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Sunday 27th.May. Sketches from Joyces Tower and Sandycove.

                                               Sketch of Joyces Tower By Arthur S

Three By Maria Bonals:      (Joyces Tower,  James Sketching and   Sandycove)

Dublin bay by Berta                        Joyces Tower by Colette

                                                        Sketch of Joyces Tower by Des


Right:  Joyces Tower By Ira G                                          
                                                                                                                                                                         Left: Sketch by Mandy


                                        Joyces Tower By Miki  M

                                         By Sally
                                                       2 By Swari

By Dimas

Sketch by Marta Sastre

 2    By John Conway

 Four sketches By Balazc

This Sunday 27th May we're going to Sandycove and the Forty foot Martello Tower area.

This Sunday we're going to Sandycove and the Forty foot Martello Tower area.

Joyce Tower
Sandycove Harbour

We'll meet at 2pm at the Tower entrance

If you've not been before, you'll spot us easily as we'll be holding our sketch pads. Don't worry if you're late - just get stuck in with the drawing

We'll meet again at 4pm at  the Tower Entrance  to go for a coffee nearby on Sandycove Road and enjoy looking at each other's sketch pads.

You can draw around the area or visit the museum in the tower - see details below for prices.

The James Joyce Tower was one of a series of Martello towers built to withstand an invasion by Napoleon and now holds a museum devoted to the life and works of James Joyce, who made the tower the setting for the first chapter of his masterpiece, Ulysses.
Beautifully located eight miles south of Dublin on the coast road, this tower is the perfect setting for a museum dedicated to Joyce, a writer of international renown who remains, world-wide, the writer most associated with Dublin.
Joyce's brief stay here inspired the opening of his great novel Ulysses. The gun platform with its panoramic view, and the living room inside the tower are much as he described them in his book.
The museum's collection includes letters, photographs, first and rare editions and personal possessions of Joyce, as well as items associated with the Dublin of Ulysses.
Ulysses was set on 16th June 1904. On Bloomsday, 16th June, the museum will be open from 8am-6pm for readings and celebrations.

Opening Times:
    April to end of August
  • Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm (Closed 1pm-2pm)
  • Sunday: 2pm-6pm
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Other Months: Open by prior arrangement
Admission Prices:
    Adults: €6.00
    Student/Seniors: €5.00
    Children: €4.00
    Family: €15
Group Admission Prices:
    Adults: €5.25
    Student/Seniors: €4.25
    Children: €3.25
    Minimum group number is 20
For further information please call or fax to 280 9265
How to Get There:
    Eight miles south of Dublin City Centre on the coast.
    By train: DART to Sandycove
    By bus: 59 from Dun Laoghaire
    The James Joyce Tower and Museum is owned and managed by Dublin Tourism Enterprises

Hope to see you there!

Sunday the 20th May we're off to St Michans Church, Church Street, Dublin 7.

Sorry this is late getting out,

This Sunday the 20th May we're off to St Michans Church, Church Street, Dublin 7.

We might as well venture outside as the weather forecast is for some sun. Lets meet at St.Michans. We can draw the exterior and surrounding area. A few people have mentioned Little Green Street and the square and old courthouse as likely drawing spots. We can meet outside Michans at 4pm and head over to The Church bar on Henry Street for coffee.

PLEASE - put your name on your sketch book! Or on the back of your sketch each week. This will make it easier for the weekly photographer to photo your work and post it on the blog. Value the photographer, thank them for cataloguing your work. NAME YOUR SKETCH!

Hugh Lane Gallery, 13th May. Sketches

Note: Click on a picture to enlarge .

By Chris
(From Garden of Remembrance)

Two Sketches by Maria Bonals
 (Children of Lir from Garden.of Remembrance and Findlaters Church)

3 by Deirdre M




                                                          Three sketches by Marta Sastre.

                Two Sketches by Stephen C

2 By Diane

Degas,  By Maura Q                                              By John M

 2 By Catriona

2 By Pat

 3 By Miki

Left:   By Berta                                Right: By Keith