Print Museum Last Week

Forgot to post these from the Print Museum last week - one sketch of the lithograph machine from James and two bits and pieces from Jessica.

National Museum 26th Feb - more sketches

I think this one is Jasmine's!

 Here's a blue pencil montage from Keith
 Some fine line work from Chris.
 An exterior from Sally.
 A lovely one from John K.
 Liz got stuck into an exterior.
 Someone else braving it outside - this time, James
 Balazs did a couple over in the Docklands before coming to join us.

 Balazs did this fine head.
And John, went to the Natural History Museum, and found us in Fixx for coffee with this fine bird!

More sketches from the National Museum on Kildare Street

These first two from Colette

 Two here from Jessica

 Des's fine exterior
 One from Katherine - again, braving the outdoors
 Some lovely detail from Farrah
One from Jasmine

National Museum 26th Feb

A pleasant day was had by all - even those who went to the Dead Zoo by mistake! A few brave souls ventured outside to draw some of the fantastic architecture around the National Musem, while most lost themselves in the various and varied exhibitions. Here's a taste.

These three from Jennifer.

Sunday the 26th National Museum of Ireland Kildare Street

Hi all, it's been a while since we've visited the National Museum on Kildare Street so we will meet inside the museum entrance at 2pm this Sunday.

There is tonnes to draw here and lots of great architecture inside and out. We'll meet back at the entrance at 4pm and head to Fixx coffee house on Dawson Street just up from Sol Art gallery.

For anyone new we'll be the people with sketchbooks in hand. If you're late just get stuck in and meet us at 4.

Museum link here

Coffee link here

Work by Maria Bonals from Print Museum

Sketch 1 - Hand Press (George E. Clymer) (1754 - 1834) - Maria Bonals

Sketch 2 - Yeats Sisters' - Dun Emer Press - Maria Bonals

Sketch 3 - Top Part Detail of the Hand Press (Richard Whittaker Cope (d. 1828) - Maria Bonals

Wanted Reward - Marta Sastre

More sketches from The Nat.Print Museum,19th Feb

Three ink sketches by Stephen C

                      By Liz                                                        
 By Catriona

 2 Sketches by Martha

By Des 

Coloured pencil sketch by Keith

                                        Right :Black Biro & coloured pencils sketch by Mary.

Visit to the Nat.Print Museum, 19th Feb. 2012

We spent a very enjoyable few hours in the National Print Museum today. We were treated to a very interesting  Letterpress printing demo. Also,  Harry brought along his etched plate and printed it. 
I am looking forward to the Cork Printmakers Exhibition starting Feb. 24th. for 3 weeks.

( Note: Click on an image to start the Slide Show)

2 Sketches by John C.

A watercolour of one of the exhibits, by Ray

 Two by Farrah.

Two pencil drawings by Frances.

 Three sketches and a wood rubbing, by Jasmine


Left: Pencil sketch by Loraine.                                                                       By Alex.

 Sketch  By John K and the Letterpress Poster, he hand printed..

Left: Sketch by Sally                            Right: By Jenifer.

Harry's Etching of the Old Pigeon House, which he printed  today.