meeting outside Bewleys top floor jervis this Sunday (2nd)

at 1pm. We can sketch people/ the architecture of the shopping center.

Thanks to Catherine for the idea, my number is 0879955972 if you get lost.

If your new be on time in case you can´t find anyone,

Yours Sarahor.

Lets have a go - the Luas Rail Art Competition - closing date Oct 31st 2008 - this fri

OK if you need more details go here

Sorry for late notice but I only heard about it this weekend - if its any help last years winner did a poster depicting the luas passing by the four courts based on a graphic style of the 1940's encouraging people to use the luas to visit the city of Dublin - looks as though it was done probably through a vector based programe like adobe illustrator - not a criticism just an observation so you can picture the level of polish involved in that winning entry but it didn't leave room for a more human touch, a more human line...

So yes it's a good pic and yes it was run through a computer so they had a particular computer based style, shouldwe fear a computer,no, I say go for it with or without a computer - but get a good diguital pic of whatever you decide to do and send it in.

They require both a portrait and landscape compatible format of the same picture. Details of the rules can be found thru the link G'luck.

Some stuff from Jazz festival this Sunday in Cork

A few posts all in one go from last few days. One is of the Mary Stokes and her band - they do great blues and were down in the Guinness Jazz festival on Mon 27th of october 008 in the Metropole hotel so I did this pretty quick while they were playing. The other two are for a big dragon motif at the back of a big dance hall for part of a swing event in the Guinness Jazz festival. more stuff coming during the next week.

Christmas card making

would anyone be interested in having a christmas card making session at some stage before Christmas? I love making my own cards and we could get great ideas from each other, and maybe make cards for birthdays etc ...

All we need is a venue.

A great escape

Lifedrawing Thurs 23rd

Found it very hard to concentrate this week, couldn't see very well and found the model very hard to draw!

don´t know if your interested but this site is a job agency for anyone interested in the arts (film, composing, art etc).

Life drawing

Kilkenny Castle.

Sunday Venue - GPO- 26th October

The GPO is an interesting old building structure with the famous statue of Cuchulainn by Oliver Sheppard in the window of the GPO which commemorates the 1916 rising. There are also 3 other statues on the top of the GPO representing Fidelity, Hibernia and Mercury. There are some nice large paintings, old counters. The staff and queues of people waiting for stamps will make for some interesting sketches. Its located in the centre of O'Connel street, and is open until 6.30pm.
Meeting there at 1pm.

All new people welcome!

Cork Jazz Festival

I won't make sketching in Dublin for the next couple of weeks, but if anyone else is in Cork for the Jazz Festival this weekend, let me know - we're planning on doing some sketching down there!


Animated Graffitti

Myself and Rik were talking about this guy over the weekend. He has some incredible work.


Some Kilkenny Sketches

Had a brilliant weekend :) Here are some of mine, the one of the Black Abbey is unfinished - I did take a photo so it may get seen to at some stage!!

Weekend Weather from Met Eireann.

TomorrowFriday: A mixture of cloud and sunshine and dry apart from a few showers. Feeling a little milder with highest temperatures 11 to 14 degrees.

3 Day Outlook Saturday: A fresh and mainly dry with a mixture of cloud and bright or sunny spells - just a little showery rain locally. Sunday: After a mainly dry start with some hazy sunshine it will become overcast with heavy rain. It will also become very windy during the day as gale force southerly winds develop. Mild. Monday: Very windy with strong to gale force southwesterly winds veering westerly producing a mixture of sunny spells and heavy showers. Cool.

Heuston Station

Hopefully be sitting comfortably on one of these tomorrow.

Suggested meetup for sketchers staying in Dublin for the 19th October 2008 - Peoples Park - DunLaoghaire

Unless people have another idea - there is so much going on in DunLaoghaire usually that it seems a safe bet - I propose meeting up at the coast road entrance to the peoples park at one pm Sunday 19th October - other suggestions welcome before this friday




So I booked my train tickets for the weekend. I should be able to get down early and will hopefully have sorted out the accomodation/deposits by the time you all arrive. Most likely I'll be in some local tavern so give me a call as and when you arrive. I should be on the half four train down and I've booked the 18:48 home on Sunday.

If you're booking online for Sunday I'll be in seat C44. The secret codes will be posted to you anon.



A midsummer's dream -- Phoenix park


Yeah. I mostly just got a German tavern on the way home. I'll stick up the animal pics when I can get them in focus. They seem to shift and blur under the lens. Ah yes. That is of course santa in the sky above. (As requested by one of my drinking buddies)


Update re-postcard exchange

got this email today. Whoever is interested in making a card / maybe meeting this group at a Sunday session or some evening post up here so we can get an idea of numbers. Im not sure if she means having some kind of art/ postcard exhibition, what do you think?

Hi Sarah,
I got your email address from Lorraine in Walkinstown Association, where I facilitate art and Yoga sessions. The art group there have made some amazing art cards and we would like to send them to another art group who would be interested in reciprocating, showing the work somewhere and meeting our group? It is a simple but potentially positive idea and Lorraine says your group may be interested. If that's the case I'd love to hear from you as to when we could send you our cards, we are pretty much ready to go.
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Again,
Great about the posting, hope there s good response. I think a small exhibition with the two groups cars would be great. perhaps Arts and Disability could help out with venue? The format you suggest is fine and I will ask the centre about an evening or week end meeting.I know tis would be outside of their usual hours but you never know.
I will get back to you as soon as I have more details


Global Comment.

Jeez, unreal amount of stuff done for all the talk of 'not being able to because...' Could be something in that?

Ephulunts, Woosles, Tigers, Monkeys, Wolves, Rhinos, Peeps, more, more...

Well done guys! There really is some great stuff here!! I came home with a few photies is all, :(

More Zoo Sketches!

Well, as Sarah said earlier - it was very hard to sketch with all the kids and parents jostling to get a better view, both at the animals and at what was on my page! Couldn't concentrate with it!! Had a great day though, the monkeys were very entertaining to say the least!! Couldn't get a decent sketch as they really don't like to sit still - a window of 5 seconds is all you have to work with!

some sketches

found sketching paticularily hard today and not because of the animals moving..the crowds today made it difficult to get any sketches completed! Hopefully i can use the photos i took to make some finished portraits (if anyone wants a copy of any of my photos i can email them to you).

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo

Sun Oct 12th 2008 -The Zoo

Drawings from the zoo today - the main orangatang portrait actually involved the orangatang sitting of it's own accord for about 2o mins - I was drawing in the orangatang house and he/she came over to see what I was doing when I was laying out my colouring pencils and sharpening my pencils i guess the behaviour was something a bit different than the normal and so they hung around with a blanket over their head and watched what was happening - a stroke of luck. The elephants were another lucky break as i got locked in to the elephant house by the keepers for 10 mins on my own and managed to sketch untroubled a few pics.