Glendalough Upper Lake - Plein Eire SE 26th June 2011

Struggled with the painting outdoors - but better get in the practice before the festival the end of July!! Can't wait now - was great to meet up with the South East gang.

Some Pics from Glendalough with our Plein Eire compadres

It was a smashing day today in Glendalough but we were really tired from the heat and the midges by coffee time. Here's what Jessica and myself got up to anyway. Look forward to seeing what people did from Trinity. Get posting. Don't forget to watch out for Capital D on Thursday at 7pm on RTE 1 featuring...the Dublin Sketchers! : )

Sunday 26th: Glendalough Paint-out for some, Trinity College for those in Dublin

Hi all,

This Sunday there is a Paint out organised through the Plein Eire group which Dublin Sketchers have all been invited to go along to - I hope to drive down on Sunday morning and be there for about 11am. All details are on the Plein Eire website - If you are later arriving that's no problem, you'll see us with our easels - hard to miss. I'd advise to bring gear for the weather - whether that be sunscreen if we believe the forecast, or rain gear! Also, some drinks/sammidges - but there are places to get food down there too if you wish.

A bus goes to Glendalough directly - there are a few people driving so leave a comment here if you are looking for a drive.. my car is now full though!
There will still be a meetup in Dublin on Sunday in Trinity College - meeting at the main arch facing College Green at 2pm. The plan will be to meet again at the arch at 4pm and go for coffees.
Here's hoping the weather holds up for us all!

Have a great weekend,

Suggestions for this Sunday

if you have any please let us know. Cheers.

Some more from Pearse Museum, Sunday 19th.June

Cafe Courtyard.                                                A Rocky Hollow

    A Dolman in the Hollow                                 Bronze Sculpture

Pearse Museum

More from Sunday, this one is from Ray

Hope you all had a good time earlier today, Pearse museum is a great place to draw, although there is so much choice it can be hard to settle on a subject. Capital D were lovely. I'm sure they'll do a good piece on us! They thanked us all for being such a nice bunch to film.

Here's my own finished drawing from today

And some drawings from Jessica (dorm beds are done left handed, black and blue ink one is two pens in right hand and she was ably assisted colouring in the grass by 5 year old Mary and her brother Peter!)

Sunday 19th June - 2pm at Pearse Museum

Hi all,

This week we have a special outing - visiting the Pearse Museum in the company of RTE's Capital D. We will be meeting at 2pm as usual, directions and information below - and then meet up again at 4pm to go for coffee in the cafe.

Also - just a quick bit of info to let you know that City Life Drawing Exhibition is opening on Thursday the 23rd of June at 7:30pm in Ballyroan Library, with light refreshments served on the night and the exhibition itself will run until the end of August!


Info on this Sunday:

A lovely camera person and interviewer/producer from RTE's Capital D will be coming along to see us in action this Sunday! They want to profile what we do as naturally as possible. They will want to interview people, but if you don't want to be interviewed it's no problem - no doubt there's people in the group who are happy enough to be in front of a camera!

The Pearse Museum is the former school run by Patrick Pearse, now a museum in beautiful grounds. Attractions include exhibitions, a nature study room with and an audio-visual show titled "This Man Kept a School". It's set in St. Enda's Park - One of Dublin city's most charming and atmospheric parks, with its riverside walks, waterfall and walled garden. The good news is that, since we went there a year ago, the cafe in the courtyard is open, so we can gather there at 4pm for coffee. There's more information about the place at

Location: 8km approximately from Dublin City Centre. You can park either in the car park that you can access from Taylors Lane or there's a bigger one on Sarah Curran Avenue.

Bus Route: No. 16 from City Centre. The bus stop you need to ask for is "Grange Road (Sarah Cullen Avenue)" and then you'll see a sign for St Enda's Park / Pearse Museum - look out for the car park. Here's the timetable for the bus You can pick up the number 16 bus on O'Connell street near the Gresham Hotel. From the timetable it looks like there's a number 16 bus that leaves O'Connell Street around 1pm.

Sol Art Gallery 16th June - New Exhibition Featuring Dublin Sketchers

To celebrate Bloomsday, there's a new exhibition at Sol Art Gallery opening tomorrow at 5.30pm - details at

Some of our art work from our recent show there is being exhibited. We have a small representation in a much bigger show. Do come along and join in.

Capital D are hopefully going to come along to do a little filming as a bit of background for the piece that they are creating about us. So pop in!

Capital D on RTE 1 want to run a feature on us!

Capital D (RTE 1 at 7pm on Thursdays) would like to run a magazine feature on Dublin Sketchers. The pieces are about 6 minutes each, with about 4 in each programme, and are warm presentations about interesting things happening round the city. Here's a recent episode if you want to check it out (and spot me!)

