Cherry Blossom Tree in Trinity

Not v. happy with the over all result, struggled with my materials a bit (Derwent soft drawing pencils on matte grey recycled paper - whished I'd had some pastels to give it more oomph) but I enjoyed being out there doing it all the same. I tried to draw as much as I could see of the brances first and then clothe it with the leaves and flowers. For such a beautiful tree it's pretty dull as a picture - I'm going to have to do more tree and branch studies in the future.

Just created the following blog a few days ago
look forward to seeing other people's 'extra curricular' work too : )

SarahBo's sketches

Here are a couple of very wobbly buildings from Trinity. I'm not great with perspective, straight lines etc, so decided to respond to my subject with 'vigour'. Less time-consuming and fun to do!

Sketches Sunday 27th - Trinity

Both unfinished! Found it hard to concentrate and pick something to sketch yesterday, finally got into the tree sketch but didn't develop it any further. Should have taken a photo really to finish it off at home!

Next meeting Sunday May the 4th

At the gates to Christchurch at 1pm.
Feel free to post up your art work/ post up a link to your artblog.


Next meeting (Sunday 27th)

We are meeting at the arch at Trinity College (college green entrance) at 1pm again.

Options of places to sketch next Sunday are Westmoreland Dart station/ Trinity college/Christchurch/ pending!

more sketches done today

Contributors are myself, James and Kevin, feel free to post up if you have an art blog you want linked up to this site!

sketches done today

Contributors are Tracie, SarahBo and Belle

(feel free to upload your own pictures too!)

Gearoid's finished sketch

Next Sunday (the 20th)

I only got one reply so here's the plan for next week!

We are meeting at the slightly later time of 1pm at the arch entrance to St. Stephen's green (underneath it if it's raining!)..If the weather's decent we'll sketch in the green and then maybe head over to the National History museam on Kildare street. The history museam doesn't open till 2pm.

Anyway hope to see you there and bring your friends :)!!


Also please try and be on time as you mightn't be able to find us if your not! :D

Tree photo

Just included these for comparison with a black and white,kinda photocopy, version based on the advise (which although unasked for was valid enough) from that chap in the park

Unfinished Business

I ended up going back to finish off this pic of the tree in Merrion Square park yesterday despite my misgivings due to the thunder rumblings overhead and our conversation in the cafe(will post photo of the tree in question for comparision - lots of artistic license was used) when I got home I used some acrylic white in a light wash to fade the trees and vegetation in the background to help make the tree in front stand out more.

and heres another version of the pic of James Joyce

more sketches done today (13th)

Contributors are myself and James (select the pictures to get a bigger image).

If anyone has an art blog let me know your address and I'll put a link up for it through this website so people can see more of your sketches / artwork. (they are simple to set up :))

Some sketches done at our meeting today

contributors are Joan, Tracey, Geaoroid, James and Sarahbo

Sunday 13th

Thanks again for the invite Sarah, sorry I couldn't make it today! Thing is it's a little hard to make it in for 12 after getting home at 3 on a Saturday night!! I'm all for hanging around 4 afew hours drawing, but might I suggest meeting a little later? Maybe around 2? Otherwise I need to get up at 10 which isn't a pretty sight!! Though I'm sure I'll be there next week regardless! Looking forward to meeting, Kev.

Sketching this Sunday (6th)

Just to let you know the maIn meeting will be on the 13th but myself and Gearoid are going to head down this Sunday aswell so if anyone's around feel free to pop down, same time, same place.