Another Sketch from the Print Museum


Dear arty folk, the NCAD end of year exhibit opens on Thursday 1st July at 6pm and runs, for a really short time, until Sunday 4th July. Lots to see from the fine art, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and textile departments.
Might even be a good place to sketch on sunday? The buildings and open spaces there at quite cool and Christ Church, St Audeons and St Augustines church are all close by.

Some sketches from the National Print Museum, Sun. 27th.June

Mary's sketches of the exhibits
and a sketch of one of the Sketchers!

Two sketches by Maura.
A view from the Cafe in the Print Museum and one of the exhibits

Sunday 27th June

Well hello there artistic folk. Yes, you, that's who it is. I, for one, reckon this weekend's event could be a little bit special. Mostly I'll be bringing along some charcoal, mostly. That's right, the Simpsons are going to the Print Museum!!! Eh, and by Simpsons, I do of course mean the sketchers. That's you, you there, in the spiffing shirt with the tolerant grin, patiently waiting for me to get to the point.

Ah yes, the point it is then; 2:00 at the Print Museum this Sunday armed with various art supplies! We'll meet outside unless it's raining, in which case inside's where I'll be. Then we split up to draw the machines and things and re-meet (it's a word) in or around 4:00 at an as yet to undisclosed location. Oooooh exciting.

If you're new to sketchers wave about a sketchpad and look for the comely gentleman with the insanely large beard, that's apt to be me. Comely, yes, with a rather overly-friendly demeanor. Hello again If you're not new then it's deadly that you came back! Fun eh?

Information yoinked from their website:
Admission Prices

Adults: €3.50


The National Print Museum is situated in the Old Garrison Chapel Beggars Bush,

Haddington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Nearest DART Station

Lansdowne Road or Grand Canal Dock (5 min walk) see for timetables
Bus Routes
7, 45, 63 (From Trinity College Dublin) see for timetables


Sunday 27th June

Ideas people!! Where to go, what to draw, heavens! What to wear!?


Random sketching on This Thursday @ 7pm @ the Longstone-Please comment here before 5pm today if your coming-Thanks

If anyone's coming let me know before 5pm today (24/ 6/ 10) as I don't fancy heading in if no one else is around, thanks!
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Where is the Longstone? Just off Pearse street/ next to the Screen cinema..there's a nice beer garden and you can get coffee/ food till 9pm.

We will meet at 7pm! If you don't know what I look like I suggest you wave a sketchpad around! Bring anything you'd like to draw- eg magazines/ photos etc/ or just draw random things in the pub.. we'll be there for an hour or two.

I won't charge you anything for the company !

Sarah O'Reilly

Tracy's Sketch from Merrion Square

This was very loosely based on Carmel - very roughly finished as my pencils are rubbish! Must get some new ones!

For those interested in Children's book illustrating/writing

Hey guys,

I know there's at least a couple of you who use this site who are interested in illustrating or writing for children's books. So I just wanted to let you know about a seminar that's taking place in Sept. for people interested in that very thing (there'll be writers, illustrators and agents present). There's also the opportunity to apply for a 15-min personal critique of your work, whether it be writing or illustration - you need to apply by Aug 21st for that, and it's on a first come first serve basis. For full details check out Childrens Books Ireland website - the seminar is called 'Between the Lines'. Good luck.


Sketches by Chris - Merrion Square!

Unofficial sketching session next Thursday-anyone interested?

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a bit of drawing in a pub or a cafe say from 7pm onwards this thursday?

This is an unofficial sketching session (eg there will be the main one on Sunday too) and if people want to bring magazines or things to sketch for an hour or two go ahead. I won't be emailing people so comment up here if your interested and if there's one other person (eg other then me as then i'd be a lonely sketcher!) it'll go ahead.

Also suggestions for cafes/ pubs with good light in the city centre are welcome..


Sketching last Sunday.. snails it seems!

Didn't like how dark the top one came out and decided to redo it sitting in the sun during the week. Prefer the second one!

A few sketches from Sunday at our Exhibition in the Sol, Art Gallery.

A view of Hoggis Figgis and another house in Dawson Street.

Discussing the exhibits, maybe!

