Collins Barracks Sunday 1st February Session 2pm
Collins Barracks at 2pm. This is a good indoor venue with a myriad of interesting sketching possibilities with a coffee shop nearby. We meet a coffee shop at 2pm and work till 4pm so there is time for our usual coffee as the museum closes at 5pm on a Sunday. Hope to see some of you there.

WALK Art Trading Postcard Followup

Paola the artist who works with the WALK group would be delighted if we met up with them and the sooner the better too. Perhaps as soon as Saturday the 7th of February in the afternoon in Walkinstown . If you can keep an hour or even two free that day.

It will involve a collaborative art session (with coffee and discussion afterwards) whereby we all put the postcard work (you'll get to see your own work again if you come as well as those of the WALK group and the artists who made them)together in a big collage which will eventually be framed and displayed probably publicly in the near future. How this looks in the end will be dependent on all of us involved so we will let the ideas flow while we all work on it : )

Paola has to run it by the WALK organisers first because they mostly operate weekdays so I will email everyone when I get a concrete date but the 7th of Feb looks the most likely.
Thanks again everyone, I think this will be a good thing for all involved and for anyone new people, even if you didn't do a postcard for this, you are more than welcome to join us too.

Inflatable Street Monsters

Hey lads. You'll enjoy this, it's some of Joshua Harris' street art in the states.


Some Great Postcards from the WALK group of artists in Walkinstown.

Some really lovely work done here so congratulations and well done to all who got involved from both groups - it has been a fun so far and some of us look forward to meeting the WALK group soon for a more collaborative and personal art exchange. More details coming soon - we will email you suggested time and venue for this when it's been discussed a bit more concretely.

The postcard artists included the following, Linda,Ronan, Darren,Gavin, Paola, Brennan, Jenny, Gerard, Carmel, Neville, James, David, Mary. Apologies for errors and omissions, if I've left anyone but this can be hopefully corrected when we meet face to face in a few weeks time. We will be creating a proper gallery link on the right of this blog to a more static website where we will store our best works and the artist trading cards shown here and any other collaborative work we may do in the future.

Couple sketches from Sunday 25th

Sums up the scene as I saw it:
Main Stage with an Ox, a tent with lanterns, a big tree, a fancy electric bike stall and a couple of sketchy looking Dubliners sitting on a bench. Oh and the odd bouncy ball.. (by Tracy)

Longstone Fireplace by Tracy

Longstone scene by James

Stags Head

Cafe Moda

Life Drawing - Rathgar

Hi everyone!

Life drawing is running in Rathgar village for 9 weeks on Thur, 7.30pm - 10pm.

Contact: Declan - 087 9893058

Trinity life drawing and United Artists Club


Just so that you know, as well as the Tuesdays and Thursdays at Trinity Arts Workshop (on Pearse Street, near O'Neils), there is also a Saturday afternoon Life Model session at Trinity Arts Workshop from 2pm til 5pm with Ken facilitating. It's €16.

Also, if you want to know about the United Artists Club. Their website is From it looks like they have life modelling on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There is a phone number on their site where you can get more info.


Sketching Sunday 25th

Ok lads and lassies - this Sunday I propose we go and visit..

The Chinese New Year Festival Carnival

Wolfe Tone Park, Jervis Street, Sunday 25th January 1pm – 6pm

It looks like a good day out - with "interactive art workshops, Chinese food and craft stalls, information booths, a well-being marquee and authentic Chines
e performances such as lion dances and martial arts displays." If it's too cold to wander out, we can pop into The Church which is nearby and also an interesting place to sketch in its own right.

Stephen is interested in visiting the Bodies Exhibition which is currently running in the Ambassador and looks really good - here's a link to review in the Irish Times. We might pop over to that in the evening - it's open until 8pm.

Another idea.. is the Lightwave Exhibition currently running in the Science Gallery - here's a link - might be worth popping into and it's on until 9pm.

So - a full day and plenty to sketch. All newcomers welcome, meet up at 1pm at the front door of The Church on Mary St. See you there!! (Sketch pads out if you're new or send a mail to to contact us beforehand if you like!)

Trinity Arts Workshop Timetable 2009

Trinity Arts Workshop would like to invite you to classes starting in Hilary term.

We offer classes in Pottery, Ceramic Sculpture, Life Drawing and Creative Embroideryand courses in Stone Carving, Painting, and Life Modeling from Clay.

Workshops are given by talented and experienced instructors and are designed for all levels and abilities.

The first Life drawing sessions for 2009 will be starting on Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th January.

In a change from last term the taught class will now be on Thursdays and the model only session on Tuesdays

Ceramic and Pottery classes are up and running Monday to Saturday.

Workshop timetables and class details follow.

