This Sunday - where to head?!

Well - ideas so far include:

Pick which one you'd like or post up any other ideas please!



Sketches from Imma, Sunday 26th Sept.

[Note: Click on the pics. to enlarge.]       

 Sketch by Maura                                                                  Sketch by Sarah OR                                                                                             

 Sketch by Patrick                                                                  Sketch by Lizzie

Sketches by Mary
.[Sketch of Plaster cast of Barbara Novak].
  Right [:Sketch of  "Rotoreliefs (Optical Disks) by Marcel Duchamp.'53]

Dublin sketchers social n' draw night

Hi just wondering if anyone would be interested in a get together next weekend (Friday or Saturday) and I know this won't suit everyone but sure we can have another one.

Suggestions would be to bring a a sketchpad and meet in a pub in Dublin city maybe around 7 or 8pm?

Anywayif anyone's interested post up here and the event will go ahead if it's more then just one person (i.e me).

I'm thinking of Twisted pepper as they have leffe on tap :)

Museum of Modern Art - Kilmainham @2pm

Hello all

Hope you all well and not suffering too much after Arthur's finest yesterday! This Sunday we are all going to head for the Museum of Modern Art - mainly because it has a nice roof - so our ink won't run! There are of course some beautiful grounds if the sun does happen to show it's friendly face!

So - 2pm at the main Entrance and we'll go from there. Meet up in the cafe downstairs at 4pm - where if memory serves they have some great buns and food!

Hope to see you there - it has been a while since I've been in Dublin on a Sunday and I can't wait to get back into it!

Also a quick reminder of the night we have ahead of us - Culture night! As you may have seen in earlier posts below, the Dublin Sketchers have been very warmly invited to the RDS - so I hope some of you will go along. If members could make themselves known when they arrive there will be a little treat of a free publication for each of them, which will assist and inform the visit.

The entrance to use is the Members entrance on Merrion Road, this is located in the wing to the right of the main doors as one faces them.

I'm sure it will be a very entertaining night - the Narrative Arts Club will have storytelling with The Oh-Aisseaux. I can't make it myself as I'm working late tonight unfortunately but I wish them the best!

Take care and see you on Sunday,


Culture Night

Just in case this one slips through the cracks. There's a culture night on this Friday 24th Sep. What this basically entails is hundreds of free cultural events around the country and museums open until midnight. Also there's food and drink available to keep you going. Check out culturenight for more in the way of details. There's everything from animation courses to free entry to the Guinness Storehouse.


Also - Dublin Sketchers have been invited to sketch in some seldom seen rooms in the RDS that are full of paintings, sculpture, and rare, odd and interesting objects as part of Culture Night. Incidently at the RDS rooms the Narrative Arts Club will be performing a series of shows of about 20 minutes each, at the following times: 6.50 pm, 7.50pm, 8.50pm and 10pm. Get in touch if you need any further info!


Also for culture night there is the opening night of the Trinity Arts Workshop exhibition on in 191 Pearse Street Studios celebrating 50 years of activity so any former life drawers interested can pop along to that if they want. Starts 5pm till 10pm. However if you miss the opening night it's open until the 27th. Moredetails on the new TAW website

Posted by James

Sunday 19th Sept. Botanic Gardens.

Sketches from the exhibition by Slimane

Sketches by Mary

Sketch by Eimer Pastel Sketch by Maura

Sketches by Jui.

Sunday 19th - Botanic Gardens - Sculpture in Context!

Happy Friday everyone!

This Sunday the Dublin Sketchers will visit the Botanic Gardens for what looks like a fantastic in the Botanic Gardens which looks great! Sculptures by Ireland’s leading artists will be displayed throughout the gardens, ponds, Great Palm House, and Curvilinear Range, with the smaller works exhibited in the gallery above the visitors’ centre.

Group to meet at 2pm just outside the cafe and back at the same spot again at 4pm.

All newcomers very welcome - just have a sketchpad out and you'll be fine! Have a great weekend everyone!


Ideas for Sunday 18th?

Hey all!

Well - hope ye all enjoyed last Sunday's outing to Airfield - some great work done! Any ideas for this Sunday? Jen has suggested in the Botanic Gardens which looks great!

Any other ideas?



Sunday 12th Sept at Airfield


     < Two sketches by Slimane>

Two sketches by Maura

Sketches by Mary                                                                                   Sketch by Deirdre

  Acrylic by Phil

Three sketches, by Jui.                                  

Meeting this Sunday *12th September

Hi everyone,

Meeting this Sunday at Airfield Tust, Dundrum (Dublin 14) outside the coffee shop at 2pm. We will meet inside for coffee again at 4pm. Admission to the gardens is 6euro however there are ponys/ some farm animals at the front that you don't have to pay to see.

blurb off website: Airfield is a 35 acre estate with working farm, formal gardens, cafĂ© and shop situated in Dundrum, Dublin. It is a non profit Charitable Trust set up for educational and recreational purposes.Airfield is a place that reconnects people and nature, it is a place where they can reflect, be replenished and celebrate the fusion of man and nature through the activities of farming and gardening. We aim to nurture a respect and awareness of the natural environment. We offer a range of inspirational, active learning and cultural experiences that grow out of Airfield’s natural resources. We aspire to make Airfield accessible to people of all ages and communities.

For anyone coming from Town you can get the Luas to Ballally directions here Sarah

Calling all sketchers who have attended life drawing classes at the Pearse Street Studios

Hi folks and sorry for the no notice on this everyone but if anyone is interested and they have a couple of life drawings/paintings/pottery/sculpture/ a story/ experience written down/whatever to do with the Trinity Arts Workshop 191 Pearse Street Studios that they would like to submit for the 50 years of TAW Culture Night exhibition, they are accepting pieces for consideration (space considerations mostly) today Friday 10th September between 10am and 5.30pm.

Anyway - you just need to sign your name and contact details on the back of your work(s) just one or two (framed or unframed) and drop them in to the 191 Pearse Street Studios between 10 and 5.30pm today.

The actual show begins on the Friday 24th September between 6 and 10pm and goes on for a week after that. Pictures can be collected before 5pm on the 29th of September after the exhibition. So come on and be a part of Dublins Art History :)

Hopefully see one or two of ye there,

Regards and thanks,


If you would like to contribute to the exhibition mail
Send stories, experiences photos whatever...

Pat Daly's Sketches from last Sunday!

Ideas for this Sunday (12th)

Any suggestions for where to head this Sunday?

So far Patrick Daly has offered us a chance to head for his neck of the woods near Kilcock on the Kildare/Meath border for a change of scenery and some fresh air - to sketch some fields and cows amongst everything else!

The Docks were also suggested - weather permitting also a great location.

Any other ideas?

Chris' Sketches from last Sunday!

Chris missed the group last Sunday but sent in his work - if anyone else has work send it in to our email or we can add you so that you can post it yourself if you wish!

Meeting this Sunday at FX Buckleys, Moore street

It's usually full of shoppers and buzz not sure about Sundays, plenty of life and architecture in the nearby area. Good hunting! As we haven't visited there before! meeting there at 2pm and then afterwards for coffee at 4pm!