to that. I'm hearing great support for grabbing pancakes from suitably attired soviets. We'll meet at the square in front of the banklinks there, you know where the book market usually is? I should be there at about 2:00. As it's a very open environment and there's a propensity to lose people, so if we all get horrifically separated don't despair, we'll meet afterward in Eamonn Dorans on Crown Alley - opposite the Bad Ass cafe. Map here! I think they still do pizza :)
If the weather turns cold/wet we can always head across to the book festival in City Hall/Chester Beaty. Also for those of you who may be interested in exhibiting please take the time to send a mail to us at this address with the subject "Exhibition" and an expression of your interest to do so. Wait, exhibiting what you say? Oh my yes, the 2011 Dublin Sketchers exhibition of course. It'll start on June 3rd in Sol art gallery on Dawson street.

Meanwhile next Friday one of our core members is exhibiting in Sol gallery himself. It would be well worth your while getting in there for a look. Right, I gotta go home, see you Sunday. Oh, that's James by the way, James is exhibiting, his work, not himself.


Work from Botanic Gardens by Keith Dollin

Done by Keith Dollin - "A quick sketch of one of the sculptures in the Botanical Gardens (inthe rain hence the warped paper). Coloured in photoshop."

sketches from Sunday

I didn't head over in the end because of the weather but I did some sketching at home instead.

Sharpen your pencils for next Sunday - ideas please!

All ideas welcome for next Sunday, the weather is beautiful this week and it would be really great to get back out and about to somewhere like Howth, Sandymount or Dun Laoghaire perhaps. If there is any exhibtion, park or gallery in particular you want to visit - shout now!