Glasnevin Cemetery Sunday 30th. Oct. , Sketches.

  Left: Sketch by Ethel  and  Right: Sketch by Maura.


                                These five Sketches by Des.

  Sketch by Mary

More sketches from Glasnevin Cemetery, today..


.          :             Two pencil drawings by Declan.                      

                                                                Sketches by Cecilia.

Three sketches by Ann G.

                                                                   Sketch by keith.

Glasnevin Cemetery at 2pm this Sunday! Oooohh - Happy Halloween!

Hello all!
We're off to Glasnevin cemetery this Sunday - meeting at 2pm at main entrance. Please be respectful as always of your surroundings and others in the area.
We will meet again at 4pm at the main entrance and head for the Gravedigger for coffees / something to warm us afterwards! Everyone welcome!

A suggestion for this Sunday!

How about St Michans Church! The Church itself is very interesting, and then there are the Mummies for the non-squeamish!

More sketches from Imma today

Some more sketches, some brave souls sat outdoors to capture the elegant buildings.
(Apologies to Marian, your photo slipped through the floorboards, sorry!)

                                                    Sketch by Alison

Two Sketches from Theresa

                                                 View of Courtyard by Des.

Two more from IMMA today

Here we have a page from James's sketch book and a drawing from me, based on a photo of a window and looking through it.

More sketches from IMMA today

Here we have two figures by Catherine, Maura looking out a window and Mary looking through an arch, Keith's montage of images from around IMMA and mine is supposed to be "just a normal tree stump" (as a visitor described it) rather than three people standing round a table with a floating table cloth.

Some work from IMMA today

An enjoyable afternoon at IMMA - brightening a grey, wet and windy day.

Here is some of the work from today - Ray's now characteristic watercolours! An exterior of the building, the Galvinator's girl in turtle-neck sweater, Alex's person leaning on a bridge/fence, a beautiful bell by Lia and some lovely figure studies by Catherine.

IMMA - catching it before it closes! Sunday 23rd October at 2pm

Hi all,

This Sunday we are going to visit IMMA Kilmainham, before it closes for renovations on the 1st November until 31st December 2012.

We'll meet in the main reception area at 2pm, spend a couple of hours wandering the grounds/courtyard and exhibitions - whatever takes your fancy, then meet up at 4pm for coffee in the cafe.


Casino in Marino

I'll get back on the phone to the Casino in Marino to see if they might be able to host us one Sunday in November. There's a small entry fee, like €5, and they normally do tours, but perhaps they'll let us take slightly longer over the tour than usual - it's usually around 40 mins long. The outside of the building is great for drawing too, but November weather......

Photos from National Library

Sketches from the National Library

By Des
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By Keith Dollin

By Tracy

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By Lorraine

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By Claudio Procida

By Claudio Procida

By Claudio Procida

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