Work from Botanic Gardens - Sun 27th

Done by Caelyn Yeo

Done by Colm McConnell

Done by Elena Soriano

Please send in images of your work from yesterday to the email address and we will post them up for you!

Dublin Sketchers

Some sketches from Botanic Gardens, Sunday 27th Feb.

There was a good turn out of Sketchers  today at the Botanic Gardens and a  great show of work produced.  Hopefully more the of work will be put up on the Blog for all to enjoy.

                                                      Sketches by Maura.  (Pen & Ink)

                                             Sketch by Mary. (Attempting Guache paint!)

Sunday 27th Feb 2pm Botanic Gardens

Hello all,
This Sunday we are heading for the Botanic Garden's - with the option of the indoor glass-houses or the gardens, weather permitting! Meet at the entrance by the cafe at 2pm - everyone welcome.
Until Sunday - have a great weekend!

Would you like to exhibit at the Dublin Sketchers Exhibition 2011, well read on...

Hello fellow Sketchers!
It's getting close to that time of year again when we put on the annual Dublin Sketchers Exhibition, for anyone new to sketchers it'll be our 2nd one.
First off we are delighted to announce we have the same great gallery space booked in the Sol Art Gallery to run from the 3rd June to 13th June. So if you are interested in exhibiting this year please start getting your names into us at the Dublin Sketchers email address here.
The exhibition is open to regular members of the group and the fee for exhibiting will be approximately €45 per person and looking at the success last year, you'll make your money back in no time!
Work to be exhibited should be directly from or inspired by Dublin Sketchers sessions and must be an original work, it cannot be, for copyright reasons, a study of a painting or sculpture from the National Art Gallery, or IMMA for example.
Please get your "expression of interest" into us over the next two weeks, so we have an idea of numbers and we can go from there.

Thats about it for the moment!
Dublin Sketchers Exhibition Administration

Some sketches from Chester Beatty on Sunday Feb. 20th

(Note: Click on pictures  to enlarge )

Sketches from the exhibition, by Eva.

Islamic Bookbinding sketches, by Mary.

2 sketches by Helen.                                                     Sketch by ?J.

  < Sketch from the exhibition  by Chris.

                                                                                               Right:Sketch by Karine
_  Sketch by Maura.Sketch by Tom______________________________________________________________________

Sketches in the Foyer of Chester Beatty, by Philip.


                                                                     Sketches by Suzanne

Haiku from Chester Beatty Today

So, I was writing Haiku today at the Chester Beatty, rather than sketching. Haiku are 3-line poems with 17 syllables (5-7-5 pattern across the lines). Enjoy....

Fluid feathers furl.
Body, elegant, arches
Downwards. Talons out.

Lies, treachery and
Jealously turn king ‘gainst king.
Men die, women mourn.

Paper warrior
Gallops across the desert.
Slaughters the dragon.

Feast, hunt, play polo –
Things Iranian kings must do.
And, of course, make war.

Ornate foliage
Clambers across page, inked gold.
Illumes ancient text.

Crowing cockerel bears
Man on horseback clothed in red.
Ancient myth unfolds.

(…Women do not often appear in Shahnama illustrations. Those who do are most often wives or consorts, whose prime role is to bear children, especially heirs to the throne – or serving girls, included simply to fill out a composition….)

The composition
Lacks balance. He’s frustrated,
Adds a serving girl.

Evil step mother.
Always inevitable.
Curse of v*&%$"$a?

Mythic creatures watch
Fearless men on horses cross
Swift swirling river.

The Great War between
Kay Khusraw and Afrasiyab.
Senseless waste of life.

Splendour, divine right.
Rulers forever thus born.
Charismatic gods.

Rose water revives.
Classic iconography.
Ancient marketing.

Warriors bearing
Bows and arrows should never
Play at hide go seek.

The exhibition
Ends here. Red sign on brown wall.
Where does it begin?

Chester Beatty @2pm Sunday 20th Feb

It's Friday again - how the time is flying! There was a call for a visit to the Chester Beatty Library for the past few weeks so it's off to Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty we go this Sunday. It is a very interesting area, with the Dubh Linn gardens to explore if the weather is fine.

Just remembe that we meet at 2pm inside the main entrance and back in the cafe of the Chester Beatty at 4pm for coffees. I'm not around this weekend unfortunately but will be back out again next weekend!

Have a good one - anyone who hasn't met with the group before - just have a sketchpad out - you won't miss the group in the cafe at 4pm! We tend to make ourselves pretty obvious!
Happy Friday!Tracy

Next Sunday - Chester Beatty?

Hello all - hope midweek finds you well! There has been much talk about a visit to the Chester Beatty and others wishing to spend time in the Dublin Castle area - so I propose we do this next Sunday, unless there are any 'must-see' events/exhibitions that you know of?! If so - let us know!


Feb.13th at IMMA. Some of the sketches.

Sketches by Mary from the Romuald Hazoume Exhib.

                                            Watercolour by Chris.

                                          Sketch by Maura of the gardens at Imma.

Sketch by Jane H.                                                           Sketch  by Mandy.

                                      Inspecting the Romuald Hazoume exhibit in the Quadrangle!

Sunday 13th.Feb. More sketches from IMMA.

2 sketches by John, looking across the Liffey from Imma.

Sketches from the sculptures,  by Colm.


  Sketch by Keith.                         Sketch by Marcus.
 Sketch by Kayleigh
                                                                                                         Sketch by Suzanne.

Sketches from IMMA

Great to see so many people in IMMA today, fantastic exhibition and a pity it has come to a close. Here are my two from today - if anyone hasn't had theirs snapped by our inhouse photographer Mary, then send them to us by email or get it touch and we'll arrange for them to be put up!

 Lady in the Lillies
Farewell to the Red Coat

Sunday 13th February

Well hello and how are you?

I find myself full of the joys of the Hallmark season and last night's Guinness. Hooray for me! Now then, that aside, let's see what the sketchers will be up to this weekend. Ah, there it is, the IMMA by a nose. Which county that nose is from shall remain a much maligned topic of debate. Some Moderns exhibition is on, I hear and is over on Monday. So let's go there, we'll meet at the main entrance at 2:00 on Sunday and again in the cafe there at 4:00 to steal each other's well formed and occasionally watercoloured ideas. I think that's just about all you need to know for now. Go team Draw Stuff !!