Sunday 28th February

And it's the Pearse Museum in Rathfarnham by a nose. Well done all concerned ;) The Museum is on the No. 16 bus route from the O'Connell St to Grange Road. 
The Pearse Museum is located in Rathfarnham in the former home and school of Patrick Pearse, the leader of the 1916 Rising. Originally built in the 18th century, the museum building is surrounded by fifty acres of beautiful parkland. In 1910  Pearse moved out to Rathfarnham, bringing his school, Scoil Éanna, with him. He was an innovative and progressive educator, and the school played a significant role in the Gaelic Revival. It was also from this house that Pearse and his brother, William, left to fight in the 1916 Rising, never to return.
Senator Margaret Pearse bequeathed the house and its contents to the state in 1968 to be used as a memorial to both her brothers. The museum opened in 1979 and has recently undergone major renovations. Its collection consists of documents, furniture, books, artworks and other objects related to the life of Patrick Pearse and his family. The permanent exhibition principally consists of reconstructions of the rooms where Pearse lived and worked. Visitors can thus encounter objects from the collection in their original context. They can also get a sense of what life was like for the pupils of Pearse’s school as they wander around the boys’ dormitory, school museum, school art gallery and chapel. There is a dedicated exhibition of sculptural work by William Pearse, as well as an exciting programme of temporary exhibitions.
We'll keep the starting time at 2:00 as it's out of town and let the temporal experiment continue. So then; 2:00 Sunday at the main entrance or for the cc-dwellers amongst us I reckon the 13:45 will likely bring me out just about fashionable late enough (previous one is 13:15). I'll be getting on at D'lier St stop beside the Screen Cinema. If you're about say hello, mostly hello. But quietly, I'll be hungover. 

If it's your first time sketching don't be nervous about approaching random people with sketchpads. There's no set format on the evening and we kind of spread out very quickly to find things to doodle. We'll be meeting at the end of the session at 4:00 either in a local bar or the museum's cafe if it's open and not too full. If you haven't met anyone by then we'll likely be loitering at the entrance just beforehand. 


Sunday 28th February

Once again the week is overtaking us and Sunday looms with looming luminosity. Suggestions please in a comment to this post, not on post cards, no, no, not that, anything but that. If there is somewhere you would like to meet up this Sunday for sketching please suggest it. Even if it's your first time, all ideas are welcome.

Thanks bunches,

Sunday 21st February

Hey there arty peoples :)

Due to popular demand and the whim of the committee we shall be debuting at the shiny new time of 2:00pm this weekend!! Wow! I know, I feel a little tingly just saying it, 2:00pm. There, I did it again. That's a whole extra hour of hangover time with sweet lady pillow. So now that that's underlined in your mind, the location... Yes, oh, I should mention that this brand spanking new start time is by no means a permanent fixture. We're merely trying it out, giving it a day in court as it were. By all means voice any concerns you have during this honeymoon period when the hearts are still dancing about in front of your lovely mostly off white eyes. Sorry, I'm rambling.

Yes, eh, the Chinese new year is upon us. You may have noticed a couple of cultural events happening about the city in the last week. Well quite frankly we want in on it. To that end we propose a trip to the Chester Beatty museum/library thingy in Dublin Castle. Oh yes, an old favourite of the sketchers group and for good reason! They give us chairs ;) They are currently hosting a temporary exhibition highlighting "Narrative and Figure Paintings 15th-20th Century from the Shanghai Museum". Ooooh. Looks deadly.

So anyway, that time again? Two of the clock post meridiem. That kicks the coffee out to 4:00, make note.

We'll assemble in or around the entrance to the museum itself (within the grounds, past the garden) for two. I'll be waving my sketchpad, that's me there with the odd beard and habit of walking into invisible walls.

Hope to see you there,

Events of Interest to Members

From Evegenia:
The Russian Culture Festival is running in Dublin until the 21st of February. Info on the different events is available on their Website here.

From Coilin:
The Narrative Arts Club are holding a Story Sketch Session this Thursday. For info please visit their site here.

From JOFlynn:
The next lifedrawing workshop held by John will be the 19, 20 and 21 March. For info send us an email and we can forward you the details.

Where to sketch this Sunday, 21st February?

Where to head this Sunday?

Any ideas folks? A few good ideas have been thrown about over the past few weeks, so please post up all and any here and we can decide on Friday where to aim for this week! Keep it indoors as it is still a bit too cold to be standing around outside!

