International Drawing Day

Drawing Day 2009

Drawing Day is a worldwide drawing event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw for the sake of art. The internet is an open canvas. Help us create 1 million drawings online this day and boost online art communities.

It's on the 6th June. You can post your pictures here and we'll link to the Drawing Day website then to make it official.


Sunday 31st May

Fabulous day, here's one of the dog from the famine commemoration sculpture. James


Hey lads,
The Dublin maritime festival is on this bank holiday weekend. It's generally pretty good with a lot to do and great ships to draw/paint/sculpt :)

There'll be some food, beer and crowds. According to Ciaran there'll also be some great weather so I'll be holding him personally responsible if there isn't ;) Right then.

Yoinked from marketting blurb:

Majestic tall ships, lively street theatre, uplifting music and a colourful outdoor market - Dublin's thriving Docklands area is the place to be this June Bank Holiday weekend, with the sixth annual Docklands Maritime Festival running from 29th May to 1st June 2009. With a record 130,000 visitors to last year's Festival, this year's event takes place on the quays both north and south of the Liffey with attractions for all ages. This year, for the first time the Docklands Maritime Festival is being delivered in association with Fáilte Ireland. Once again, a spectacular fleet of tall ships will form one of the main attractions of the festival, exciting maritime-related street theatre and musical entertainment performed by Waterford-based arts group Spraoi; Dublin's largest outdoor market offering fine food, clothing, jewellery and plants; and boat trips along the river are just some of the delights awaiting visitors. So set sail for Docklands this June Bank Holiday!

If there are any other suggestions please put up a post. If not then I propose we meet at the north side of Sean O'Casey bridge at 1:00 on Sunday and take it from there. If it's your first time don't be too shy about walking up to random people with sketch pads. We're really not that bad.... :)


More from Africa day

More sketches from Africa Day!

Two from Maura, and one from Veronica.  (I hope I have got this right). 
Also, a portrait by Veronica from the Nat. Gallery last week.

Some sketches from Africa Day.

What a great day! Colour, Music, People, Food, and the sun shone!

Sketch from Iveagh Gardens

Africa day went down a storm, really vibrant day and the weather couldn't have been kinder!

Africa Day at the Iveagh Gardens Sunday 24 May 2009 1pm

We will go with Stephens suggestion of the...Iveagh Gardens for Africa day. There's bound to be a lot of colour and excitement. There'll be street performers, live bands, food stalls and a myriad of other activities. Also it's free in :)
We meet at the main gates at 1:00 on Sunday.

Nice one Stephen!

Iveagh Gardens has several entrances, Main one is just off Harcourt street about halfway up and another one is on Hatch Street near National Concert Hall. Getting there ; theres the nearby Harcourt Luas stop (opp Odeon bar, Tripod) three mins walk from Stephens Green, 16a bus stops nearby too

Click link here for a Map of Iveagh Gardens

Oh yeah maybe bring colouring pencils, pastels, watercolours, acrylic paints whatever you are comfortable with to try and capture some of the colour. Really looking forward to this. Regards,


WALK Art Collaboration Followup - proposed session Sunday June 14th Hugh Lane Gallery

I know it's been a while coming but we have finally received some news about this collaboration with the WALK group.

Anyay Lorraine has suggested Sunday June 14th probably at the usual time of 1pm meeting at the Hugh Lane gallery steps on Parnell Square (opp. the little war memorial park with the children of Lir sculpture and the cross shapoed pond).

So anyone who can come along that day and make it a big gathering it would great.

Email the dublinsketchers email see righthand side of blog for this or leave a comment here if you want to come or think you might make it. Thanks everyone.

National Gallery and Bodies Exhibition

Drawing Day Sat. 23rd.May

This Saturday these countrywide venues are holding a Drawing Day,  free, check out this link.
(Copy and paste to get individual details.)

Here are the details for a few of them.

The National gallery's  Gallery Drawing Day will be launched by Declan McGonagle, Director of the National College of Art & Design, on Saturday 23 May. The morning (adult) session will be led by Una Sealy (10.30am-1pm), the afternoon session (for families) by Frances Coghlan (3pm-4.30pm). Participants are advised to bring A3 sketch pads, pencils and an eraser.

The National Print Museum will be open all day also.

Some people sketches from gallery cafe Sun 17 May 2009

Like the last two faces out of this lot the best

the national gallery 17/05/09

Yeh can't beat the aul national gallery! Had a good day of sketchin and the good turn out was great too. Here's my three sketches I got done. Would love go to the event in the Ivegh gardens that Stephen is sugesting but going to a wedding down in the sticks(Cork, no offence Tracy!) so will see you all the week after unless Everton win the FA cup coz if that happens you probly won't see me for a few weeks! Enjoy the sketchin!

