Sunday 2nd September Phizz Fest

Sunday 2nd September Dublin Sketchers are going to dawdle around the Phizz Fest up in Phibsboro. Website is We'll meet at 2pm outside The Brian Boru pub and meet back there at 4pm for a drink and to check out each other's sketch books. There's loads of activity around the area and boats larking about on the Royal Canal.

If you've not been before, you'll spot a bunch of friendly looking folks holding sketch pads - stroll up and say hi... If you're a bit late, sure, don't worry, it's Sunday afternoon and we're all a bit late! Get stuck in with the drawing and meet at 4pm in the Brian Boru!

Sketches from Tall Ships Festival on Sunday 26th August 2012

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By John C.


By Alex


By Catherine


By Jennifer S.


By Keith


Sketch 1 - By Colette

Sketch 2 - By Colette


Sketch 1 - By Des

Sketch 2 - By Des


By Maura


Sketch 1 - By Jasmine

Sketch 2 - By Jasmine


Sketch 1 - By Patricia

Sketch 2 - By Patricia


By Marta Sastre


By Maria Bonals

Sunday 26th Aug Tall Ships Festival

On Sunday 26th August the Dublin Sketchers are going to play at being pirates at the Tall Ships Festival. Plenty of activity and a party atmosphere to capture on paper, and only a 10% chance of rain! is the place to look for info.

If you're an early bird, there's a farewell parade of the ships along the Liffey from 11am - 2pm. The focus then shifts to Grand Canal Dock.

We'll meet at 2pm in front of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (Grand Canal Theatre). We'll meet again at 4pm at The Ocean Bar for a coffee . Their website is

A couple of people each week kindly photograph everyone's work to put on the blog. Please help them out by PUTTING YOUR NAME on your sketch book or on EACH sketch you do! If you have a camera and want to help out with snapping people's work just step forward on a Sunday, or email to find out more.

Sunday 19th August - Greystones


John Conway

John Conway - 2 scenes in one!

Stephen Cavanagh

Anne - Beach Hotel

Who is this delightful boat by ?
And like wise who did this one of the people looking at the  harbour ?




John Kenny






Harbour by ?

Thanks to Elena for last week's idea to go the market in Newmarket.

This Sunday 19th August, we've been enticed to Greystones by John Kenny.

We will meet at Greystones dart Station entrance at 2pm and head out from there. It's the first time the Sketchers have been to Greystones, so come prepared for artistic adventure!

There's a harbour area and at the moment there is an Art and Photography exhibition. We will meet at 4pm at the Beach Hotel beside the harbour for coffee and chat.

According to the Dart Timetable there's a train leaving Pearse Street station at 12:57
which arrives at Greystones at 13:4. A later train leaves Pearse Street at 13:34 arriving at 14:25.

If you've not been before we'll be the people brandishing sketchpads at Greystones Dart Station at 2pm. If you are late just get sketching and find us at 4pm at the Beach Hotel.

Some pics from Wexford Plein Eire

 There were a decent number of Sketchers at the 2012 Art in the Open festival. As usual the Plein Eire South east crowd made us all very welcome. Thanks Kevin,Tony, Karen and Neill.

Edit: A few shots from me also (Tracy) - had a brill week and would recommend it to you all :-)

Sunday 12th August - Culture Market at Dublin Food Co-op, Newmarket


Chatty Woman by ?

Dee Daly

Florist by ?






Hi all,

This week we will be sketching painting at the  Fusion Sundays World Culture Market at Dublin Food Co-op, Newmarket

The CO-OP,
12 Newmarket,
Dublin 8.

Meet up at the entrance to the market at 2pm.

If it people want to draw outdoors weather permitting there is an alternative in the little park behind St.Catherine's Church on Thomas Street near to Arthur's pub. We can then meet for coffee at the Ferocious Mingle Market at 4pm for coffee.

If you are new to sketchers just show up with you sketchpads and get drawing and keep an eye out for other sketchers.


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