Dublin Zoo - Date?

A number of you have expressed an interest in heading to Dublin Zoo for one of our sketching sessions. As it's a bit more effort to get to than our usual locations, and as some of you really don't want to miss it, thought I'd post this now to give ye a heads up, and to try and settle on a date. I know we're all frantically planning for Kilkenny at the moment, but don't want to postpone setting a date for zoo too much, as weather is only going to get worse and it is a mostly outdoors location. The 12th October has been suggested as a possible date. Otherwise it would be after Kilkenny weekend of 17th. Also, it's proposed to make this more of a day long rather than a half day session, cos it's such a unique location and it costs Eur10 to get in, so may as well make the most of it. Finally, I think there's a shuttle bus that goes from Stephen's Green which should make life a little easier. Any thoughts on dates?

Croppie's Acre - near Heuston Sunday 28th

Enjoyed the sketching and was great to have some good weather for a change!


Life drawing classes starting this week

Hi everyone i thought i would post up this email I got today (its 10euro a class for non students and 5 euro for students) as i know a few of you are interested in the life drawing.

The first Life drawing sessions will be starting on Tuesday 30th September and Thursday 2nd October.
You can also join our blog at trinityartsworkshop.blogspot.com.- Aodhan
Arch 8 Goldsmith Hall

Ceramic Sculpture
Monday 6.30 - 8.30
Agnieska 085 738 64 05

Tuesday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9
Edwige 086 827 79 24
Thursday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9
Ciaran 087 248 42 33
Wednesday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9
Friday 6 - 7.30 and 7.30 - 9
Saturday 11 - 12.30 and 12.30 - 2
Patrick 087 280 70 27

191 Pearse St.
Stone Carving
Monday 7 - 9
8 week course starting 13th October

Life Drawing with Instruction
Tuesday 7 - 9
10 week course starting 30th September

Life Modeling in Clay
Wednesday 7 - 9
8 week course starting 15th October

Life Drawing Model Only
Thursday 7 - 9 starting 2nd October
Aodhan 087 696 11 38

Introduction to Painting in Acrylic and Oil
Friday 7 - 9
8 week course starting 17th October

Arts Block Room 3070
Creative Embroidery
Wednesday 7 - 9 starting 1st October

Heuston Station - Sunday 28th

Hi all, suggest we meet at 1pm outside main entrance to Heuston station. I've picked this venue because it gives us a lot to sketch indoors and outdoors. There's the building itself, quite ornate, and you get a good view of it sitting on the seats at the luas stop. Then there's all the people milling about at the luas stop or in the station. There are also excellent views along the Liffey here, if people prefer to sketch something more landscapey. And finally the trains and station structure itself which you can see without having to buy a ticket. Heuston can be reached from the city centre by taking the Red Line luas from Abbey st or Jervis. Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday! :-)

Sketching weekend in Kilkenny

For either the second or third weekend in October (eg the 10th/ 11th October or 17th/18th) or . I found a decent hostel where its 17eur a night for a dorm and they have availability (its an 8 bed mixed dorm and there´s a common room) http://www.hostels.com/availability.php/HostelNumber.251 and there´s a 5 bed mixed dorm ensuite but its 18.50 http://www.hostels.com/availability.php/HostelNumber.15420 and you also get breakfast/ linen/ Wifi/ BBQ area. Train journey is 1hour 42mins and is 29eur for a return seat.

There is another hostel (a 15th century castle to be precise, but its 8km out of town or a 20euro taxi ride).
My suggestion would be for people to book themselves (they take laser/ credit cards) and they only take a few euros deposit. You actually pay most of the fee when you get there. So if 5 of us went it would be 170eur with a 17euro deposit, and if you book just for yourself its 3.50eur as a deposit.
IF YOU Have any preferences re-date etc please post up here.

Are we meeting this Sunday, 28 Sep.?

Cool Work!!

Cool Work!!

