1st November - 2pm session for a change

As a central location we will meet at Bewleys(aka Cafe Bar Deli) on Grafton Street this Sunday - meet at front entrance at 2pm and then head upstairs and draw the interior,or exterior of grafton street from balcony for brave souls - yes its an indoor/balcony venue but it will combat the likely cold and rain(and hangovers from night before) of an exterior venue and we can chill out with coffee and sketchbooks...

Sketching October 25th - Christchurch/Brazen Head!

Well, it's the Bank Holiday weekend, meaning that most of us will not be working on Monday morning. So, for this weekend I am proposing an indoor location, with an outdoor prelude of Christchurch Cathedral.

So, at 1pm we will meet at the main entrance of Christchurch Cathedral - where we can sketch - weather permitting until we need to go indoors. Fast forward onto The Brazen Head - Ireland's oldest public house - Est. 1198 - serving alcohol since before licencing laws were even enacted.

So there ye have it. Christchurch Cathedral at 1pm, main entrance - to end up in the Brazen Head as time suits you. Link here.

Here's to the Bank Holiday - hope everyone has a nice weekend. All newbies welcome of course, just have a sketchpad out and we'll spot you!


25th October

Any and all suggestions for the bank holiday sketching greatly received. (",)


Howth again, Saturday

Hi everyone; I'm thinking of returning to Howth this Saturday to do a bit more drawing, weather permitting. I won't bother arranging a meet-up or anything, but if you're around, you can text me at oh-86 3288 24six. See you.


Here's my Howth pics. Got cold pretty quickly out there so didn't get much done but happy enough with these. See you all again soon!

A competition for €500

Hi everyone; I've mentioned this already on my own blog, but thought I should post it here too: the new Irish literary journal Some Blind Alleys is running a competition to design the banner for their website (http://www.someblindalleys.com/); the closing date is 10th of November, and they have not had that many entries so far. As you can see from their current banner, fine art is as welcome as pure design.

Here is more info:

Some sketches from Howth, Sunday 18th Oct.

Pen & ink drawings of Abbey Street and the Harbour by Maura.

There was a great turnout in Howth today, and lots of interesting subjects. I think I would like to make another trip there soon!

Formal Drawing Classes Info

Last Sunday some people expressed interest in attending some formal classes in drawing, painting etc. so here is some info and a few links to get you started ...please note many of these courses are already under way for 2009 but you can take note for the future...

Ballsbridge College of Further Education

Evening Courses: Programme for September 2009

Arts & Crafts

Introduction to Watercolour Painting is intended for beginners, but is also suitable for those with some experience. Various simple subjects suitable to watercolours are used – landscapes, flowers, interiors, etc. Basic drawing, composition, perspective and colour mixing are covered in the course.
The course runs for 10 Weeks at a cost of €60 beginning on Thursday 24 September 2009.
The course is on:
  • Thursdays from 7.45 to 9.15pm (Code No 06)

The Hugh Lane has various courses that look alright too but most will already be under way, Why not have a look anyway


New Perspectives Through Drawing - FULL
19 September 2009 to 14 November 2009

New Perspectives Through Drawing

Saturdays, 19 September – 14 November 2009, 10am...

16-week Portfolio Preparation Course (FULL)
27 September 2009 to 07 February 2010

16-week Portfolio Preparation Course

Sunday 27 September 2009 – Sunday 7 February 2010, 11.30am...

Life Drawing - FULL
19 September 2009 to 14 November 2009

Life Drawing

Saturdays, 19 September – 14 November 2009, 12.30 – 2.30pm...

Exploring the Collection through Contemporary Painting and Mixed-Media - FULL
16 September 2009 to 04 November 2009

Exploring the Collection through Contemporary Painting and Mixed-Media


Aspects of Drawing - FULL
15 September 2009 to 03 November 2009

Aspects of Drawing

Tuesdays, 15 September – 3 November 2009, 10.30am –...

Peoples College Art Appreciation Course (FULL)
10 October 2009 to 20 March 2010

Art Appreciation Course: Avenues into Modern and Contemporary Art

Saturday 10...

