Some sketches from The Hugh Lane.

Sketch from a photo of Francis Bacon, and left, with his Mother Winnie, in 1912,
By Mary

Image of interior of Gallery by Maura.

Sunday 31st January

Hey there, how's the form?

That's rhetorical, I assume you're all grand. Except you, yes, you give that back! Right then, I'm calling the Hugh Lane for this weekend. It's city centreness appeals to my lazier side. Also there's rumours that if we postpone the IMMA for one more week Tracy can get in free :) What's that you say? Favourites? Perish the thought, we're completely impartial here at DublinSketchers. Oh there's a cool exhibit on in the Hugh Lane by the way. It's by Katie Holton. See?

So let's meet at the entrance to the gallery (it's up there behind Parnel Square btw) at 1:00 on Sunday. There's a cool little cafe in the gallery itself that we usually meet in at 3:00 after some random doodling. For the various people who haven't shown up for an event before (for shame :) ) we'll be manically waving about sketchpads and poking each other in the eyes with pencils. That's us there, that bunch, come over and say hi! Hello. Ok, that's it then I think. See you on Sunday.

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Suggestions for Sunday 31st

Last of the month kids!!! So where oh where shall we go? The IMMA for those New York photos? Or maybe the Hugh Lane gallery for some Bacon, and Katie Holton with sculpty bits.


Some more from Coilin

Tidied up a little in Photoshop

Really like Toms framing idea so I tried to put a bit of a bevel on the edges, it reminds me of a printing plate or old style photographs look- it adds a nice extra quality somehow.

Sweny's Sketches Sunday 24th



Mary Tracy Maura

James Fran Adam

Brian Chris Coilin

Adam Tom Suzanne Stephen

Stephen Sarah Sarah

I'm missing a few - and I may not be correct in the ones I have named! So - please just let me know!! Apologies for quality.. I guess my hand wasn't so steady!


(Mirrors (Mirrors (Mirrors))); still needs some work, or even a redrafting; looking into the snug, there were mirrors within mirrors within mirrors.

Great location; thank you James!!

Venue:Sweeney's Chemist Sunday 24th: 1pm - 3pm

OK guys on Sunday Sweny's Chemist has been reopened(it's been closed for quite a while) by Joycean scholars connected with 15 Usher's Quay house and they've invited us to come there this Sunday at 1pm. It's a 150 year old apothecary that Joyce mentions in Ulysses and has loads of drawers filled with all sorts of pharmaceutical compounds including arsenic and a very lovely old interior generally. They kindly request we don't take photos. There's more to the tale too including potentially exhibiting work we do from there ...

It's just off Merrion Square, in between Merrion Sq West (National Gallery and the Mont Clare Hotel on Fenian St) Wesland Row (Pierce St.Dart Station) and Leinster Road(Trinity College Douglas hyde side) Sweny's chemist's shop in Lincoln Place, Dublin 2

"(He points to the south, then to the east. A cake of new clean lemon

soap arises, diffusing light and perfume.)


We're a capital couple are Bloom and I;

He brightens the earth, I polish the sky.

(The freckled face of Sweny, the druggist, appeals in the disc of the


SWENY Three and a penny, please.

BLOOM Yes. For my wife, Mrs Marion. Special recipe."

For anyone, myself included, who prefers to sit while sketching it might be useful to bring along a small stool to sit on in the chemists as there are only about two or three stools in the place. It's a small place so space will be kinda limited inside so again (myself especially included) maybe keep your gear to a minimun so we're not totally squashed with big bags etc.

See you there,

Regards, James

Sunday 24th January

Well hello there you delightfully talented people! Happy new year and such. Now then, please, please, please put suggestions for next weekend's sketching location in the comments to this post. Me, well quite frankly I'm out of ideas, devoid thereof. I'm tapped. I can't think of a single thing we haven't drawn. Last Sunday in the National Art Gallery I gave a dude directions by showing him previous sketches in my pad. "Take a left there when you see a giant painting that looks something like this..."

So, ehm, yeah, give it some thought and then post the hell out of it :) Remember there are no restrictions so if you have something unusual in mind let us know.

The general guidelines are:
1. Somewhere free.
2. Eh, not too far for Stephen to walk to as he's invariably hung over.

Talk to you soon.

Sketching Sunday 17th - National Art Gallery

This Sunday we will meet at the entrance to the National Gallery, Merrion Square.

The Turner Watercolour Exhib. is on for the month of January in the Print Room at the National Gallery, Merrion Square.

Also there is a free lecture on Joshua Reynolds, portrait painter, at 3pm. Stephen, it almost in the City Centre.
I must head home again this weekend so happy sketching and I hope to catch up with you the week after :)

Sketching Sunday 17th - Ideas?

Any ideas for where to sketch this Sunday?

Here one possibility just to start the ball rolling.. however I will be in Cork this weekend so I won't be out :(

Linky: Picturing New York: Photographs from The Museum of Modern Art (Kilmainham)

Picturing New York comprises 145 masterworks from the photographic collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, covering the period from the 1880s to the present day.

Storysketch 2

Storysketch session
Thursday, 21 January Time: 19:30 - 22:30
Library Bar Extension (Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, just off South Great George's Street)
association with the Narrative Arts Club

The Narrative Arts Club will provide an evening of "eye-contact theatre"
Sketching enthusiasts are invited to draw the storyteller/audience OR the story itself.

We're expecting a nice crowd so best to arrive early.
Suggested donation €2 - €6

Tinderbox Network

10th January- 1pm at Bleeding Horse pub

Meeting at 1 o'clock, if you're new have your sketchpad visible!

The Bleeding Horse
Located on Camden Street and established since 1649 the Bleeding Horse is one of Dublins most historic pubs, and has been frequented over the years by literary greats such as Joyce, La Fanu, Gogarty and Dunleavy.

meeting Sunday week (10th January)

Anyone any suggestions? i was thinking of somewhere indoors like the bleeding horse or somewhere?