Docklands 1pm Sunday 2nd

Ok guys 'n gals - this Sunday we will all meet at 1pm on the north side of the Sean O'Casey bridge - we can venture on from there, weather dependent - perhaps the CHQ building if it is less than ideal!

I may not be there at 1pm sharp myself, have some head banging to do at Metallica on Sat. night! If I turn up late that'll be good, so hopefully see ye at some stage, but my suggestion is that if it is raining at 1pm, head for the CHQ and sketch there.


A suggestion for Sun.2nd Aug.

How about the Crafty Market in Newmarket Dublin 8. Just an idea!

How did last Sunday go! Love to see some Artwork!

Sunday 26th July

Late one this week I'm afraid, I got caught up in work yesterday. Anyhoo, let's meet outside the main gates of Christchurch cathedral at 1:00 and go from there. See ya!


Sunday suggestions and the like

Hey lads. There's a big skateboard/parkour and various other freestyle stuff on in the city this weekend. Could be fun :)

More from Hugh Lane

Have to say I really enjoyed the Hugh Lane. Degas in particular rocked my world. Here are my delightful efforts:

Hugh Lane

Great work there lads, keep it coming :) Here's mine from Sunday.

Stephen :)

The Hugh Lane is a great spot - here's my Breton Girl in pencil and Sir John Lavery's painting in pastels. Suzanne

Another sketch from Hugh Lane.

Enjoyed the day in the Hugh Lane.
Sepia ink sketch of Lady Gregory from an oil by Antonia Mancini.

Hugh Lane Gallery, Breton Girl by Walter Osborne

Suggestions for Sunday 26th July

Well hello,

if anyone has any suggestions of where to meet up for next Sunday's sketching, please post them as comments to this. I reckon the RHA is about due a look for instance. They open at 2:00 on Sundays.


Sunday 19th July

Hey there. We've decided to meet up at an old favourite of ours; the Hugh Lane gallery. It's just off Parnell Square. There are some interesting new exhibits since we were last there so it should be fun :) Yes indeed. Now then, let's meet at 1:00 just inside the entrance and go from there. As always I'll be the odd looking dude with the beard recklessly waving a sketchpad about.


Quickly now

Who wants to meet where on Sunday? What's on? Oh, there's no time, suggest things!!


Some sketches from Temple Bar on Sunday.

The Trapeze, waiting for action........ later! and a view of Curved St.
The sketch of Eustace Street in Brown ink, by Maura, and a sketch by Catherine. (Sorry for the quality of these 2 images, I used my mobile in bad light!)

Temple Bar - Sketching Sunday 12th July!

Hi guys,

OK - we have all settled on Temple Bar and it's Circus Festival for sketching this Sunday. We will all meet at the Main Square - just opposite the Quays Bar. Central location - we can wander from here and all should have no problems finding it!

So - 1pm, Main Square in Temple Bar - see you all there. Any newbies more than welcome, bring sketchpad and have it out so we'll recognise you!

See you there!


Ukranian animation

Here's an amazing video of live animation with sand and light. It's incredible. What's that? Oh yeah, sorry I mean here it is.


Sunday 12th July

Hi, everyone,
last Sunday it was suggested that we meet in Temple Bar next Sunday, for the Circus Festival - presumably there'll be plenty of colour and noise to keep your senses stimulated, and there are plenty of indoor locations if you need to run from rain. Here is some information on the festival:

I suppose we can decide on the specifics later in the week (where and when to meet, etc.)

Sketching at Merrion Square 1pm

This week we meet at the entrance to Merrion Square opposite the National Art Gallery beside the glass memorial pyramid.

It is PLAY DAY in Merrion Square!

Dublin City Council’s free event 14:00-17:00 (we will have the park to ourselves for an hour before it begins) a children’s event with plenty of mess and mayhem.) Could be nice to get out and sketch the fun!

All are welcome, any newbies please just have your sketch pad out and you will be recoginised!! Happy sketching!!

Sunday Suggestions

Hi guys,
If anyone has anything they particularly want to see this Sunday, please feel free to post a suggestion here. Any and all ideas gratefully received. Preferably city centre and indoors ;) Hooray for the Irish climate reasserting itself!


NCAD/CEAD Essay on Female Nude

See Gearoid's Art Blog ( sorry I've been unable to participate for some time. Hope to be able rejoin in not too distant future. Good luck to all and happy sketching!

Missing ye already...

James and Jessica won't make any sessions for a while. Looking forward to seeing the results of yer Sunday sessions when we return to sketching - hope some of you get to the Smithfield horse fair on Sunday next, I think an earlier time than one pm to catch the traders might be worth investigating. Anyway good luck all and happy sketching!