Also, please post any suggestions you may have for our meet-ups. A few people noted that the later start time of 2pm last week really suited. Would people like to move the time?

Comments and suggestions please!!

RHA sketch - 14th Feb

By Chris

RHA 14/02/10

Here's my stuff from the RHA. Loved the stuff that was on show downstairs. Upstairs wasn't my cup of tea though.


Great flip book animation

Worth a look:

A few sketches from the RHA today!

I really enjoyed the RHA exhib today. Some really quirky self portraits and I loved the delicate plant drawings in the Roisin Lewis exhibition.

RHA 2pm Sunday 14th February

Well - this Sunday it's a slightly later start of 2pm - as the RHA doesn't open until this time. Lots to see - including the Roisin Lewis exhibition which I am particularly interested in having a good look at.

Everyone welcome, please have sketchpads out if you haven't been sketching with us before - just so we'll recognise you and make it easy on you :)

See you all there, hungover or not!!


Some sketches from Imma

Yo yo yo Valintine's day sketching

So there you go, I've said it. Happy hallmark day one and all. It's been suggested we head to the RHA this weekend. There are a few deadly exhibitions on. There's a skull, see? :) Anyway, yeah, take a look. It opens at 2:00 on a Sunday. If you have any other suggestions please post them in the comments for this bloggy thing.


All rosy@IMMA

Here is part of a self-portrait I did on Sunday, looking at my reflection in a plastic pink surface:

Fridays free into Photographs of New York exhibition at IMMA

Hi folks if anyone still interested :

Picturing New York continues at IMMA until 14 February 2010.

Admission: €5.00, concessions €3.00.
Admission free for under-18s, those in full-time education and on organised Museum programmes and IMMA members. Admission free for all on Fridays.

IMMA Sunday 7th Feb @ 1pm - Kilmainham

Meet at 1pm @ the main entrance - those who wish to visit the temporary photography exhibition can do so, everyone else can wander through the main gallery and permanent exhibitions. All meet for coffee as usual at 3pm.

The New York Photo Exhibition has an entry charge of €5 (free for students). The rest of the IMMA and all of it's permanent exhibitions are free of charge!

The photographs reveal New York as a city of contrasts and extremes through images of towering blocks and tenements, party-goers and street-dwellers, hurried groups and solitary individuals. Picturing New York demonstrates the symbiosis between the city’s progression from past to present and the evolution of photography as a medium and as an art form.
Museum Entrance on Military Road. Directions on the IMMA website here!

See you there, all newcomers are more than welcome of course, don't be shy - have a sketchpad out and we'll find you!


Possible venues for future sketching

If you have any ideas for locations - please post a comment and we can add to the list of places to visit!

IMMA for the New York Photo exhibition entry €5 rest of the IMMA exhibitions free. Temporary Exhibition. ***Selected for sketching 7th February

The RHA have a set of new exhibitions free. Temporary Exhibition
Nevan Lahart Gallery IArtists Curate: 126 Gallery II & IIIRóisin Lewis Ashford GalleryMirror Mirror, UL Self Portrait Collections Dr. Tony Ryan GalleryImogen Stuart RHA RHA Foyer

The Pearse Museum and park is also free but further out from city centre near Rathfarnham so bus fare and some travelling involved for some.

Some Info:

25 Nov - 14 Feb 2010
The photographs reveal New York as a city of contrasts and extremes through images of towering blocks and tenements, party-goers and street-dwellers, hurried groups and solitary individuals. Picturing New York demonstrates the symbiosis between the city’s progression from past to present and the evolution of photography as a medium and as an art form.

15 Jan – 27 Feb

Nevan Lahart Gallery I
Artists Curate: 126 Gallery II & III
Róisin Lewis Ashford Gallery
Mirror Mirror, UL Self Portrait Collections Dr. Tony Ryan Gallery
Imogen Stuart RHA RHA Foyer

Pearse Museum and Gardens

Click on image to see bigger version

Admission Free

Sunday sketch ideas for Feb 7th

Hey dudes, so where do we the people reckon we should head this weekend? Hmmm? Somewhere drawable I maintain.


RIP Nick Dewar

Sadly Nick passed away today. He was an excellent illustrator and there are some examples of his work along with quite an insightful article he's written about the creative process of illustration on his site.


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