Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone - hope you all enjoy the holidays!

We will resume our regular sketching on Sunday 10th of January - meaning everyone will be back into their normal routine and back in Dublin! If anyone wants to arrange some impromptu sketching meet-ups before then, just put up a post and see if anyone is about!

See you all in the New Year!!


Christmas wishes to all Dublin Sketchers!

Happy Christmas all, I hope to be able to join in again in the Sketching activities, in the New year. Keep warm!!
anything planned for tomorrow, the 20th? if not is anyone intersted in the national gallery on merrion square? it's warm inside, and central!


free-for-all at thisisnotashop

Sorry for putting this up right after a new post has gone up, but I think lots of you will be interested in this:

Sunday 13th December

Hey lads. It's that wonderful time of year where everything merits a beer. Even our little group :) With that in mind we're meeting this Sunday at the Christmas market. There'll be beer and frankfurters and a giant slide with Santa's Slide written on the side of it. Please do feel free to bring a sketchpad but it's not obligatory, this weekend is all about the Christmas drinks. I'll likely bring a little one for scribbley drawings.

We'll meet at the top of the ramp to the market in the docklands. Let's stick to the usual time of 1:00. I hope to see lots and lots of you there :) This will be my last sketching meetup before the new year so if I don't see you, have a wonderful Christmas!! Oh, and do please eat all of the pie.


Sunday 13th December

Hey lads,
    As it's getting close to Christmas I think we need some beers :o) Happily the Christmas market is opening up in the IFSC this weekend. Just in time to facilitate us. So I propose we have sketching/beers in the docklands on Sunday. Whatcha think?


Antiques Fair Dun Laoghaire Sunday 6th

The venue for this Sunday 6th December is a bit different but should hopefully provide some interesting options. There's an antiques and collectors fair in Dun Laoghaire which we thought would make interesting sketching. It's in a beautiful hotel, lots of stalls with antiques, collectables, artefacts and bits and pieces, as well as people milling about. If the weather is fine, you can always venture out into Dun La La itself. Meet at 1pm at the entrance to the Royal Marine hotel weilding a sketch pad (hotel is off Marine Road, on the left as you walk away from the sea, go past Pavilion Theatre and it's tucked in behind the shops on the left). Nearest DART is Dun Laoghaire. http://www.royalmarine.ie/?r=3748008&gclid=CPzM1vvkvZ4CFWlr4wodMl2nmA Afterwards we will meet up in Hughes and Hughes book shop on Marine Road at 3pm, in the upstairs coffee shop for a natter. We may have to pay €3.50 but all of the admission charge will be donated to Dun Laoghaire Lifeboat. With over 40 dealers exhibiting and selling a wide range of antiques and collectors items there's plenty for all tastes, including lots of beautiful items as Christmas gifts or to decorate the Christmas table. More info at http://www.vintageireland.eu/events/details/17-dun-laoghaire-lifeboat-fundraiser.html 



Sketchy Sunday 6th!

Well, I'm away again this weekend, whoever knew I could be this busy!!

Are there any sketches from last Sunday? Could people maybe send them to the gmail address if possible and we'll pop them on the blog - it's great to see what people do each week! Plus the Science Gallery are interested to know what was done ;)

Please post ideas and places you'd like to visit this Sunday as comments, the more the better! I think that James' idea of the Bleeding Horse could be a good location this week..

Have a good one!! I'll be busy sipping on some mulled wine in Stockholm :P