Under the influence (beer and religion)

Above, a portrait of Stephen (I was more drunk than him, I think), and below a sketch of one of the Buddha statues in the Chester Beatty.

Design a Children's Book Cover

Thanks to Riccardo - here's a link to a competition to design a book cover, being held by Children's Books Ireland. Book in question is The Great Pig Escape! Link!

Closing date November 5th 2008

possible weekend away in October

This was brought up at the meeting and it might be a good idea to do it before the weather gets really cold e.g do it in October before the evenings close in!

Possible locations are Kilkenny, Wicklow/ Brittas bay , Leitrim or Cavan. It would be nice to do some painting aswell as sketching on this weekend.

if anyone has any preferences please post up!

some sketches from the Chester Beatty

Last sketch is in UCD..a seagull is trying to get a man's roll...I believe some people did some wonderful pub sketches too...

Chester Beatty - Sunday 21st

Hi all,

I think the Chester Beatty will be a nice location for this Sunday, admission is free and opening hours are from 1p
m to 5pm. A link to the website: Chester Beatty
I have heard that the cafe is excellent - with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences for those who are hu

The Fringe Festival is finishing up this weekend and there are a couple of exhibitions taking place nearby - which we could wander over to afterwards.

Monster Truck Gallery & Studios - 73 Francis Street
Paddy Designer, Paddy Architect and Paddy Illustrator walk into a gallery... In a special Fringe exhibition, Monster Truck has invited a motley crew of leading creatives from outside the world of Fine Art to attempt to solve the puzzle artists struggle with: What is art?

Gallery Number One - 1 Castle Street
"Dublin meet Skewville: twin New Yorkers whose graffiti street art mission hits these shores for the first time. The gallery and windows of this dynamic Christchurch space will be transformed into a miniature city, forming the backdrop for their wooden sneakers which hang over power cables worldwide."

See you at the entrance to the Chester Beatty at 1pm! The more the merrier - if you haven't been sketching with us before, please feel free to come along. Have your sketch-pad out so we'll recognise you as part of our group!


Sketching Sunday 21st September....

Does anyone have any ideas for sketching this Sunday? It's the last day of the Fringe Festival, so it might be fun to incorporate that somehow.


First Post

This is my first post. Thought I should add something.

Quirky little building in the garden at IMMA.

Joyce Tower from Dun Laoire.

more sketches-Hugh lane last Sunday

Hugh Lane Gallery - Sunday 14th

Well here are my two sketches! Really enjoyed the session, found the gallery really calm and peaceful. Everyone was really respectful - will definitely head up again soon.

Luas art competition

The 2nd RPA-Luas Art Competition 2008 in association with Dublin Culture Night is departing now and the winning entry will be displayed on Luas. The Competition is open to anyone and any art form, the only condition is that the medium will allow flat printing i.e. poster. The closing date for entries is Friday 31st October 2008. This competition is run in conjunction with Dublin Culture Night on 19th September 2008 which is organised by Temple Bar Cultural Trust. For more information go to www.luas.ie and www.rpa.ie
The winner’s artwork will get the opportunity to travel on Luas.
• Poster of their creation on some Luas Trams for a set period of time.
• Poster of their creation on some Luas Stops for a set period of time.
• Posting of their creation on www.luas.ie
• Posting of their creation on www.rpa.ie
• A Luas goodie bag and cash prize

Outcome of Meeting Thurs 11th

Well, thanks to all for coming along - was lovely to see you all!

To inform those who could not make it yesterday, the group have decided to slightly formalise the meet-ups and ensure that locations are decided each Friday by 1pm - so that everybody knows where the sketching will take place for that Sunday at 1pm. The location will be posted here on the blog as Sarah has done for this Sunday's meet-up below, as well as by email to the mailing list of members. If you wish to be included on this mailing list please click on the link in the side panel to join!