Arch 8 Goldsmith Hall Ceramic Sculpture

Monday 6.30 - 8.30 Agnieska 085 738 64 05

Pottery Tuesday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9 Edwige 086 392 9161
Thursday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9 Ciaran 087 248 42 33
Wednesday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9
Friday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9
Saturday 11 - 12.30 and 12.30 - 2 Patrick 087 280 70 27

Entrance to the Ceramics Studio in Goldsmith Hall is on Cumberland Street behind Pearse Street Dart Station (look for a sign for Pottery)

191 Pearse St. Studio

Stone Carving Monday 7 - 9
10 week course starting 12th January limited places contact Helen 086 330 73 64

Life Drawing Model Only Tuesday 7 - 9
starting 13th JanuaryAodhan 087 696 11 38

Life Modeling in Clay Wednesday 7 - 9
8 week course starting 14th JanuaryAndrew 086 269 26 56

Life Drawing with Instruction Thursday 7 - 9
10 week course starting 12th JanuaryLaura 087 057 5229

Introduction to Painting in Acrylic and Oil Friday 7 - 9
10 week course 17th January limited places contact Neil 086 338 04 69

Life Modeling in Clay (Full scale)Saturday 10-12
limited places contact Andrew 086 269 26 56

Life Painting with Natural Light Saturday 1 - 4
limited places contact Ken 087 206 11 20

Arts Block Room 3070 Creative Embroidery Wednesday 7 - 9
starting 14th January Deabhla 086 100 86 37

Sketching Sunday 25th Jan

Hey there,
Would anyone be interested in going to the Bodies exhibition this Sunday? It's €20 in and it's unfortunately not Van Hagens' work but it's still a great sketching opportunity. Life drawing without the skin. As usual if anyone has any alternative suggestions please post them here.


Sketching Sunday 18th City Hall @ 2pm

Hi Sketchers,

Sketching this Sunday, 2pm @ City Hall (not open until 2pm!!!) at the top of Parliament Street, on Dame Street. (thanks to Jessica for suggestion!) Meet at entrance - have sketch pads out so that any newcomers can recognise the group! All welcome! Coffee afterwards :) I think there may be a charge of €4 but we'll see when we arrive and weather depending we can wander up to Dublin Castle etc.

See you there!

Link for info: Dublin City Hall


Free Art Friday!

Found this - thought it might be of interest to people!

Free Art Friday is a relatively new art movement that's rapidly gaining popularity around the World. Artists create a painting, sketch, sculpture or installation and leave it on the street. The piece can then be picked up by anyone and the finder can claim it as their own. Finders are encouraged to email the artist and tell them how and where they found it. The Free Art Friday movement are now asking all painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptures, graffiti artists, taggers, cartoonists or any visual artist to contribute a small piece of work that will be hung/placed/or left on the streets of Dublin on Friday 23 Jan for anyone to take away. Work submitted should be no bigger than 60x60cm (24 in) and must have an official Free Art Friday label affixed to the back (available to download from the Free Art Friday website) and be dropped off at All City Records, Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 by Mon 19 Jan 2009.

Childrens Picture Book Diploma

Email received from Adrienne Geoghegan @

I am currently teaching an evening diploma course - Children's Picture Books - writing and illustration, and the course comes to an end next week. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and my student come from all walks of life, all artistically inclined with a burning passion for picture books, and ambitions to be published authors and illustrators. Some have art backgrounds others have missed out for whatever reason, and gone for more 'practical' careers, but never stopped dreaming of becoming involved in the world of children's literature, be it writing or illustrating.
I am truly amazed by what they have produced in a relatively short period of time, all have picture books ready to dispatch to publishers worldwide, after 12 weeks of intensive work, one has even got a contract! Most of my students have full time jobs, a few are parents of young children at home. The ages vary form 20's to 50's. Classes are small with one to one tuition. The group have become good friends and the atmosphere is friendly and open.....I could go on and on.....!!!
I have attached my (quite long) biography, and course details - next one starts (numbers permitting!) in less than 3 weeks - 3rd February. I can supply lots more info and photos etc if necessary.

If anyone wants more info or wants me to forward the email to them - let me know!!


Sketching on Sunday 18th January

Hi Sketchers,

I'd like to suggest somewhere for Sunday, but am happy if anyone else has ideas.

How about City Hall at the top of Parliament Street, on Dame Street? It's free entry, has some good statues in it, and interesting columns, and, from memory, a tiled floor with intricate patterns. I think there is also an exhibition of the history of the city in the basement - though don't know if it's free or not...... And also plenty of people popping in and out....... And, if the weather is warmer, plenty of scope in Dublin Castle near by. Maybe we could do an hour or so in City Hall, and move onto somewhere else nearby outside if the weather is good, or inside if not so good. The Queen of Tarts is close by!

So, I suggest 1pm in City Hall on Sunday 18th....... Unless there are any other offers!

Also - Trinity Arts workshop starts again this week. Instruction for life drawing is back to Thursdays, and just model on Tuesdays. Both are from 7pm - 9pm in their Pearse Street studio.


Irish Times

Hi guys - well done on some really nice sketches from Saturday, great to see there was a nice turnout, sorry I couldn't make it - recovered again now and will be back in action for some sketching next Sunday :)

Spotted this link earlier - which is great!! All new sketchers welcome to come along to our meet-ups, send us an email by following the link at the side of the blog for more info.