Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone - hope you all enjoy the holidays!

We will resume our regular sketching on Sunday 10th of January - meaning everyone will be back into their normal routine and back in Dublin! If anyone wants to arrange some impromptu sketching meet-ups before then, just put up a post and see if anyone is about!

See you all in the New Year!!


Christmas wishes to all Dublin Sketchers!

Happy Christmas all, I hope to be able to join in again in the Sketching activities, in the New year. Keep warm!!
anything planned for tomorrow, the 20th? if not is anyone intersted in the national gallery on merrion square? it's warm inside, and central!


free-for-all at thisisnotashop

Sorry for putting this up right after a new post has gone up, but I think lots of you will be interested in this:

Sunday 13th December

Hey lads. It's that wonderful time of year where everything merits a beer. Even our little group :) With that in mind we're meeting this Sunday at the Christmas market. There'll be beer and frankfurters and a giant slide with Santa's Slide written on the side of it. Please do feel free to bring a sketchpad but it's not obligatory, this weekend is all about the Christmas drinks. I'll likely bring a little one for scribbley drawings.

We'll meet at the top of the ramp to the market in the docklands. Let's stick to the usual time of 1:00. I hope to see lots and lots of you there :) This will be my last sketching meetup before the new year so if I don't see you, have a wonderful Christmas!! Oh, and do please eat all of the pie.


Sunday 13th December

Hey lads,
    As it's getting close to Christmas I think we need some beers :o) Happily the Christmas market is opening up in the IFSC this weekend. Just in time to facilitate us. So I propose we have sketching/beers in the docklands on Sunday. Whatcha think?


Antiques Fair Dun Laoghaire Sunday 6th

The venue for this Sunday 6th December is a bit different but should hopefully provide some interesting options. There's an antiques and collectors fair in Dun Laoghaire which we thought would make interesting sketching. It's in a beautiful hotel, lots of stalls with antiques, collectables, artefacts and bits and pieces, as well as people milling about. If the weather is fine, you can always venture out into Dun La La itself. Meet at 1pm at the entrance to the Royal Marine hotel weilding a sketch pad (hotel is off Marine Road, on the left as you walk away from the sea, go past Pavilion Theatre and it's tucked in behind the shops on the left). Nearest DART is Dun Laoghaire. http://www.royalmarine.ie/?r=3748008&gclid=CPzM1vvkvZ4CFWlr4wodMl2nmA Afterwards we will meet up in Hughes and Hughes book shop on Marine Road at 3pm, in the upstairs coffee shop for a natter. We may have to pay €3.50 but all of the admission charge will be donated to Dun Laoghaire Lifeboat. With over 40 dealers exhibiting and selling a wide range of antiques and collectors items there's plenty for all tastes, including lots of beautiful items as Christmas gifts or to decorate the Christmas table. More info at http://www.vintageireland.eu/events/details/17-dun-laoghaire-lifeboat-fundraiser.html 



Sketchy Sunday 6th!

Well, I'm away again this weekend, whoever knew I could be this busy!!

Are there any sketches from last Sunday? Could people maybe send them to the gmail address if possible and we'll pop them on the blog - it's great to see what people do each week! Plus the Science Gallery are interested to know what was done ;)

Please post ideas and places you'd like to visit this Sunday as comments, the more the better! I think that James' idea of the Bleeding Horse could be a good location this week..

Have a good one!! I'll be busy sipping on some mulled wine in Stockholm :P


Sunday 29th November

The weather is starting to get pretty cold for outdoor events. That or I need to cut the tips of the fingers off my otherwise very manly woolen gloves. Uhuh. Anyway I maintain the plasma drip to the right there alone is reason enough to head to Trinity's Science gallery thing this weekend.

It's basically an exhibition of the weird and wonderful things that happen when science meets design. There should be myriad sketching opportunities. Also it's free :) We'll meet at the usual time of 1:00 on Sunday outside the Pearse Street entrance. You'll see the exhibition from the outside with a giant "What if...?" sign in the window so you'll know you're in the right place. If I'm not there by ten past, start without me :)

We'll likely hit the long stone afterward at three on the basis that Mahaffeys now sucks. If it's your first time please don't be shy about talking to random people with sketchpads. That's kind of a valid life rule I've found. You can always outrun someone who's desperately clutching sheets of paper while dropping pencils.


