National Gallery - Sunday 1st March

Hi all,

This Sunday we will meet at 1pm at the Merrion Square entrance to the National Gallery. It has been some time since we visited the Gallery and is always an interesting place to visit. If the weather is fine and if people wish - Merrion Park is just opposite.

We will all then meet for coffee at 3pm in the cafe.

There is also a lecture at 3pm if anyone wishes to attend -

The National Gallery is inviting to a lecture entitled "Baldassare Castiglione, by Titian (1485/90-1576)" by Dr Philip Cottrell, University College Dublin.
Info here

All newcomers welcome!! Just have a sketchpad out so that we will recognise you!

Wow, some really cool work here from yesterday. Couldn't make it, but this is really quite inspiring. Well done! Hopefully will get out again sooner rather than later.

my effort today in the Hugh Lane, hopefully I'll be out on a regular basis. Great to meet you all.


Hugh Lane Gallery - 22nd February

Was great to see everyone today! Pity that some of the exhibitions were closed, particularly upstairs - but it means we will go back again another time. As always, the security staff were lovely!
Tea in the Garden - Walter Osborne

Did a quick sketch that just wasn't working out, shown below. Resorted to doing more "squiggles" which I enjoyed! This is Walter Osborne's "Tea in the Garden", with a woman sitting pouring tea at the table, the grandmother sitting on a bench behind and the children playing in the foreground. Here's the original!
First sketch was this one.

Hugh Lane Gallery. Thanks Tracy and James for organising the venue today, Sunday 22nd February. Tracy, Tom, Stephen, Fiona, Ashling, Liam and myself turned up.

'Woman in White' after Grace HENRY

'Girl in White Head Scarf' after DEGAS

Hugh Lane Gallery, Sunday 22nd February, 2009

Sketching Sunday 22nd. Hugh Lane Gallery

I suggest we meet at the Hugh Lane Gallery this week. The Gallery has been visited by us before and there is lots to sketch in a comfortable environment. Current Exhibitions and further information available here: LINK

James has also noted the Ensemble Avalon play: Liszt: Ballade No.2 in B minor, Rachmaninov: Etudes-Tableaux Nos 1 & 2, Turina:Trio No.1 op.35. Also, if you visted before and most of us have, theres lots of ineteresting artwork to see at the Hugh Lane as well as the architecture.

Those who wish to sketch during the concert - it starts at 12pm and lasts an hour usually, sketch inspired by the music.

Others who wish to arrive later and simply sketch in the Gallery can meet at the entrance at 1pm. We will all continue sketching till 3pm when we meet for coffee in the cafe. Should be a chilled and relaxed session.

Any newcomers are more than welcome to come along - have your sketch pads out so we'll recognise you!


IGV fest hits Dublin

Hey guys, sorry about the short notice but Ed just sent this on to me. The international guerrilla video festival will be starting in Dublin tomorrow evening. It's kicking off at 17:00 from Connolly Station and there are various other points on the route map. Check here for more details.

"The International Guerrilla Video Festival (IGVFest) is a mobile festival integrating video art with the urban and social environment. The festival removes the technologically complex medium of video out of the institutional situation re-positioning it as open and reflexive in the public domain. The artworks have site-specific thematic relations to the space where they are shown, engaging and reflecting upon the unique architectural, historical, and interpersonal context of each area the festival travels to.

One of the aims of the festival is to create a continuous dialogue from the videos into the community, focusing on lapses in the current framework such as an absence of communication or invisible components of the area. Open to local and international artists, the festival widens the panorama of the discourse to include the perspective of communities elsewhere that have parallel circumstances.

A self-contained, transportable GPU (Guerrilla Projector Unit) facilitates the incursions into the public realm. Transforming public space into a fertile ground for experimentation toward new possibilities in the relationship between art and society."


