Ideas for Sunday?

Well! It's drawing closer to the weekend and therefore time to start throwing out ideas for this Sunday's sketching location! All comments and ideas welcome please!!

I'm heading home for the weekend so I won't be about. Was disappointed to miss last weekend, was driving about for over 40mins trying to get parking before I gave up and went to the Glasnevin Graveyard!

Hope all those who were at the Botanics enjoyed it and please post images of your work if you can!


Story Sketches

Some sketches from the Narrator's club storytelling session the other night. Really enjoyed it, good mix of storytellers. Look forward to the next one. Thx Coilin!

Botanic Gardens

Still working on it; planning to continue it off onto a larger sheet of paper.

Sketches from the Botanic Gardens.

Sketch by Mary.
"Common Staghorn Fern", it does resemble a stag's antler!

This sketch by Maura. It shows Pat busy sketching.


Drawing inside glass house by James

The Botanic Gardens

Enjoyed the botanics but left early, here are my sketches of cactus and the building.

Few more pics from Merrion Sq & NGI on 14th March

What a fab day it was on Merrion Square on the other Sunday. (Sorry for the late posting.) The sun was just glorious! I have to admit I didn't draw anything this time (as there was too much to see), however, at least I made an atempt to take few shots plus interviewed Willie Redmond who is exhibiting his paintings on Merion Square. I will post the interview on the Blog at some later stage. I also would like to welcome couple of new faces in the Sketchers - Balasz (who travelled all the way from Portlaoise) and Slimane. Anyway, enough said. Enjoy!

Slimane by Coilin Coilin by Slimane

Balasz 1 Balasz 2



Jessica 1
Jessica 2
Jessica 3

all art is quite useless

Botanic Gardens 2pm - Outside Cafe!

Apologies - I forgot to post on the blog! If anyone is not on the mailing list, just send us an email (link on right side of page!) and we'll make sure you get an email each week to let you know where we're meeting up!

Botanic Gardens is the sketching venue this Sunday, lots to sketch and it's kind of independent of the weather with the toasty glasshouses! 2pm again, meet outside the cafe!

Botanic Gardens are in Glasnevin; buses that go there are the 19, 83, and 13: Dublin Bus Routes (Thanks Ciaran for links!!)

Everyone welcome, if you haven't sketched with us before don't be shy - have a sketchpad out and we'll make sure you're included! If you are running late, just ramble around and sketch away - we'll meet OUTSIDE the cafe after sketching, at 4pm - we will most likely go across the road for coffee afterwards as there is more room to mingle!

See you all there, Tracy

Worldwide Sketchcrawl - Trip to Cork - May 15th

Well - trip to Cork! We will be joining the Cork Drink and Draw Group in their Sketchcrawl around Cork City on Saturday May 15th.

Hopefully heading down on Friday the 14th and staying in a local hostel - link below. Anyone who can't make it down on the Friday is welcome to join on the Saturday, the sketchcrawl starts at 12pm though so it'll be an early start if you're leaving from Dublin!

Hostel Website and Facebook event page!

So far, the people interested in going to this are:
1) Sarah O'Reilly
2) Tracy
3) Catriona
4) Rory
5) Patrick Daly

If anyone else is interested let us know ( you'll be booking yourself into the hostel)

More info on the Worldwide Sketchcrawl Website

Maura's Sketch.- Newman University Church.

Mary's sketches - Newman University Church

A great venue, thanks for organising it.
Sorry I was late getting back to O Donoghues, I had an urgent message to collect, and then we got waylaid on the way back in the Green, taking photos. Incredible shots available this time of the year when the sun shines, and there are as yet no leaves to block the views. We just missed seeing the Heron pulling a fish up from the pond!

University Church

I had to shoot off immediately after today's session, I had to meet up with my daughter and my grandson, so didn't make O'Donoghues. Fantastic selection of work posted by everyone, lots of very talented newcomers around in recent weeks. I just did one sketch today. That's the longest I've spent in a church in a long, long time and the seats haven't got any softer!

Tracy's Sketch - Newman University Church

Hopefully will finish some day!!

Sarah O'R's Sketches - Newman University Church

Balazs' Sketch - Newman University Church

Chris' Sketch - Newman University Church

Rory's Sketches - Newman University Church

Stephen's Sketch - Newman University Church

Slimane's Sketches - Newman University Church

Coilin's Sketch - Newman University Church

James' Sketch - Newman University Church