Sunday 31st August Session in the Irish Museum of Modern Art

Nice sunny day today. Mostly we started out just looking at the exhibitions in the galleries.
Did this drawing of the gardens at IMMA and people coming and going down the steps after we left the cafe. Finally finished my lightbox this evening only to realise that the tube lighting I have is nowhere near bright enough - back to the hardware store tomorrow.

9pm Farewell Meetup in Grogans tonight - Friday 29th August

Really sorry about the short notice folks but as stated in the last post Kari is returning home to the States this Sunday so please come along and say goodbye and join us for one in Grogans at 9pm tonight.

9pm Grogan's Castle Lounge, Address. 15 South William Street

All welcome



P.S.once again apologies for the short notice

One of our group is leaving on the 31st of August 2008

Hi folks one of our members Carey is leaving us and heading back home to America this Sunday but can't make that particular drawing session - however it might be nice if anyone can to meetup either tomorrow evening Friday 29th or Saturday 30th to say goodbye over a pint or a coffee in town maybe say in Grogans on South Anne St. in the evening at about seven if anyone is free. And Carey sorry we missed you last Sunday, even though we waited at the gate of the Peoples Park from 3 till 3.15, so if you see this post or the email contact me at or post , comment back on this blog if you want to meet up for a goodbye drink, you decide Fri or Sat and time - everyone else welcome. Regards.

Sunday 31st August Meetup Suggestion IMMA Kilmainham

The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham.
Theres plenty to see and think and draw about here, wheter it be on the walls or around the building or the people checking out the "art" - it could be eye opening, challenging, laughable, inspirational even and well at the very least by the end of it we should have something to talk about whatever we might get down on paper : ) plus theres a handy coffee shop/restaraunt. Anyone else interested?

P.S. I won't have the camera this Sunday so if someone else can bring one along that would be a help.

a proposal

Hi everyone,

as some of you know ill be back from my volunteering project in Sri Lanka on the 8th of September and I was hoping to organise a meeting to possibly elect some committee members for the group and to discuss any proposals people might have over it's future proceedings, all people new and old would be welcome at the meeting and we could have a coffee/ beer/ food throughout.

My ideas would be to have two PR people (to promote the site/ group), one chair person, one person for promoting exhibitions, and maybe one person as social officier (any extra cirricular or special meetings ). The idea being that one / two people aren't left posting about possible meetup sessions all the time and that people who are interested in the group can get more involved. My suggestion for adate for the meeting would be the 11th/ 12th (wednesday or thursday evening) when its not too busy in town at around 7pm.

Also I will probably miss the sketching session on the 8th (sunday) but if anyone fancies going back out to dun laghaire during the week let me know!

Yours Sarah O 'Reilly

ps any suggestions re possible dates/ locations/ time of the meeting are welcome :)

TEST audience needed! Should be fun!

Hi Sketchers,

this is a bit tangental, but I'm putting together a show in the Spiegel Tent for the Dublin Fringe Festival and we need a TEST audience on Thursday 4th Sept. Basically, a gathering at my flat (off Baggot Street) to "respectfully" (read: "disrespectfully") allow one of the performers to test her material. Don't worry, it's been tested before! Guests invited from 7.30pm, show runs intermittently between 8pm and 9pm. If you want to come, email me at dublindy at gmail dot com for more details. Would be great for Dorothy Darker to have a few strangers in the audience!

How was Dun La La - a lovely day to be outside!


Sunday 24th The Festival of World Cultures Dun Laoghaire

This meetup was attended by four of us Ciaran,Carey and new member Brenda. Some people worked by the sea front and at the peoples park and to be honest it was all fairly hopping, Dun Laoghaire was full of people, noise, colour, smells, rastas with big wooly hats, africans with fantasticly colourful costumes, yiddish bands, the gardai etc. and of course I forgot my bloomin' camera which I am really regretting since. I did one scene in the peoples park and then one in a cafe after shown here. Unfortunately as I forgot the camera there isn't a pic of anyone elses work - I promise that the next time I attend I'll bring a camera to take a record of the work.

Painting Web Site.

Here's a painting website I came across today that might interest some of you. Lots of great tips and quite extensive too.

I've just added it to my favourites.

All best,


Festival of World Cultures in DunLAoghaire for Sun 24th August meetup

Suggested by Jessica who may even be performing in it.