A number of future locations for sketching were noted including:
  1. Zoo
  2. Herbert Park, Ballsbridge
  3. UCD
  4. Botanic Gardens
  5. Johnny Foxes
  6. Blue Light
  7. Mt. Jerome Cemetary
  8. St. Anne's Park, Clontarf
Any ideas for other venues please feel free to comment! Open to all suggestions!

A monthly meeting will be held on the second week of each month in future. A cup of coffee or whatever takes your fancy and a chat about the month ahead. It will be decided at these meetings who will post the venue for each weeks sketching meet-up for the month ahead.

We have decided to look into arranging a weekend of sketching at a location to be decided, for a weekend in mid-October. Budget conscious ideas as to where we could go are welcomed but I will check out Kilkenny just to see what the options could be as a potential location.

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at the Hugh Lane Gallery and new sketchers are of course more than welcome to come along!

Hugh Lane Gallery this Sunday (14th)

Hope to see some new people, go to http://www.hughlane.ie/visiting.php if you don't know where it is but I believe its on Parnell street.

We'll meet at 1pm (have you pads out if your new so we can recognise you!), and maybe have coffee at 3 or so.

If the weather's fine we could also visit the Garden of Remembrance.


initial meeting on the 11th (thursday) at 6.00pm

The meeting will be held on thursday (and i know it's very hard to please everyone re- a date so just so everyone knows I'm trying to do my best to please most people).

venue is Cafe Mocha about 6.00pm,

If anyone doesn't know where it is, it is opposite break for the border, at the back of st Stephens green shopping center.
Also you can text me if you get lost although no more texts at 2am!

my mobile number is 0n the email i sent around.


Sunday September 7th Howth

Just two of us today, Jessica and James.It turned out to be a lovely sunny day too. We ended up sketching from the hill up at the Martello Tower. Jessica did a number of sketches based on Irelands eye and one of the boats in the harbour - we both reckon you can see a lions head if you look closely at the rocky cliffs of the island - see pic to left. Jessica also spotted the picture of a ship someone scratched into wet concrete amongst the paving stones on Howth pier - see pics to left. I got to do a sketch of the exterior of the tower and one interior sketch of the tower which houses a fascinating radio / telegraph museum. Well worth a trip,although it will cost you a fiver but this goes to the worthy Irish Lifeboats.

Boo (aka Greetings from Berlin!)

Evening all,

No, I haven't died, just getting too pissed and too lazy to post...

Berlin goign great (very 'alcoholic' though) and have met lots of interesting/crazy/downright weird artists (inlcuing a guy who's building a crazy golf course in a dark warehouse with just uv light to guide you)

Even managed to find bodypainting models (wasn;t difficult!)

ATB for now!


Sketching Sunday 7th September

Hello Sketchers,

How about a sketching session in Howth? Lots of people milling about on a Sunday, some nice buildings, fishing boats and yachts, a children's play area, Ireland's Eye Island across the bay, boats out at sea, Harbour wall with good views across to the village, coastal walk with good views, cafes if it's raining - plenty of scope for drawing.

There is apparently at 12.23 DART from Connolly station up to Howth. But don't quote me on that.

How about a meet at 1pm just outside the DART station. My contact number is zero eight six followed by eight one eight then five five three seven.

We can sketch for a couple of hours, and then get together for a coffee, chat, and sharing of drawings/ideas.

I don't think any thing else has been arranged for this weekend........


Dublin sketchers first meeting

Does the 11 or 12th suit most people, or do you want to make it the following week ?

Anyhow The main purpose of the evening is to have a bit of craic first and foremost and to get some feedback from the group..

....if people want to leave the group without a committee or to elect one something similar to what Trinity Artsworkshop have ( where's its a relatively informal business designed mainly to get more people involved ). we'll discuss it on the night.. so all new people/ old people we want your input!!!

its great to get people emailing me about this as it shows people aren't apathetic!

Ideas for venues?