Sunday 24th May

Hey all,

thank you to everyone who made it last week. There was a great turn out and some fantastic new talent. Hopefully some of them will get around to putting up artblogs soon ;)

This weekend I propose we head to the Iveagh Gardens for Africa day. There's bound to be a lot of colour and excitement. There'll be street performers, live bands, food stalls and a myriad of other activities. Also it's free in :)

If there are no other suggestions (I hear there's a soul picnic on in Merrion Square for instance) then I propose we meet at the main gates at 1:00 on Sunday.

Alright then, please leave comments and as always a mail will be sent on Friday with the final destination. Enjoy the rest of the week.


Sunday 17th May

Hey all,
We'll be meeting at the main entrance to the National Art Gallery at 1:00 this Sunday. If you arrive late then you can still catch up with us either around the gallery somewhere or in the cafe at 3:00.

This Sunday sees the start of Irish Culture week. Hooray! Hope to see a lot of you there :)


Sunday 17th May

Hey there,
It has been suggested that we go to the National Art Gallery this Sunday. It's free in and you always discover new gems when you go. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to make them in the comments to this post. I'll post a final meeting point by two today.


Some sketches from Merrion Sq. Sunday 10th May

There was a good turnout in Merrion Sq. and the weather was great, for a change. Also got to the free lecture in the N.Gallery, "Why artists Draw". Very interesting! Mary

It was a lovely day lots of sun, enjoyed the lecture too. I painted this one afterwards based on a pencil and marker sketch done in the park. James

Sunday 24th May

I know I'm a week early with this one so I'll repost something next week with meeting time/location. Africa day is on in the Iveagh Gardens on the 24th. Running all day from 12 'til 8. It's free in and should be full of colour. There'll be bands, street performers, food and you know, cultural stuff ;) Kila are playing, hooray!

More Info...


Merrion Square Sunday 10th 1pm

Hi all,

Ok - this weekend I am away, but I am naming Merrion Square Park as the location for sketching. I am hoping the weather will hold up for ye all - but if the weather is poor the National Art Gallery is close at hand!

So - meet up at 1pm at the gate entrance of the National Gallery to avoid confusion. Sketch pads out so you will be recognised and all newcomers are more than welcome. Happy sketching people and please post up your sketches so that people know we are actually sketching something each weekend!!!

Have a good one,


Sunday 10th May

Hi all,
I don't think any of the admins are around this weekend for various (but very believable) reasons. If any of the regulars would like to take point on waving a sketchpad about the place at a predetermined location it would be greatly appreciated.

As always please post suggestions for a sketching location here. Tracy will send out a mail at two with a confirmed starting point. Please note that as we won't be there to co-ordinate it is important that you visibly have your sketchpad out and are not afraid to approach others in a similar disposition. Artists rarely bite and remember it might well be everyone who arrives first time ;)

Have a great one and hopefully I'll see you next week. Promise :)


Artist's Week: Bodies Exhibition - Opportunity for Dublin Sketchers

Hi all,

I have been in touch with the organisers of the Bodies Exhibition who are offering Dublin Sketchers a fantastic opportunity to visit the exhibition on Thursday 14th from 6-8pm. They will arrange that we will have full use of the space, to draw and sketch, in peace. It is FREE of charge, as the organisers are promoting culture and the arts for the week. They will also do a photo at the end, promoting Dublin Sketchers, which will be nice.

I have agreed that we will attend, however places are limited so please please get in touch with me if you think you can attend so that I can give feedback to them asap.

Kind regards,


From Collins Barracks yesterday. I'd never been before so I ended up just walkin around the different wings.

Sketches from Collins Barracks

Well here's my harp, having edited the strings after coming home, great museum - pity it was so busy would love to have tried some of the animals!

Please email me pics of your sketches to the dublinsketchers email if you want me to put them up!

Two from James, one from today the other from Mayo.

Performance art

The art of creating art. Utterly outstanding effort.


Collins Barracks 2pm this Sunday

Hi all,

This week I think Collins Barracks sounds like a good idea - as suggested in the comments below. I was unable to go the last time we sketched there, plus there are always new exhibitions etc.

It's on the red luas line - Museum stop - or just a 20 min stroll from O'Connell Street.

Meet outside the cafe (which has excellent cakes!!!) at 2pm. (It's open on Sundays from 2pm to 5pm - so we can meet at 2pm.) All new people welcome, have your sketchpads out and we'll spot you.