Where to sketch this Sunday?

Decided to start the ball rolling nice and early this week - get in plenty of ideas!! Weather is looking extremely dodgy, so I think indoors is a definite requirement!

Any events or exhibitions coming up that you would like to see?

Post all ideas as comments please!!

Dublin Sketchers Exhibition

Just to lay down on the blog an idea that has been floating around amongst various people, and some of the ideas .....

- That we should have an exhibition.
- That people can exhibit if they want to.
- That we could approach the Print Museum about using their upstairs space (Mary has a contact there).
- That we could use the Loft, near Thomas Street. Suzanne has a contact there.
- It might be appropriate to have the exhibition around Bloomsday. Bloomsday 2010 is a Wednesday, perhaps we could launch on the Thursday.
- That there might be about 20 members of the group who might want to exhibit, and contribute to cost of hiring a space for a week.
- That we could design a poster.
- That we could charge €1 entry towards costs.
- That people could either frame their sketches, or we could hang them "washing line" style around the space.
- Could some pictures be "finished" and could some reflect the "sketching" nature of the group.
- Have a cool and groovy opening night....

Many other thoughts are probably floating around - any one want to put any forward here?



I enjoyed the session today. I started with a sculpture in wood of a face, and drew the face from lots of different angles - two are shown here. It felt like more of an exercise in seeing the same thing from different angles, rather than completing each drawing. The woman's face is based on a drawing in the "traces" exhibition - sorry, can't remember the artist's name, but it was a striking blue background with simple line work in white. As always, I over drew my lines, but I think it came out well. The "diner menus" just made me laugh, so I copied it here. I did another soundscape - and feel that it is an idea that has mileage - you probably can't read anything on this one - the funniest being a comment of a small boy on some of the installations - "where is the art mummy?"

From the Narrative arts club session

Stories were told and those who sketched responded to the tales and the general atmosphere of the setting. The original sketch and some very blue mucking around in photoshop versions too.

Sunday 22 Nov Session at Imma

Chris,Susanne,Jessica and James showed up, nasty weather probably accounted for a lot of people wisely staying home. Anyway it was still a fun session. Some woked on drawings based on the actual art work. I did my usual people in a cafe setting so here it is.

Irish Museum of Modern Art - Kilmainham 1pm

Apologies for the delay - I'm away in Cork for the weekend and couldn't get access before now!!

This week the Sketchers Group will meet at 1pm outside the front door of the IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, KilmainhamRoyal Hospital, Kilmainham. They are open from 12am to 5.30pm so plenty time to sketch!

Link for info!http://www.imma.ie/en/index.htm

Happy sketching!!

Ideas for Sunday?!

Thursday night already!! I am off to Cork this weekend, it's the Lovely Jumper Festival that's taking me away this time around.. has to be done :D

Stephen is also away this weekend, so I'm opening the floor to ideas for where ye would like to go this week.

Please post as comments and I will try and send out a mail tomorrow before I head off to confirm everything.

Sorry I didn't make national History museum today - landed at the rds Art fair(some great paintings there too) and realised i hadn't a key to lock my bike. Anyway as the kind rds folks minded my bike in a back room i decided to give kildare street a miss so i wouldn't have to worry about bike security, did anyone else show up at museum?

Re:Tickets for Arts Fair RDS

Mary managed to wangle us a few tickets, seven in all and they are waiting for us at the reception in RDS opps AIB HQ I believe.

Mary organised it so they are being kept under the name of our group and under my name for those who know me JM. I will be going to RDS for one pm myself and then heading to National Museum later at 2pm, when it opens, to see if anyone there who wants to go or will stay and sketch if not.

OK thats the info see ye at either place regards.J

Sunday 15th - Change of Location: 2pm @ National Museum of Ireland

Ardagh Chalice

OK!! So, seeing as the RDS is a non starter due to the promotion ending, those of you who didn't get tickets and want to sketch will now visit the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street.

