Shameless Plugging - The Vertical Rhythm Club

The Vertical Rhythm Club
will be held in the Spiegel Tent as part of the Absolut Fringe on Wednesday 9th September. Tickets are on sale NOW for €18 from or call 1850 FRINGE (1850 374 643)
Check out a little of this
if you still interested read on...
Hi everyone, hope you will forgive this shameless act of promotion but Jessica, one of the long time members of the Dublin Sketchers group, but also a dance teacher/dance artiste extraordinaire, is putting together a massive night -The Vertical Rhythm Club - of music, dancing, cabaret, choreography, spectacular dance performances, (some of the best swing dancers in the world will be performing) and fancy dress in the Spiegel Tent (IFSC) as part of the Dublin fringe festival on the 9th of September so I thought I'd let you all know about it as it would be wonderful to get as many people as possible along to it to support her show. Just to let you know it does cost euro 18 for a ticket.

Now you don't need to be a dancer to enjoy the buzz although it helps, I'm not a dancer at all myself, but I will be going along dressed up as some old beatnik type dude and I'll likely as not shake a leg here and there despite my lack of dancing skills, think William Burroughs crossed with Woody Allen on crutches and other things, and probably sketching the spectacle as it unfolds, (costumes, action drawings,etc) or maybe I'll just quietly observe the goings on and chill out over a glass of brandy or two at a table reserved for friends of Jessica, Frank Sinatra, Josephine Baker, Al Capone...

The music is jazz, swing, the vibe is electric, the movers and shakers smooth, think Bugsy Malone, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Nina Simone, Duke Ellington,Cabaret, The Sting, Chicago, think 1920's flapper girls, think Speakeasies, think gangsters and molls, think show-girls, think 1930's Hollywood glamour, think burlesque, think peep show, Naked Lunch, think 1940's land girls, think World War Two soldiers/sailors/airmen. Or into the 1950's - think Grease, think Rock n Roll, think Happy Days, this alternative night out will be upbeat, up tempo, recession blues busting fun...come early come late but don't miss out...

The Vertical Rhythm Club
The event you have been waiting for all year - The Vertical Rhythm Club in the Spiegel Tent as part of the
Absolut Fringe on Wednesday 9th September. Tickets are on sale NOW for €18 from or call
1850 FRINGE (1850 374 643)
more info here ...
On the last post re the LUAS competiton here's a link to a previous winner. I It looks like a vector rendering of a photograph, there's a pdf link on the page. Wasn't out yesterday, watched the action in Croker, hope it was a dry day for you all.


Luas Art Competition

The 3rd RPA-Luas Art Competition is now open for entries. We’re looking for the best art form using the theme of Luas Docklands (Bus├íras – The Point). The competition is open to anyone aged 16 years or over and any art form is acceptable. Make sure you read the Rules of Entry in the competition information booklet before submitting your work.
The closing date for entries is Friday 30th October 2009. This competition is run in conjunction with Dublin Culture Night on 25th September 2009 organised by Temple Bar Cultural Trust. For more information go to and

The Winner’s Prize
A cash prize
Annual Luas Ticket
Winning entry will be displayed on all Luas Stops for a four week period
Winning entry will be displayed on Luas trams for a two week period
Cover image on RPA-Luas 2010 Official Calendar
Winning entry will be displayed for a four week period on
Winning entry will be displayed for a four week period on

Sunday 30th August - Festival of World Cultures - DunLaoghaire

Sketch from the day (James)

This week the Dublin Sketchers will meet at 1pm at the DART Station, to sketch at the Festival of World Cultures in DunLaoghaire. There is lots of information about the Festival on the website HERE.

If the festival events are too busy for sketching, there is no shortage of beatufiul scenery by the coast.

All new sketchers welcome, have your sketch pads out! I won't be there myself again this weekend as I will be heading home, but hopefully next weekend!!!

(Thanks James for the suggestion!!)

Check this out and you may "sketch it" if you like..!

1. Shuttle Visible Over Ireland

If you've been following you'll know that the launch of the space shuttle Discovery has been delayed a third time this week. The launch is now scheduled for Saturday, August 29, at 4:59am Irish time. As with the launch of Endeavour on July 15, people in Ireland will be fortunate enough to see the shuttle and its huge external fuel tank flying over 18 minutes after launch (so that'll be 5:17am our time), a sight that was described by many as "the most spectacular sight they have ever seen".

Not only that, but in the nights following the launch, there will be a "space chase" as the shuttle approaches the International Space Station (ISS), and for times to view this amazing sight, and more details, click HERE. Don't forget, If you see any of these extremely rare sights please email to be included in our magazine report. So, definitely set your alarm clock and outside and watch the show.

Liberties building art

So from the 24th September (Arthur Guinness birthday btw) you can have an animation up on the tallest building in Ireland. Coolness. Have a go at it from here:

As part of Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, from the 24th of September until the 11th of October 2009, Playhouse will transform the iconic Liberty Hall building in Dublin’s city centre into a 50 metre, low resolution, TV screen. Members of the public are invited to create animations with sound and music, via our website, and broadcast them across the city’s skyline.

Powering the display are 100,000 low-energy LED lights, installed into 330 windows on the south and west faces of the building. These lights can illuminate each window as a solid colour turning it into a tiny pixel that’s part of a giant display.

The project was born from a series of conversations and connections made in the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. Originally inspired by the Blinkenlights installation in Berlin, Playhouse raises the technological bar with the ability to produce colour animations.


UCD sketch and other.

Edited, to say that this pen sketch was done by Antonio.

