Work by Maria Bonals, Elena, Mandy and James at Hugh Lane Gallery

Francis Bacon - Untitled - Maria Bonals

George William Russell - The Winded Horse - Maria Bonals

................. - Maria Bonals

Work by John McManus at Hugh Lane Gallery

 Graphite sketch of Frank O'Meara's "Towards Night and Winter" by John McManus
A watercolour sketch of JBC Corot's "The Fisherman" - by John McManus 

Some sketches from Hugh Lane Gal. Sunday 29th Jan.

Sketches by Debra and Jessica.

Two by Jasmine

Left: by Brenda and                           Right: By Pat. Detail from Sean Keating, "Men of the West"
 Two sketches by Patrick

Pastel by Maura          
"View of Francis Bacon Studio
 from the Gallery" Pen & Ink by Loraine

                                      Below:       Two sketches by Melanie.


Mary's Oil Pastel of a Painting by Camille Corot

Hugh Lane Gallery @2pm, Sunday 29th

Hi all,

It's time we revisit the Hugh Lane - has been way too long! We will all meet at 2pm inside the main door and then spend our usual 2 hours sketching/painting - whatever takes your fancy. There's lots of information on the Gallery here:

If you haven't met up with us before, don't be shy - just have a sketchpad in your hand and you'll be spotted :-)

See you Sunday!

The last few from Chinese New Year

Jessica's objects from Foam Cafe.

Balaz ventured into the Photography Exhibition.

Further shapes by Jessica.

Sally and James's sketches from Foam Cafe




Sally's tea pot....

James's characters in Foam Cafe.

More from the Chinese New Year

by Ray Walsh, to "More from the Chinese New Year"

Mary O'C captured the entrance to Meeting House Square.

Stephen C did a watercolour and then an ink of the group in Foam Cafe.

Keith's study in blue from Foam.

Maura captured the atmosphere at Chinese New Year.

Further Sketches from The Chinese New Year and Foam Cafe

Here's some sketches by Jasmine....

And Jessica sketched the same 3D picture on the wall.

Sunday 22nd January Sketches

On Sunday we were at the Chinese New Year Festival in Meeting House Square. A few brave souls sketched outside for the session, while others sought warmth and congenial atmosphere in the Foam Cafe in the Italian Quarter. Here's sketches by Mary C, Ann G and Lorraine, and a photo of the Foam Cafe (who were very hospitable!).

Asia Market Chinese New Year Carnival - Sunday 22nd

Hi all,

This Sunday we will immerse ourselves in the culture and celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival - specifically the events in the Temple Bar Meeting House Square. The timetable is available here:

We will meet at our usual time of 2pm - inside the main entrance by the IFI of Meeting House Square, if you don't see the group straight away don't worry - just look for people with Sketchpads! Meet again at the same place at 4pm and decide from there where to go for coffees/drinks!

I'm home in Cork this weekend so will miss out again but I hope to catch you all sometime soon! All newcomers very welcome - just have a sketchpad in your hand and you will be recognised :)

Have a great weekend,