Sunday 1 January - Meeting House Square

 On Sunday 1 January 2023, we’ll join the New Years Day celebrations in Meeting House Square. With live music, food stalls, a resolution tree and more, there’ll be loads of atmosphere to capture in our sketchbooks.

Sketch from 2pm and then gather in The Wild Duck pub at 4pm to check out each other’s work over a drink. They promise food, drink and quack at 17/20 Sycamore St, Temple Bar, Dublin.

If it’s your first time out, bring your own materials, choose something to sketch and get stuck in!

Happy New Year!

Sketches produced at Drimnagh Castle on Sunday Dec.18th. 2022.


                                                           Allah V.

                                                          Jean McC

                                                           Annah K

                                                           Caitriona S





                                                              Cora DeP


Mary O'C


                                                           Grainne Q.

                                                           John C.


                                                            Peter B.

                                                            Paul N

                                                         Marie L.


                                                            Sonya C.

                                     Brigid  A.  ( In Seattle) From a tour here!

18 and 25 December

There will be no sketching this Sunday 18 December as we celebrate the end of a great year of sketching with a special session for regulars..

We will not meet on the 25 December.

Let’s take this opportunity to thank everyone for another wonderful year of sketching. Our group is a vibrant and friendly community, who meet every week. And that is thanks to every single one of us. Many thanks in particular to those who have organised locations over the last 12 months!  

Have a lovely Christmas. Peace and joy and lots of sketching for 2023

Sketches from around Grafton Street, and beyond, on Sunday 11th Dec.2022.

                                                            Souvik   (N.G.I)

                                                          Caitriona S.   (NCT)

                                                             Priyanka   (Grafton St.)

                                                   Monica  (View from M&S)

                                                           Becky Z.  (on Grafton St)

                                                             Boss   (Lemon St.)

                                                         Marie Helene   (Off Grafton St.)

                                                          Caroline G.    (C.Cards)


Monica   (Grafton St.)

    Ben  (Grafton St.)

                                                          Stephen  ( M&S Roof Cafe)


                                                            Peter B. ( Sundays weather)

                                                          Maria C.   (G.St. Suffolk St.)

                                                           Mary O'C  (Live Crib in St's. Green)

                                                   Brigid A. (Seattle Usk !)

Sunday 11 December - sketching Christmas around Grafton Street

This Sunday (11 December 2022), we will be sketching around the Grafton Street area, from 2pm. It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas, so let's sketch Christmas decorations and lights, shop windows, crowds, carol singers etc.

The forecast is for cold dry weather, so wrap up well. If you would rather be warm, you can sketch indoors at the Duke pub, Stephen's Green Shopping Centre or other caf├ęs and pubs in the area.

We will meet together at the Duke pub on Duke Street from 4pm.


If it’s your first time out and you can’t spot anyone at 2pm, just choose something to sketch and get stuck in. Keep your eyes open for anyone carrying a sketchbook and say hello. It's a friendly crowd who you’ll get to know over a drink from 4pm at The Duke pub.

Don't worry if you're late; most of us usually are! You need to bring your own paper and pens/pencils etc.

If you would like your sketch to be added to the website, email it to or post it to the Dublin Sketchers Social WhatsApp group if you are on that. Please edit your image so that it is low-res and properly oriented for posting to the website.

Sketches from inside and around Dublin Castle, also other venues and abroad on the day, Dec.4th 2022.

                                                         Annah K.

                                                        Caitriona S.

                                                      Caroline G.



                                                           Ronan K

                                                             Paul N.

                                                          Pat McA.



                                                            Jean Mc

                                                       Marie Helene

                                                          Sonya C.
Peter B.



                                                           Paul D.

                                                           Mary O' C

                                                              Marie L.   

                         Paddy P.                       

                                                         Valerie (Petra)