They asked for some information about the group (like age range, approx membership, nationalities, who created it and why, how long it's been running, background information on membership, how the group works etc) and I have passed this on.

They're a really nice company to work with, totally relaxed, and I think they'll make a lovely wee piece about us!

They will come out and film us one Sunday and interview people. I thought it would be good to interview Sarah O'Reilly (if she likes!) as she created the group, and then Tracy or Stephen who manage the mailing list at the moment. And then it depends a little on who is around the day of the filming, who is happy to be in front of the camera, and who the production company find interesting. I worked with them on a piece about swing dancing recently, they interviewed about 10 people and 5 people ended up on the cutting room floor (although they were very nice about it!)!

They were keen for us to suggest a location - some where interesting and also some where outside / inside in case of weather! I know we normally decide the location on Friday for the Sunday, but for their purposes we'd probably need to agree the date with them a couple of weeks in advance, and the location too..... Does anyone have any ideas for a good spot for them to come and film us at? Either somewhere new or an old favourite.....?

Also, they were asking if anyone has an interesting story about why they joined sketchers, or what sketchers has inspired them to do...?


Picture Collection Deadline tomorrow Monday 13th between 5.30pm and 7pm

Hi guys,

It's been a fabulous exhibition which generated a lot of interest with a lot of people having seen our work. Everybody involved deserves a pat on the back for all their hard work in making it happen. Unfortunately we are at an end of our run.

We will be taking down the main exhibition tomorrow so if you have still paintings left there you will need to collect them between 5.30pm and 7pm maximum otherwise contact James on his mobile zero eight six 0757 two two two to make alternative arrangements if you are really stuck.

However there will be a small Dublin Sketchers presence for a Bloomsday Exhibition - some of our work will hopefully be put in the adjoining room. So some people may be asked to leave a picture to be included in that exhibition. We won't know how much space we have, if any, or what works might be included until we see Martin tomorrow.

So look forward to seeing most of you tomorrow evening and thank you for your contributions, commitment, talent and time.


Dublin Sketchers

Interesting sketching Exhibition in Monster Truck Gallery, Temple Bar.

This exhibition  records the demise of the Carnival in USA. Drawings are by an Irish Artist Jennifer Cunningham and a Canadian Artist, Simon Flemming.

Find here at:
New Location
Monster Truck Gallery, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland.Gallery opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm

Sweny's Chemist This Sunday

Hi all this Sunday the sketching location is Sweny's Chemist, inside and out. 2p - 4pm

Sweny’s Pharmacy

1 Lincoln Place

Dublin 2

We will meet outside the chemist at 2pm and then go together for coffee at 4pm in Caffe di Napoli just down the road from the chemist

41 Westland Row, Dublin 2.

We hope to see you soon.

It is a lovely chemist untouched inside for over 150 years and also made famous by James Joyce in Ulysses, find out about their lemony soap.
It's been a long time since we were there last so given that Bloomsday is just around the corner it seems highly appropriate to go this Sunday.

By the way folks just to be aware that we will need to remove our pictures this Monday 13th June between 5.30pm - 6pm.
Martin says there will be a little wall space available to us in the room next door from the 13th to the 16th if we want a small presence for Bloomsday. I'd suggest that anyone whose work was mostly left on the ledges in the Athena room get first priority to hang on the walls for those couple of days, but we can all discuss how's best and fairest to utilise this by the end of Sunday perhaps.

Sunday 12th June?

I was talking to Mary yesterday while we were at the exhibition, and we thought it might be nice to do something Bloomsday related either this weekend or next. I was in Sweny's Chemist last night, and they would be happy to have us this weekend (but can't host us next weekend). It's a bit cosy inside, but there's plenty of potential for drawing the outside, or there are other nice buildings in the area to draw. There's also a cafe just up the street. The other idea we had was to go out to Sandy Cove and draw around the Forty Foot where the James Joyce Martello Tower is - I don't think we've been there before.....


Exhibition Opening night - 3rd June 2011

Thank you so so much to everyone for coming along and making our opening night a huge success! It will run until the 13th so if you didnt make it - pop in some day and take a look.
Such a variety of fantastic work - we're very proud!

Congratulations to our artists and thank you for all your hard work.

Stephens Green 2pm 5th June

This Sunday we're meeting at the entrance to Stephens Green opposite the shopping centre - meeting at the same spot at 4pm to go for coffees! Everyone welcome - have a sketchpad in your hand and we'll spot you!

Trip to the gallery to visit the person manning the exhibition (and bring them icecream) optional! (icecream is compulsory, the visit part is optional - the person would be me!).

Have a great day!