NEW Extra Portfolio Course Now Available (FULL)
04 October 2009 to 14 February 2010

16-week Portfolio Preparation Course - New afternoon course

Dun Laoghaire Institute Of Art, Design Technology

This Institute of Technology offers full-time and part-time courses in a range of disciplines. The School of Creative Arts offers everything from degree programmes and certificates to special interest classes and workshops covering various disciplines, including watercolour and oil painting, still life drawing, portfolio preparation, film and media studies, creative writing, and more.
Art Classes
Kill Ave , Dublin
01 214 4600
Plenty here too http://www.nightcourses.ie/search.html?category_id=11&region_id=89

Howth - Sunday 18th

Hi all,

Ok, this Sunday we will all visit Howth! I don't know the area well - so I'm just going to say we will all meet outside the DART station (Howth Station) at 1pm. There is a map here showing the location of Howth Station for those driving - hopefully there will be parking nearby! LINK

Please all try to be there for 1pm, as we will then wander around from there - have a sketch pad out if you haven't been sketching with us before!

Hope the weather holds, but fear not - worst case scenario we find somewhere warm with a fire and sketch away!

See you there,


Ideas for Sunday 18th?

Hi all,

Well - always no harm to start ideas flowing early in the week.. any events or particular locations jumping out at anyone for this Sunday's sketching meet-up?

As usual, please post comments!!


Sunday 11th - Oktoberfest in the Docklands!

Hi all, it's that time of the week again!

This week we have decided upon Oktoberfest in the Docklands as our location for sketching, which is bound to be full of activity this Sunday. We will meet at the front entrance of the CHQ building, at 1pm. Information on the festival is here!

All newcomers welcome, just have a sketchpad out and we'll spot you! Looking forward to seeing you all again, has been ages since I've gotten out sketching :D

Laters, Tracy

Suggestions for Sunday 11th October

Beer. Yes, that's my suggestion. Beer and perhaps some Bavarian nonsense.
Browse the many authentic Bavarian food stalls and enjoy a free lunchtime concert of Bavarian Brass & Dance Music with Die Alpen-Show. Family Entertainment activities with our host Sepp, include face painting & creating balloon animals.

Enjoy traditional Oktoberfest activities including; entertainment from the Bavarian Brass & Dance band Die Alpen-Show. Sample the many authentic German foods ranging from; German Bretzels, Pastries, Black Forest sausages, Sauerkraut, Nockerln, Crepes, Love Apples and Ginger Bread Hearts. And meet our Oktoberfest German waitresses dressed in the traditional 'Dirndl'. (Don't worry you won't have to speak German!)

Here's more of it


Open House (Architecture) Dublin. 8th -11Oct.

Here is the link for this event.
Then, click on the area you want to explore, and pick out the Sunday events from the chart.

Darklight festival

I forgot to post this. The Darklight festival is starting this Thursday 8th Oct. Here's millions of details. It's basically a convergence of art, filmmaking and other stuff :) Some of it's free and some isn't.


Sunday 4th October

Hey there arty folk,

This weekend lets meet up in Dun Laoghaire. While I realise we've been there a couple of times recently, there's a specific exhibition on.
Anaesthetic Intervention is an art intervention supported and part funded by Dún Laoghaire/ Rathdown Arts Office taking place for 10 days from Oct 1st to Oct 10th where contemporary artworks will be placed in shop fronts and prominent sites of business and commercial premises in Dún Laoghaire.

So basically there'll be cool stuff on display to the general public all around the town/village/'burb. Here's a map of where the different arty thingies will be.

Let's meet at one o'clock outside the main exit of the Dun Laoghaire dart station and go from there. If you're new just look for the bunch of odd looking people clutching sketchpads and the like.

We'll head for Weirs pub afterward for coffee/pint/food and various discussions. Please note that this may change on the whim of whomever shows up, so try and be at the station for one :) If you do arrive late head to one of the exhibition sites and talk to random strangers until you find one of us. The commonly accepted passphrase is, "Eh, you eh, you with the Dublin sketchers?" to which the standard reply is "hmmmm? The what? Oh right, sorry, yeah, them. I'm one of them. Yeah, sketchy Dubliners. Uhuh. Hi". See? Easy.


Sunday 4th October - Ideas?

Hi all,

Well - any ideas on where to sketch this Sunday? I won't be around yet again, heading Corkwards :o)
Please post ideas or I am going to nominate somewhere random at about 2pm! You have been warned!!