Also, a sketch from Brian, which he did in the Gallery a while ago.

Sunday 30th August - Festival of World Cultures - DunLaoghaire

Hi all, how about attending the Festival of World Cultures in DunLaoghaire - it is a colourful event and well worth getting your colour gear out for, also no harm bring a camera for those costumes that just won't stay still long enough to capture them.

Of course there is the coastal scapes and victorian buildings of DunLaoghaire's sea front so loads to draw and inspire hopefully...

Any alternative suggestions welcome but thought I'd get this one in early as it is an obvious choice. There are a lot of free performances that might be worth checking out in advance so that you have an idea what interests you before you go, so take a look at the following link...

We could meet at the dart as usual at one pm and then decide on a coffee spot after

Sunday 23rd at UCD

Here is a sketch of part of the O Reilly Building at the lake, and also the Egg,
It did not disappoint, there is a fabulous view inside it, quite awesome!

Sunday 23rd 1pm @ UCD

It's that time of the week again! Next Sunday all will meet in UCD, Belfield @ 1pm. I propose to meet beside the lake, outside the main Library. Across the lake is O'Reilly Hall. I've attached a map for people to check out HERE.

There are lots of nice places to wander to in UCD, including some really nice wildlife areas parallel to the N11 if you follow the paths that way.. plus there's the really cool sculpture of the "Egg" - make sure you look inside - it's beautiful. (this is just up from the lake on the O'Reilly Hall side).

If it is raining, then I suggest you pop into one of the buildings or take shelter somewhere! There is a pub across the N11, Lonnegan's which is part of the Montrose Hotel. This is a nice spot for coffees/sketching if the weather is bad also. If weather is nice, takeaway coffee is available in the Centra - over beside the student residences, beyond the bus stops towards the Foster's Avenue entrance.

Get the Number 10 bus to be dropped inside the campus, or the number 46a to be dropped at the far side of the fly-over in front of the Montrose Hotel.

I'm not sure if I'll be there myself yet, Cork are playing in the Semi-Final so I will probably be jumping up and down shouting at a tv somewhere :)

Enjoy! All new sketchers welcome - please just have a sketchpad in your hand so all will recognise you ;)


ps. HERE'S a link to some of the campus artwork, which is nice - plus some info on Noah's Egg :)

Re worked sketch from Sun. on the canal

Just went over the wc sketch with a fine pen, I confess I took a ref. photo of the scene.

Banksy in Bristol now

Next Sunday - Ideas please!

Ok - might as well start the ball rolling early in the week - any ideas for next Sunday? Iveagh Gardens has been proposed by Sara - if weather is fine could be lovely.

pub session

on August the 28th (Friday) from 8.30 in Sin e!

Sin e is on Ormond quay (opposite temple bar)..

everyones welcome...bring your sketch pads/ cameras!

Sarah OR
therapist and artist
There are quiet a few sketches from this week so I'm just gonna pretty much chuck them up haphazardly. Please comment to claim yours :)

Greetings, hadn't been out in ages before last weekend. I went over the original sketch on the computer, the original was unreadable. See yez Sunday.

Sunday 16th August

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Hey lads,
As suggested by Marta let's meet up in the Starbucks on Mespil Rd. It's just on the canal so if the weather is good we can probably find lots to sketch there. We'll meet up outside at 1:00 and again there at 3:00 though we'll likely head somewhere else for food. If it's your first time just look out for the odd looking bunch of people with sketch pads furtively glancing about the place. We'll be just beside them.


Sunday 16th August

Any ideas for this weekend lads?


Sunday - 16 August

Hi All!

How about Starbucks on Mespil Rd. ? It is beside the canal. There's a nice new Thai fastfood where we could eat after., as usual.

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Some more sketches from Dunlaoghaire, 9th Aug.

Great activity in the market and lots of tempting goodies. Also did a sketch from the East pier, the weather was perfect, the last time we were there it was cooold!!

Really enjoyed the market. Had been to the one in Marlay Park on Saturday too. Just need to start practicing putting the people in too!

Check this - digital painting in progress - video!

Must watch :)

Dun Laoghaire

Good turnout yesterday; lots to draw and a good pub venue afterwards.

Sunday 9th August - Dun Laoghaire!

Ok, following Pat's suggestion - seing as Stephen won't be there to miss the machines in Phoenix Park anyway.. Sketchers will meet at 1pm, outside the front entrance of the DART station, which overlooks the port entrance area/car park! (I know I came out the wrong side entrance before and stupidly couldn't find people - don't go out the side entrance - go out the ticket way..)

So, 1pm - Dun Laoghaire. Enjoy and please post up some pics or email them to us at the email address. Sorry to miss this weekend again, but I am in Leeds visiting Sarah :o)


Sunday 9th August - Suggestions

Eh, anyone? Any ideas? You there at the back, no not you, beside you there. Yes you, quit fidgeting! Any ideas where to go sketching on Sunday? No? Really?

Well how about grabbing the dart out to Dun Laoghaire. There's a regular Sunday market in the People's Park just beside the harbour. As long as the weather's fine there'll be plenty to draw...


Sunday 9th August

Hey hey,
Both myself and Tracy will be away this weekend. If anyone has any suggestions as to where you'd like to meet up for sketching please post them as comments here. We'll send out a mail tomorrow with final meeting details. As always it will be Sunday at 1:00 with coffee and stuff at about 3:00.


A Docklands Sketch from Sun 2nd Aug.

Had an enjoyable day sketching in Docklands. There was no shortage of subjects, looking forward to another trip there soon.