Calling all sketchers - Art donations wanted. Barnardos Fundraiser Night - Monday, 20th December, 2010 at 7pm. 191 Pearse St.Trinity Arts Workshop.

Calling all sketchers and life drawers.

A Fundraiser in aid of Barnardos children's charity will be held at the Trinity Arts Workshop in 191 Pearse St. studios (Opp. O'neills bar) on Monday, 20th december, 2010 at 7pm.

Donations of drawings & sketches are kindly requested from artists of the life drawing class and the Dublin Sketchers group, past and present, and will be exhibited and sold/auctioned at a minimum price to raise funds for barnardos.

Anyones participation in this event will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable evening and maybe even a great opportunity for family and friends to buy a beautiful original drawing as an xmas gift and support a worthwhile charity as well. We will probably be heading over to O'Neills for a pint afterwards so it should be a bit of craic too.

Work will be collected from artists before Friday 17th December by fellow sketcher Carmel at the end of the next couple of Sunday sessions or alternatively you can give them to me James if I'm about, or drop them into the Trinity life drawing studio on Pearse Street. Thankyou for reading! Stay warm and safe folks!

National Museum Kildare St. @2pm Sunday 28th

This Sunday we will meet at 2pm inside the main door of the National Museum on Kildare Street. Meet again at 4pm for some coffee at the cafe in the Museum. There are lots of exhibits in the Museum - something for everyone! It has been ages since we have visited so I'm sure it will be great to take a good look around.

Everyone welcome - if you haven't met up with us before just have a sketchpad in your hand and you'll be spotted!



Science Gallery, Sun. 21st.Nov. Some of the Sketches done.


 Left:  Watercolour Sketch of Exhibit by Chris.
                                                                       Sketch  from the Gallery Cafe, by Eva.

Pen sketch of Pearse St. from the Gallery, by Maura.
 Left: Pencil sketch of the Old Academy, Pearse St. by Nuala                                                                                                         Right: Sketch from the Gallery by Philip.

Sketch of Visitor, by Tom.                           Sketch towards the Bridge  from the Gallery by Mary

Science Gallery - Pearse Street @2pm Sunday 21st

Hi all!

This Sunday we will visit the Science Gallery - as we haven't visited in ages. We will meet up at 2pm inside the main doors and immerse ourselves in their Green Machine project which sounds really interesting!

All newcomers welcome - should be a different day out and the Science Gallery have been very inviting so I'm sure it will be a lovely day.


Nat.Gal. Sunday 14th Nov. Some sketches done.

Note:  Please click on images to enlarge!   

Three Sketches by Eva, after paintings by Jack B.Yeats in the N.Gal.

2 sketches by Mandy, the second one is of the Exhib. by NCAD Embroidery Students based on the |Metsu Exhibition.

Sketches by Deirdre from the N.Gal.

 Left: Sketch by Colm of
the  Bernard Shaw Statue.
                                                                Right: Sketch by Clare.


Sketch by Mary                                                                                               Sketch by

Sketch by  Maura.                                                                         Sketch by Francoise

National Art Gallery - 2pm this Sunday 14th

Hi all,

This Sunday we will meet at the Merrion Square entrance to the National Art Gallery - at 2pm. This is the entrance to the older part of the Gallery and from there you can disperse and enjoy whichever areas of the Gallery you wish.

Meet up again at 4pm at the lovely café over in the new wing of the Gallery.

Hope to see you there!


Suggestions please!

Hi all,

It looks like the plan to ride the storm on the top of Liberty Hall will be for another weekend - so please post up any suggestions for where to head this Sunday. I think indoors may be essential with the storms being forecasted but it's up to you!


Additional Life Drawing Classes Friday mornings

Fridays 11am - 1 pm
191 Pearse Street studio

Explore observational drawing of the human figure.
Pricing: €8 public / €4 Trinity students
Ongoing drop in classes; Drawing boards, newsprint and charcoal available.

Contact Fergus 087 945 6735

Hi folks, just to let you know this new life drawing session has started up. It's obviously not as packed a class as evenings. In fact they need more people to attend to keep it running, so if you're tired of overcrowded drawing sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday night and are able to attend Friday mornings this mght suit. Cheers James

Some sketches from Imma Sunday 7th.Nov.

Some gallery goers by James.

Sketch from Grace Henry's painting,
by Maura.

                                                                                             Sketch by Jessica,>

 Sketch from Grace Henry by Margaret

Two sketches by Tom.

Notes from the masters at the Moderns Exhib. in Imma.

Sketches by Mary  of details  from some of the exhibits.

Next Sunday or the sunday after.......


The lovely Eva gave me a phone number yesterday for a guy working in the beautiful Liberty Hall offices on Eden Quay. I didn't think I'd be out next Sunday but looks like I will now. Anyway I forgot the phone number rushing into work today, but maybe by the end of the day if I get an idea of how many people would be interested in hitting the roof next sunday afternoon, I'll see if they'd be open to letting us out up there. What do you think? We've been getting bigger crowds the last couple of weeks, but if I have a number it might help with the pitch as Bill Cullen would say. Anyway if people leave a comment here, email me at, or call me on my mobile at 0876803867 to let me know I'll ring up the offices tomorrow.

All the besht,

IMMA 'The Moderns' Sunday @2pm

Hi all,

This week Dublin Sketchers are heading to the Moderns Exhibition over at IMMA. Looks like a great exhibition and the IMMA is always a nice place to visit.

Meet at 2pm inside the main entrance and meet up again at 4pm for coffee in the cafe.

Hopefully the discussion regarding the possible change in time can be discussed and we can decide whether or not to change it to 1pm for the winter period, decision to be made after this weeks sketching! At the moment it seems 50/50 - so let us know which you prefer!

Enjoy the sketching and stay in out of the rain! All newcomers very welcome - have a sketchpad out and you will be spotted!


Suggestion time again!

Hi all,
Well hope you all had a great Hallowe'en and enjoyed the Collins Barracks - huge thank you to Mary for once again doing a brilliant job with the photos - star bar!

Looking for suggestions on where to head again this Sunday - if you have anywhere in mind please let us know.

Also - Sarah rightly mentioned that with the clocks going back and as we are approaching the depths of Winter - perhaps it would be an idea to return to our original meeting time of 1pm on Sundays. What do you think? 1pm to make the most of the daylight or 2pm to have more time on a Sunday morning for sleeping and such lark?

Again - please let us know! Send us an email/leave a comment here or post on the facebook page - whatever is easiest for you.


Collins Barracks Museum, Sketches.(1)

High Crosses by Chris                                            Entrance arch by Tom.

Sketches by Balazs

                                                           Costume pen sketch by Suzanne>.

Collins Barracks Museum, Sketches (Pt.2)

Tank exhibit by Colm.
                           High cross by Francoise .    

Silver Chocolate pot, and Mace, by Mary                       Sketches  by   Mandy.                                                  ..                                           

Collins Barracks Museum, Sketches (Pt.3)

Buddha head by Pat.  

                                                     High Cross by Maura.


                                                          Sketches by Sarah M.