The Museum doesn't open until 2pm, so it's a later start than usual, but well worth it. It's been some time since the Sketchers visited and seeing as it is off-peak now it shouldn't be too busy.. fingers crossed.

Info on the various collections here!

Hope ye enjoy it!

Apologies to anyone who ends up in the RDS looking for a bunch of sketchers!!

CANCELLED!!!! Sunday 15th November - RDS

Hi all,

Unfortunately the ticket offer for the RDS Art Fair has finished, so we have decided to arrange an alternative sketch location - I hope that people who did get tickets and don't see this message before Sunday enjoy the Fair and we will see you next week! I will post a new location in a new post!


Ideas for this Sunday?

Hi all,

I'm off to see the boxing in Limerick this weekend so I definitely won't be out sketching, but please post any ideas here for where you would like to go! I think it may be best to arrange an indoor session, as the weather has really become quite bitterly cold over the last week.

So.. ideas, ideas, ideas - throw it into the pot and see what happens!!


Storysketch Project with the Narrative Arts Club and Tinderbox Network

in association with the Narrative Arts Club and Tinderbox Network
20.00 Tuesday 17th November, Library Bar Extension
(Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, just off South Great George's Street)

The Narrative Arts Club will provide an evening of "eye-contact theatre"
Tinderbox members and other sketching enthusiasts are invited to draw the storyteller/audience OR the story itself.

€6 regular admittance
€2 with concession (your concession is your story or your sketchpad)

Francis Bacon exhibition

I really enjoyed the exhibition today, and wrote down a few bits and pieces in my note pad, as insights into Bacon ......"you think my paintings are brutal? What of the world"...."I think artists stay much closer to their childhood than other people. They remain far more constant to those early sensations"..."why go to art school and learn from failed artists" ....Writing or talking about painting was for him only ever an approximation as - "painting is its own language and is not translatable into words." He said that the "sitter is someone of flesh and blood and what has to be caught is their emanation" and that he "wanted to paint mouths like Monet painted waterlilies." His studio, where he lived and worked for over 30 years, was described as "fragile and old, it's mutation into something other, as it moved towards decrepitude." He was obsessed by the futility and brevity of existence - "I think of life as meaningless but we give it meaning during our existence."
The "study for figure 6" I did blind.

From Francis Bacon Exhibition

There was a photo at the francis bacon exhibition of a monkey's face pressed up against the window of a jeep (far left) I liked how the top of his head was washed out in part by the intensity of sunlight from behind and also on account of the dirt on the jeep window so I just did my drawing based on that.

Also I liked the following postcard on exhibition there so I've included a photo of that too.

Sunday 8th November

Ciaran L has pointed out that there's a new Francis Bacon exhibition on in the Hugh Lane gallery. That, therefore will be our rainy day destination for this Sunday. We shall meet just inside the doors at 1:00 or in my case soon thereafter. If it's your first time you'll recognise us by the sketchpads and oddly eccentric far away gazes. You know who I mean *point*! In any case, please do come along and if you're late, wander around and ask people randomly if they're us. They invariably will be, if not, please explain to them who "us" in fact is and why they should join you on your quest to find some thereof.

Coffee at 3:00 in the cafe downstairs :)


Tattoo convention

For those of you that might be interested the Dublin Tattoo Convention is on this weekend in Ballsbridge.


next Sunday

There is a new Francis Bacon exhibition on in the Hugh Lane gallery, and also the usual Sunday concert; I think we've gone to the Hugh Lane quite a bit, so I'm not sure if its too soon to go again. But anyway, there's one idea for you; leave some more in the comments box!

Last 3 sessions

I'm only getting around to putting these up now.

They've all been roughly photoshopped to make them a bit more finished. They are from Bewleys, Brazen Head and Howth.

Yesterday - Galvinator's sketch pad


I really enjoyed the sketching in Bewleys yesterday, and liked the later start time of 2pm.

