Viking Festival Saturday (28th) at 1?

Hi everyone,
I was thinking that we could meet up and sketch at the Viking festival this weekend. There should be lots to do and lots to sketch- all sorts of people (reenactors, performers, regular people), viking village, animals (there is a live animal show on at sometime), and of course buildings and other things that are normally there.
Also, lots seems to be happening on Wood Quay, so maybe we could meet by the big sculpture in front of the civic offices.

Does that suit people?


Two watercolours by Joan, 'Daisies' and 'Poppies'

Difficult to photo them as the glass throws a reflexion. Pity not to have photographed them before framing.

National Gallery Exhibitions

Impressionist Interiors Until 10 August 2008Millennium WingTicket Bookings 01-6633513

Drawing Studies: A Celebration Extended to 31 AugustRoom 20. Admission free.

Revelation Until 28 SeptemberPrint Gallery. Admission free.

Jack B. Yeats: Highlights of The Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo Until 30 November 2008. Yeats Museum. Admission free.

please once again see the email i recieved

> Hi Sarah,
> My name is Lorraine,  I'm a community inclusion coordinator with Walkinstown
> Association (we provide services for adults with intellectual disability) we
> have a art group here and we get involved in a wide variety of art projects.
> We have an idea! We would like to do a Postcard Exchange with another group
> interested in we are extending an invitation to you. The idea is
> that we will get a chance to share out art and make a contribution to the
> art world! We give another group a chance to share their art with us, and
> importantly share a little bit of our lives and hopefully bring a smile to
> someone's face. I'd appreciate it if your group would consider our
> invitation and let us know what you think!!
> Thanks for taking the time to read this email,
> Kind Regards,
> Lorraine.
> Walkinstown Association

National art gallery

> Please see the email i recieved, please email me or post your comments if you are interested,


My name is Joanne O Hanlon; I am the membership officer for Friends of
> the National Gallery of Ireland. The Friends of the National Gallery
> offer events ranging from Gallery tours to talks with curators and guest
> speakers as well as day trips to areas of cultural interest. The topics
> discussed cover all areas of the arts from fine art to print making. We
> are currently expanding our events and our facilities for the Friends
> and as part of our new look we will be re-marketing the Friends to
> attract a broader demographic.
> Part of our marketing plan is to contact people who have an active
> interest in art. We wish to propose the possibility of contacting
> members of your mailing list with promotional literature either via post
> or email?
> We are aware that mailing lists are valuable and confidential and that
> conditions of their use would be requested. If there was an opportunity
> to send emails with details of our new programme of events or
> alternatively to include information in a mail shot that you may be
> preparing we would be eager to discuss these opportunities.
> If you have any further suggestions or queries please feel free to
> contact me.
> Kind regards,

> Joanne O' Hanlon
Membership Officer,
> Friends of the National Gallery,
> No.90 Merrion Sq,
> Dublin 2.

Botanic Post

Some of us couldn't make it this week - otherwise engaged unfortunately. However the beauty of the sketchers group is that it is made up of who ever shows up on the day. Hope you all have a good one despite the weather. Don't forget to nominate a place to sketch for next Sunday and post it here - anyone can name a place. I won't be attending till Sunday July 20th probably but look forward to seeing faces familiar and new.

Regards and happy sketching,


Sunday 22nd June Meetup Botanic Gardens at 1pm Main Gate

Due to popular demand we will be back sketching in the beautiful Botanic Gardens - entry is free.

Further Sunday 15th Posts

Just want to wish Sarah O'r the originator of the Dublin Sketchers Group all the best on her travels to Mexico and then on to Sri Lanka for a time, likewise the best of luck to Paul another member who's off to Berlin - try to post if you get a chance both of you. Have a great time.
We'll miss you till you return.

Contributors today were Deirdre, Katherine, Gearoid, Sarah Bo, Michael, Kerrie, James apologies if I spelt your name wrong. The plan is to return to the botanic gardens next week again.

By the way if you arrive onto this website Colm and Maeve send me an email via my blog admin address below - goodluck with the new arrival Maeve

Botanic Gardens Sunday 15th June 2008

Spontaneous Meeting - World Street Performance Champs - Sat 14th June about 1pm. As I can't make Sunday as I'm off to Berlin - woo hoo!!

Meeting at the North East corner of Merrion Square (opp. American College, corner closest to Trinity College) All welcome, especially the lukers and newbies!!

More details here - http:\\


Meetup at the Botanic Gardens for Sunday 15th June

The usual meetup time of one pm at the main gates into the botanic gardens. Please have sketch books visible so we can recognise each other. Hopefully it'll be a nice day if not there are always the glasshouses we can work in. Plenty of people, plants, water, architecture etc. Find out more here.

This is a great place to sketch, paint etc. in and it's also free entry. Any newcomers are very welcome but just remember to bring your own equipment of choice - I'm gonna be taking some acyrilics to paint with this time. Look forward to seeing you all there.



Sketching meet-up June 15th

I won't be around next week but might as well start the ball rolling..

For any new people try and be on time as you might miss us..and have your sketching pad out so people can recognise you :) .

ps if anyone wants to put up their work from this/ last week or has an art blog post up here.

Dawsons lounge friday the 13th

from 8pm.

Having a going away beers as Im off to Mexico for two weeks then back in ireland for a week before going to Sri Lanka till September for some voluntary work.

Its near that sport's shops Every's and opposite the Mayor's house on Dawson street (go down the stairs).

James is going to help out with admin on the site when Im away as God knows how much access to the internet/ my email I will get in Sri Lanka. I am also going to forward him on the email list.

Sketching Meetup-8June-Dome-Top of StephensGreen Shopping Centre

Hi, How about meeting up up at 4 pm on Sunday 8 June - in the Dome Restaurant at the top of Stephens Green Shopping Centre . It has some great views of the City from above for sketching ideas - also the coffee is good there - Maybe later , head off for a beer .

Directions :

More Sketchers?!


Farnleigh sounds like fun: anyone driving out? I'll only get lost (and it's a good 3 hour round trip: yikes!)

Will do my best anyway!


More sketchers!

from left to right Stephen, Micheal, Ciaran x 2!

Classic Cars-Music - Farmleigh 12/06/08

There is a Picnic in the Park - Classic Cars - event at Farmleigh on 12/06/2008 -
I might go to it - have a browse through the clasic cars and njoy d music - maybe a bit of sketching - More info at the following link :
anyone interested in going ?

Sketch Sunday 1st Maritime Festival

Here is the cropped version of the sketch, have the full one on my blog. Tracy

Suggestions for June the 8th

Post up here if you've any ideas (the majority rules)..

also I will be in Mexico 15June-1stJuly if anyone else wants to volunteer for organising a meeting venue/ emailing people.


ps having a beers or two friday the 13th of anyones around in Dawson's lounge (teeniest pub in duberlin) if anyone wants to pop down :) from 8pm as have to get in from work..