Sunday 20th June

Hey hey,
    I hope this message finds you all well. We've just finished our exhibition yesterday, tearing everything down and putting some beer on it. Very emotional times. Our sincere thanks to everyone who came along to support it and of course to all of the artists who showed work.
    This weekend sees the return of the annual Street Performers Festival. It's always great craic what with lunatics throwing knives at each other and random members of the audience. Also some guy contorting himself through a toilet seat. Yeah, that's fun too and probably highly practical... Anyway we'll start at the giant bouncy space hopper world record attempt on Upper Mount street. From there there's talk of splitting up to see both the festival and, for those in mind of a quieter alternative, the RHA. We'll be just beside Pepper Canister Church (seen in the picture there) on Mount Street at 2:00. Look out for a bunch of people with sketchpads and approximately no space hoppers attached.
    Don't worry if you don't initially find us, just wander about the festival drawing stuff and when we've finished our rambling we'll meet back up at 4:00 in the National Art Gallery's cafe. Right, I think that about covers it. See you on Sunday, have a couple of good ones :D


Review of the exhibition

Please send links/copies of reviews you stumble across to dublinsketchers[at] Thanks. Here's one from Le Cool for example.

Sketch! In some parts of Dublin, on the urgent utterance of that simple word, young fellas, grown men and gougers will seek cover. They fear a teacher, a wife or the Gardai have been spotted and they scarper like bugs from under a lifted rock. There is little use in running away from this show though. The Dublin Sketchers have been filling their notepads and sketch-books with Dublin scenes for over a year now, finding new spots every Sunday to cast their eyes over. Anyone can join with members ranging from the hobbyist to those already working in the creative fields but there is strictly no snootiness allowed.This exhibition is the culmination of a year’s worth Sunday sketching and among my favourites were Tracy O’Brien’s ink blocks, Tom Galvin’s storyboards and the incredible intricate work of Japanese-born Kozue Graham. / Luka Scoones
Nice :D


Photos from Bloomsday at the exhibition!

The Lord Mayor popped into the exhibition on Bloomsday - here are a couple of pics!

Bloomsday at the Sol Gallery

Hi folks,

If anyone is in the city centre area tomorrow Wednesday June 16th and fancies a tiny bit of Joycean atmosphere, why not join Jessica and myself for a little glass of burgundy and some gorgonzola cheese in honour of Bloomsday while we are doing our bit of curating the Dublin Sketchers Drawing a Crowd Exhibition in the Sol gallery between 1pm - 5.30pm. We might even dress up a bit : )

Cheers and Happy Bloomsday,


Sunday 20th June

Hey there,

thanks to everyone who helped out and indeed turned up to our exhibition this week. Hopefully by Sunday everyone will have recovered :D Now then, so where will we go? So far the two ideas that have been floated are the Street Performers festival in Merrion Square and the RHA which currently has it's 180 celebratory exhibitions on.

Take a click through and please post a comment if you have a preference for either or indeed have an alternative suggestion. I reckon one way or the other I'll be heading in to both this weekend as they look fantastic.

Also go take a look at the photos from our exhibition on our facebook page. There are just too many to put them up here at the minute. You can still go see the real thing in the Sol Art Gallery until Thursday afternoon. If you haven't done so yet, it would be great if you could call in and sign the guestbook.


13th June

Well alright then folks. Let's make this official. This weekend's sketching session will be selfishly held at our own exhibition. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go to the opening night later on, it just means you should come back again on Sunday :) So yeah, head straight into the gallery as we'll be curating ourselves. Just upstairs from the main gallery in the Athena room. It would be great to see a lot of you there. For first time sketchers, let us know who you are. We'll be the ones wandering about talking to people largely at random. So 2:00 in the Athena room in the Sol Art Gallery on Dawson Street. There are plenty of cafes about for meeting afterward.

Also very well done to everyone who's participating in and who has helped out so much in the preparation for this event.

See you there :D


Sunday 13th June

Hey there, so I find myself once more soliciting suggestions for this weekend's outing. Of course we may be a little less democratic than usual. Come to the gallery!! Come see our exhibition!!! Us, we're there. Sketch pictures of the pictures of pictures. It'll be great :D k?


Sunday 6th. June, washed out, but made it to RHA!

Here are some quick sketches from the RHA.
Tried to make it to the Maritime Festival but got
sadly drenched. Made it to the exhibition instead.
"The Speckled Bull" by John Behan and "The Confirmation" part of a small sculpture by Olivia Musgrave.

Also a photo of Liberty hall taken on Sat.25th and I

captured a puddle on the way home on Sunday!


Sunday 6th June

The docklands maritime festival is on this weekend. Deadly, let's go there. Mostly there'll be stalls, boats and random purple things on stilts. There will so, you mark my words! Here's more of those details here: We'll meet at 2:00 at the north side of the Sean O'Casey bridge and back there again at 4:00 to find somewhere for coffee.

If it's your first time don't be shy, go find people with sketchpads and say hello :) Anyway, I'd better go be stressed over there for a bit. Have a great bank holiday weekend otherwise.


Sunday 6th June Sketching Session venue suggestions please.

OK folks anyone ideas for this Sundays Sketching session? Please post any suggestions in the comments section.