Mr Galvinator - you left your sketch book behind. I ran after you in the street, but you had disappeared into the setting sun. I am in town tonight 6pm - 11pm in 4 Dame Lane, and tomorrow 6pm til 8.30pm in Dance House on Foley Street, if you want to pick it up, or I'm hoping to make it out next Sunday.


Ruff sketch of James from yesterday!

1st November - 2pm session for a change

As a central location we will meet at Bewleys(aka Cafe Bar Deli) on Grafton Street this Sunday - meet at front entrance at 2pm and then head upstairs and draw the interior,or exterior of grafton street from balcony for brave souls - yes its an indoor/balcony venue but it will combat the likely cold and rain(and hangovers from night before) of an exterior venue and we can chill out with coffee and sketchbooks...

Sketching October 25th - Christchurch/Brazen Head!

Well, it's the Bank Holiday weekend, meaning that most of us will not be working on Monday morning. So, for this weekend I am proposing an indoor location, with an outdoor prelude of Christchurch Cathedral.

So, at 1pm we will meet at the main entrance of Christchurch Cathedral - where we can sketch - weather permitting until we need to go indoors. Fast forward onto The Brazen Head - Ireland's oldest public house - Est. 1198 - serving alcohol since before licencing laws were even enacted.

So there ye have it. Christchurch Cathedral at 1pm, main entrance - to end up in the Brazen Head as time suits you. Link here.

Here's to the Bank Holiday - hope everyone has a nice weekend. All newbies welcome of course, just have a sketchpad out and we'll spot you!


25th October

Any and all suggestions for the bank holiday sketching greatly received. (",)


Howth again, Saturday

Hi everyone; I'm thinking of returning to Howth this Saturday to do a bit more drawing, weather permitting. I won't bother arranging a meet-up or anything, but if you're around, you can text me at oh-86 3288 24six. See you.


Here's my Howth pics. Got cold pretty quickly out there so didn't get much done but happy enough with these. See you all again soon!

A competition for €500

Hi everyone; I've mentioned this already on my own blog, but thought I should post it here too: the new Irish literary journal Some Blind Alleys is running a competition to design the banner for their website (http://www.someblindalleys.com/); the closing date is 10th of November, and they have not had that many entries so far. As you can see from their current banner, fine art is as welcome as pure design.

Here is more info:

Some sketches from Howth, Sunday 18th Oct.

Pen & ink drawings of Abbey Street and the Harbour by Maura.

There was a great turnout in Howth today, and lots of interesting subjects. I think I would like to make another trip there soon!

Formal Drawing Classes Info

Last Sunday some people expressed interest in attending some formal classes in drawing, painting etc. so here is some info and a few links to get you started ...please note many of these courses are already under way for 2009 but you can take note for the future...

Ballsbridge College of Further Education

Evening Courses: Programme for September 2009

Arts & Crafts

Introduction to Watercolour Painting is intended for beginners, but is also suitable for those with some experience. Various simple subjects suitable to watercolours are used – landscapes, flowers, interiors, etc. Basic drawing, composition, perspective and colour mixing are covered in the course.
The course runs for 10 Weeks at a cost of €60 beginning on Thursday 24 September 2009.
The course is on:
  • Thursdays from 7.45 to 9.15pm (Code No 06)

The Hugh Lane has various courses that look alright too but most will already be under way, Why not have a look anyway


New Perspectives Through Drawing - FULL
19 September 2009 to 14 November 2009

New Perspectives Through Drawing

Saturdays, 19 September – 14 November 2009, 10am...

16-week Portfolio Preparation Course (FULL)
27 September 2009 to 07 February 2010

16-week Portfolio Preparation Course

Sunday 27 September 2009 – Sunday 7 February 2010, 11.30am...

Life Drawing - FULL
19 September 2009 to 14 November 2009

Life Drawing

Saturdays, 19 September – 14 November 2009, 12.30 – 2.30pm...

Exploring the Collection through Contemporary Painting and Mixed-Media - FULL
16 September 2009 to 04 November 2009

Exploring the Collection through Contemporary Painting and Mixed-Media


Aspects of Drawing - FULL
15 September 2009 to 03 November 2009

Aspects of Drawing

Tuesdays, 15 September – 3 November 2009, 10.30am –...

