Sunday 1st August - Hugh Lane Gallery

Hi all,

This week there was a resounding call for the Hugh Lane gallery, so it's off to the Lavery Exhibition with the Dublin Sketchers!

Meet at 2pm, just inside the main doors and meet back at the same spot again at 4pm. The group will most likely head downstairs to the café for a catch up and chats (and of course cake).

Information on Sir John Lavery is here and makes for interesting reading if you are not familiar with his work/background.

I won't be there myself again this Sunday as I'm heading for Wexford for the Plein Eire paint out. Can't wait :)

See you all soon and rememeber to post up pics of your works - if you don't have access to publish on the blog just send us a mail and we'll add you!


Sunday 1st August

Hey lads,
If any of you have any suggestions for a bank holiday sketching location please post it up here. I won't be around myself but you'll be in good hands, mostly each others but be wary of strangers. Yes.

Draw the pretty pictures and not the ones in your head. They're just there to remind you what colour boundaries are.


iPad painting

Link to fantastic demo using Brushes app on iPad.

World Culture Festival 2010




Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowie

Stephen Cavanagh



me :)

One more from Dun Laoghaire...

Plein Eire - Paint Out Festival

Hi all,

This is just a quick notice of an event happening in Wexford next weekend. A couple of us are heading down on the Saturday morning, a little late but I can't get work off on Friday.. but anyone else that might be interested perhaps get in touch!

Here is the general link to the Plein Eire site which are the hosts of the event.


Sun.25th July.Festival of Cultures, Dunlaoghaire.

 Looking towards the Yaght Club from the top of the East Pier.


View towards Sandycove from behind the wall of the East Pier.

First quick sketch of Spanish Dancer on the lower pier walk.

Sunday 25 July

Yo yo yo!

    Due largely to the demands of the popular we'll postpone our attempted transition to indoor, city centre locations and head out to the World Culture Festival in Dun Laoghaire ( It's fully full of fun, food and f...colour. Also as it's in Dun Laoghaire, there are millions of places to escape the bustle and myriad quiet spots to draw things that don't pass by. I hope there's currywurst, I really do. If anyone finds any there let me know immediately.

    To that end let's meet on the Dun Laoghaire side of the Dart station at 2:00 or whenever the nearest dart to 2:00 arrives :) We'll meet back up just down from the station at the junction there at 4:00 for coffee and story swapping. If it's your first time sketching with us make sure you have a sketchpad in hand so that we'll recognise you and for heaven's sake stand up straight :D Ok then, it's waaaay to nice to stay in the office so I'm heading out to find me a beer of some description.

Laters people,

New sister sketching group in Rathmines

first session @ cafe Moda @ 7pm @ 28th July (Wednesday).

or email rathminesketchers@gmail to be added to the mailing list/ to be added as a contributor to the blog.


Sunday 25th July - Ideas?

Hi all!

This week I think we are going to make a return to somewhere central (city centre ish) and gallery/museum orientated.

A few people have mentioned to us that we have visited too many festivals in the last while, so we will try make a move back to other locations for the next few weeks perhaps. I for one find it very difficult to concentrate when it is very busy around me, not to mention hold my hand still!

So - ideas for this week please - post in a comment or send us an email!

Also, please send us your photos of any sketches done as we'd love to put them up. It really does make a difference to see what people are working on each week, don't be shy!


Sunday 18th July

Hello there the sketchering peoples!!!!

Isn't the weather between showers deadly? :) Right then, we've been invited (I love it when that happens) to go to Dartmouth Square in Ranelagh this weekend for some eating, drinking and perhaps the scattering of myriad pigment across an apprehensive page. What's that? Oh yes, some sketching, that's what we'll be at for the most part. See there's this thing on whereby everyone in a community comes out and has a giant feast. Eh, Giant Feast, it's called, I think. Or Street Feast maybe, but it's not on a street, hmmm. One thing's for sure, I might make it this weekend!! Where's that linkie gone, there, look, there it is see? 'Course you do. So bring along sammidges and some bottle of whatever if you like. Also an umbrella and sunglasses. Hopefully we can find somewhere to sprawl collectively and draw some of the slower moving passers by. If people are walking too fast to be drawn I can always start setting traps :)

So we'll meet at 2:00pm on Sunday, as is the relative norm, at the gates on the southwest side of the square. Yes, there appears to be a gate there just past that roundabout thingie. If you're late in or can't find us just carry on into the square and partake of some festivities. Look for giant beards and sketchpads, you'll see us :) If it's your first time just wander over and introduce yourself. From what I can tell, the Charlemont stop on the green luas line brings you to within screaming distance of the square. So get off there and scream, someone will be right with you. Probably many someones but try not to be too perturbed by the flashing lights and wailing noises.