There's plenty of free stuff happening, here's a link to it Festival of World Cultures Sun 24th August 2008

One o'clock at dun laoghaire dart station again and take it from there?

New people always welcome - just show up and bring your own drawing gear

IMMA - Miquel Barceló: The African Work - 25 Jun 2008

By the way if you get a chance you might like to check out an Exhibition by a Spanish artist called Miquel Barceló: The African Work at IMMA - some of it is colourful like the image shown here and some less so, but these are really strong ,primal, visceral drawings - it's been a while since I've seen a a show at IMMA that impressed me like this one. Miquel Barceló: The African Work focuses on works inspired by Barceló’s frequent stays in West Africa, where he has been a regular visitor since 1988 and where he has had a home, in the Dogon area of Mali, since the early 1990s. See ye all on the 24th

Sunday 10th August Meetup - DunLaoghaire Session

It was a windy and greyish couple of hours but the rain held off so no real complaints. Attendees were Carey,Cirain, SarahBo, Jessica and James. Not sure what the plan is for next week - I will miss next Sunday so please somebody else feel free to make a suggestion - oh by the way perhaps you could please keep the zoo suggestion till the 24th or later as some of us would love to go for that day but won't be around till around that time. Ticket prices are just under Euro 15, it's pricey but if we were to make a full day of it it would be well worth it - drawing aside even as Ciarain pointed out. A picnic was also suggested - : ) Yummy !

Attention all new artists/ sketchers

Hi there,

Im not actually in the country at the moment so James/ SarahBo are helping to run the groups until i'm back in the country in September. Just to tell you a little about the group..the sketching group is a casual meet up session that occurs every Sunday afternoon for about 2 hours (no instruction given but we do show each other our work when we've finished). People bring their own sketchpad etc and if somebodies new and doesn't know what we look like generally we say be on time and have your sketchpad out so we can recognize you.

If you look at the website there's a link called 'a welcome to all artists' for any more information.

1) BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR/ (allowing you to post here) or
2 )wants to add their artblog or wants to be added to
3) the emailing list

please email me on
. NO spam or advertisers please, thank you

More on Lightboxes

Got a good book from my local library called Keys to Drawing with Imagination by Bert Dodson and in it the author explains how useful a lightbox can be and he also gives a diagram on how to make one - it's very similar to the one shown in an earlier post but thought it'd be no harm to post this alternative version too.

Graphite Sticks for 4 euro in Evans Art Supplies off Capel street

Apparently you get about 10 or 12 sticks (hs and bs, HB to 8B I suppose) but these are good value - they are like a very thick version (more variety in the line quality and stroke) of the lead in a normal pencil - it's not lead of course but you'll feel the difference in the weight all the same. Evans can be found just in off Marys Abbey road(the luas runs along this street if that helps) off Capel Street. Website here:
Thanks to Carey for this info.

Different materials and effect on different paper; Conte crayon, charcoal, pencil, graphite stick, reed pen and ink on rough and smooth paper.

Sunday 10th August Meetup Suggestion - DunLaoghaire Dart Station 1pm

Sea, waves,boats in dry dock, ropes, sails, chains, anchors, the piers, sandycove, the joyce tower, the hotels, the crazy crucifiction sculpture, teddy's ice cream, the bowling green, sunday strollers, fishermen, the yacht club, the people's park, the farmers market...Plenty for the artistic sensibilities in Dun Laoghaire. Anyone else interested?

Sunday 3rd in Stephens Green

Just two of us today Kari and James. All done from the bandstand which turned out to be a good spot as there were lots of people under it for shelter when it rained and some spanish students spent ages in one spot which was handy for the sketching.

Meetup for Tomorrow Sunday 3 August 2008 at the archway into Stephens Green Park

OK this is all last minute unfortunately but as no one else has posted any suggestions before today either - We will be at the main entrance( the mini Arch de Triomphe) into Stephens Green Park

Hope to see some of you tomorrow



Sunday 3rd August 2008

OK any suggestions for tomorrow - will anyone make it ?

Followup to Sunday 27th July Meetup

A few of us (Jessica Ciaran and James) enjoyed the sunshine in the Garden of Remembrance sketching away and then spent an hour or so over coffee in the Municpal Art Gallery.

Forgot to take photos of work on the day but just have one of my own to show here.