Peoples College Art Appreciation Course (FULL)
10 October 2009 to 20 March 2010

Art Appreciation Course: Avenues into Modern and Contemporary Art

Saturday 10...

NEW Extra Portfolio Course Now Available (FULL)
04 October 2009 to 14 February 2010

16-week Portfolio Preparation Course - New afternoon course

Dun Laoghaire Institute Of Art, Design Technology

This Institute of Technology offers full-time and part-time courses in a range of disciplines. The School of Creative Arts offers everything from degree programmes and certificates to special interest classes and workshops covering various disciplines, including watercolour and oil painting, still life drawing, portfolio preparation, film and media studies, creative writing, and more.
Art Classes
Kill Ave , Dublin
01 214 4600
Plenty here too http://www.nightcourses.ie/search.html?category_id=11&region_id=89

Howth - Sunday 18th

Hi all,

Ok, this Sunday we will all visit Howth! I don't know the area well - so I'm just going to say we will all meet outside the DART station (Howth Station) at 1pm. There is a map here showing the location of Howth Station for those driving - hopefully there will be parking nearby! LINK

Please all try to be there for 1pm, as we will then wander around from there - have a sketch pad out if you haven't been sketching with us before!

Hope the weather holds, but fear not - worst case scenario we find somewhere warm with a fire and sketch away!

See you there,


Ideas for Sunday 18th?

Hi all,

Well - always no harm to start ideas flowing early in the week.. any events or particular locations jumping out at anyone for this Sunday's sketching meet-up?

As usual, please post comments!!


Sunday 11th - Oktoberfest in the Docklands!

Hi all, it's that time of the week again!

This week we have decided upon Oktoberfest in the Docklands as our location for sketching, which is bound to be full of activity this Sunday. We will meet at the front entrance of the CHQ building, at 1pm. Information on the festival is here!

All newcomers welcome, just have a sketchpad out and we'll spot you! Looking forward to seeing you all again, has been ages since I've gotten out sketching :D

Laters, Tracy

Suggestions for Sunday 11th October

Beer. Yes, that's my suggestion. Beer and perhaps some Bavarian nonsense.
Browse the many authentic Bavarian food stalls and enjoy a free lunchtime concert of Bavarian Brass & Dance Music with Die Alpen-Show. Family Entertainment activities with our host Sepp, include face painting & creating balloon animals.

Enjoy traditional Oktoberfest activities including; entertainment from the Bavarian Brass & Dance band Die Alpen-Show. Sample the many authentic German foods ranging from; German Bretzels, Pastries, Black Forest sausages, Sauerkraut, Nockerln, Crepes, Love Apples and Ginger Bread Hearts. And meet our Oktoberfest German waitresses dressed in the traditional 'Dirndl'. (Don't worry you won't have to speak German!)

Here's more of it


Open House (Architecture) Dublin. 8th -11Oct.

Here is the link for this event.
Then, click on the area you want to explore, and pick out the Sunday events from the chart.

Darklight festival

I forgot to post this. The Darklight festival is starting this Thursday 8th Oct. Here's millions of details. It's basically a convergence of art, filmmaking and other stuff :) Some of it's free and some isn't.


Sunday 4th October

Hey there arty folk,

This weekend lets meet up in Dun Laoghaire. While I realise we've been there a couple of times recently, there's a specific exhibition on.
Anaesthetic Intervention is an art intervention supported and part funded by Dún Laoghaire/ Rathdown Arts Office taking place for 10 days from Oct 1st to Oct 10th where contemporary artworks will be placed in shop fronts and prominent sites of business and commercial premises in Dún Laoghaire.

So basically there'll be cool stuff on display to the general public all around the town/village/'burb. Here's a map of where the different arty thingies will be.

Let's meet at one o'clock outside the main exit of the Dun Laoghaire dart station and go from there. If you're new just look for the bunch of odd looking people clutching sketchpads and the like.