So there you go, thanks again Caitriona for the gracious invite, hopefully you'll come over and say hello at some stage. Sketcher Member Organised Event (tm) Let's get an acronym out of that, eh SMOE? How about Sketchers Member Organised Kreative Event. Nice. :)

See ya,

Sketching this Sunday - Ideas?

So - for this Sunday it has been suggested we go to the Street Feast in Dartmouth Square! Any other suggestions? What do ye think? There's an event page on facebook with more info but basically it involves having a picnic in the park.. bring some sandwiches or whatever you fancy and sketch away. It's a lovely park, which has had a rocky recent past but now that it is open to the public the local residents are making sure it is used to its full potential!

All other ideas welcome!

More sketches from Sun.11th July.

Some sketches from Sunday, plenty more subjects available to sketch, including two very fine churches and the red brick Knox Hall.
Also, lots of nearby teashops and pubs for refreshment. Would like to return again.

Watercolour sketch of Longford Tce. at
Monkstown, by Chris.

Pen and ink sketch towards Seapoint by Mary.
Pencil sketch of Dublin Bay, Howth and the
West Pier of Dunlaoghaire Harbour,
by Thomas.

. Pen and ink drawing at Monkstown Crescent, by Maura.

Drawing towards Dublin Docks from Monkstown
by Catriona.

Pencil sketch of ESB towers and Dublin Bay,
by Patrick.

Seapoint 11 July 2010

Monkstown Sunday 11th July @ 2pm

Hi all,

This Sunday we will meet at Knox Hall - which is up from the DART Station at Salthill on the Monkstown main road, beside Goggins Pub. In particular, we will be looking at an exhibition by the "30 Artists' Group", in which one of our own regular members Mary O'Carroll will be exhibiting work.

There is plenty in the general Monkstown area to sketch, including two Churches, several cafe's and pubs and of course the view of the sea. Here's hoping for some fine weather so that we can take advantage!

For those on the DART, get off at the Salthill stop as mentioned above, or get the No.7 bus from the city centre.

The exhibition will be closing at 4pm, at which time we will meet up again for a coffee outside the Knox Hall. See you all there - anyone who hasn't been out with us before just have a sketchpad out and we'll make sure you get introduced to everyone.


Sun 4th.July, Kings of Concrete, just added, sketch by Stephen C.

 A sketch by Stephen C.  from last Sunday 4th.


Some Kings of Concrete in action,  by Mary,
and Graffiti Artists sketched and their artwork added with Photoshop.


Kings of Concrete - Christchurch area , Sunday 4th July

Hi all,

This week we will head for the Christchurch, Winetavern St. area of Dublin where the Kings of Concrete Festival is taking place. For those interested in the Kings of Concrete Festival, here is a link to the many activities which will be taking place in the area - which is pretty much at the back of the Dublin City Council offices.

All kinds of activities will be taking from skating to rollerblading, Parkour, breakdancing, BMX and even Graffiti.

Christchurch Cathedral is around the corner, plus St. Audeon's Church next to that. Also, the NCAD end of year exhibit closes on Sunday so it would be great to go and see that after sketching perhaps.. or for the early birds - beforehand!

So there you have it. We will meet at 2pm, at the back entrance to Dublin City Council - which is literally at the junction of Fish Amble Street and the top end of Dame Street (Lord Edward St. to be exact.. but you know where I mean anyway!!).

See you all there - perhaps bring sunscreen and an umbrella as the weather Gods don't seem to be too sure what to throw at us lately!

Anyone new - just bring a sketchpad and we'll spot you. Don't be shy - no need!