We'll head for Weirs pub afterward for coffee/pint/food and various discussions. Please note that this may change on the whim of whomever shows up, so try and be at the station for one :) If you do arrive late head to one of the exhibition sites and talk to random strangers until you find one of us. The commonly accepted passphrase is, "Eh, you eh, you with the Dublin sketchers?" to which the standard reply is "hmmmm? The what? Oh right, sorry, yeah, them. I'm one of them. Yeah, sketchy Dubliners. Uhuh. Hi". See? Easy.


Sunday 4th October - Ideas?

Hi all,

Well - any ideas on where to sketch this Sunday? I won't be around yet again, heading Corkwards :o)
Please post ideas or I am going to nominate somewhere random at about 2pm! You have been warned!!

There's a video of the artist going through his sketchbook - amazing!


Trinity Arts Workshop - News!

Trinity Arts Workshop have announced details of their first term of classes, which will be starting the first week of October. Details follow below.

We have two large studios where we hold regular classes in life drawing, figure sculpting, acrylic painting, ceramic sculpture and pottery, given by talented and experienced instructors and designed for all levels and abilities.

Goldsmith Hall : Entrance to the Ceramic Studio is from Cumberland St behind the Pearse St. Dart Station(look for a sign for Pottery).

Ceramic Sculpture Monday (from 7 to 9)Carving, modelling and casting in clay.(5/10 euro)contact Agnieska at 085 738 64 05

Pottery Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (from 6 to 7.30 and 7.30 to 9) and Saturday (from 11 to to 12.30 and 12.30 to 2)Learn how to work at a wheel and a diverse range of hand building and glazing techniques.Instruction, firing kiln and all materials provided (5 euro)contact Patrick at 087 280 70 27view Patrick's work at http://www.irlandiaceramics.com/

191 Pearse St : Life Drawing Tuesday from 7 to 9 Model only. Hone your observational skills with dynamic models and expressive poses.(4/8 euro) starting 6th October

Life Drawing Thursday from 7 to 9 Instruction - exercises to get the synapses firing and bring differing perspectives on the activity. Drop in class starting 1st October (4/8 euro)contact Fergus at 087 9456735.

Life Modeling in Clay Wednesday from 7 to 9 10 week course starting 14th October (60/120 euro)contact Andrew at 087 650 9510

Introduction to Painting in Acrylic Friday from 7 to 9 10 week course starting 23rd October (60/120 euro) Contact Niel at 086 338 0469 More details can be found on the website http://taw.csc.tcdlife.ie/or on the blog: http://trinityartsworkshop.blogspot.com/

Tom Thompson Book

Hi all, I'm looking for a missing book on Tom Thompson (Tom Thomson: An Introduction to His Life and Art by David P. Silcox) and I'm wondering on the off chance wheter I lent it to anyone?
Probably not, but just in case could you let me know, thanks.

Water Colour Society Exhib. Free demos Sat.3rd.Oct.

The Watercolour Society Exhib. in the County Hall in Dunlaoghaire is on for 2 weeks. There is a free demo morning on Sat. 3rd Oct. from 11am to 1pm. Here is the link:

Another sketch from Sunday.

A very rough watercolour. Painting in the open air needs lots of practice!

Edvard Munch

There are bunches of Munch's prints in the National Art Gallery at the minute. It costs a fiver to see the exhibition but it's great. Yeah. :)


Tickets & Information
€5 Full price/€3 Concessions*
FREE all day Monday
*Concession rate applies all day Thursday
€4 P/P Group Rate (groups of 10 and over)
€12 Family Ticket (2 adults + 3 children)
Admission is free for pre-booked primary and secondary school groups
Tickets available on the day from the Information Desk in the Millennium Wing, Clare Street, Dublin 2, or telephone
(01) 663 3513.

More from todays session
Top left by Susan
Another rose from Sally
Two from Jessica including a list of sounds she heard whilst sketching - check it out it's a pretty cool idea and you could take it even further if say you were to colour in each sound bubble and maybe make them into different shapes etc...there's some interesting potential here, perhaps something to think about next time we out maybe...