Some work from the Chester Beatty Library Session




A good showing today ( Sunday Feb 16 2009) Seven of us in all, Jessica, Stephen, Liz, Patricia, Catherine, Ed and James. Work shown below





Chester Beatty Library - Sunday the 15th Feb 2009 - Dublin Castle 1pm - 3pm

This Sunday our sketching session will be in the Chester Beatty Library (free admission), I know some people have been before last year so if you want to draw elsewhere and then just meet us in the Chester Beatty Silk Road cafe for our usual coffee and chat that is fine too. The library houses one of the best collections of oriental (and western and islamic) manuscripts in the world, some of the work is just stunning and it's well worth a visit.

Also I thought it might be no harm each week to throw in a suggested optional element, or theme that people can decide(or not decide) to introduce into their pictures for that session - other suggestions as well as sketching locations can be posted by anyone of course.

For this Sunday how about Contrast as the optional element. Contrast - could be black/white/small big, subtle,obvious etc and the idea being contrast of some sort would figure as a strong part of your sketch/drawing/painting.

Opening Times
1 October to 30 April: Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm
(currently closed on Mondays)
1 May to 30 September: Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday, 11.00am to 5.00pm (All year)
Sunday, 1.00pm to 5.00pm (All year)
Closed 1 January; Good Friday; 24, 25 and 26 December; and Monday public holidays.
Admission is free.

The Chester Beatty Library is situated in the gardens of Dublin Castle in the heart of the city centre.
The library is a two-minute walk from Dame Street (via the Palace Street Gate of the Castle) and close to Christchurch Cathedral (enter via the Ship Street Gate of the Castle).
Nearest LUAS stops: Jervis & St Stephen's Green
Nearest DART station: Tara Street.
Bus routes: 13, 16, 19, 123 (from O'Connell St)Map here

The discrete charm of the managerial class

Hi, I've really just posted the old painting above to justify me making a suggestion here: I wonder if its possible to make the list of our artblogs (on the right) show when they've last been updated? On my blog, I have a list of friend's blogs as part of the 'blogroll', and underneath each one, it shows the last update. Seeing as though many of us have long periods of not posting at all, I think it would be a good way of letting people know that our blogs haven't been entirely abandoned :)f

WALK Art Collaboration - 1.30 pm Saturday the 14th (Valentines Day)

Check out our art collage collaboration. Can you work out the motif? Here are two of the images from the day taken by Jessica - participants pictured are from left to right James, Jacinta and Stephen. Stephen , Lorraine and another participant from the WALK group took more photos and we will do another post with these works soon.

Hi everyone, here are the finalised details for the WALK art exchange afternoon get together. It will take place at 1.30 pm Saturday the 14th (Valentines Day) at the WALK building which is at 1 Longmile Road - it's a a bit further on past Crumlins Children's Hospital, the long mile pub and the halfway house pub in Drimnagh, it's more or less opposite Drimnagh Castle Christian Brothers School. It looks like the Red Luas line to Kylemore stop brings you very close and buses from town servicing the area are the 123 and the 56a but ask the bus driver to let you off at the beginning of the long mile Road if you aren't familiar with it. I will be waiting outside probably with a big sketchpad or something obvious like that and of course the WALK artists postcards. If you have any hassles on the day you can ring me my mob. as sent via the mailing list. And to anyone who can make it please, please do - the more people we have the better it will be. Thanks in advance. Also see attached map for directions.

Some drawings from the Bank Bar earlier today

Jessica, Catherine, Liz and Ed and James came along today. here's some of our work below.




Update - Sunday 8th February - The Bank on College Green Pub, Dame Street 1pm to 3pm

Sorry mistakes made - mixed up the Bank and the Bankers bar.

We want the following bar The Bank on College Green 1 - 3pm Sunday 8th

The Bank on College Green is a new Dublin bar based in the striking red sandstone building on, well, College Green.

The Bank on College Green is setting its stall out as a bar and pub primarily, but it also does lunch and restaurant food during the day.

Food info here too in case anyone gets hungry.
Its gourmet sandwiches like the Open Boston Prawn Sandwich on wholemeal bread with Avocado and Marie Rose sauce looks terrific and will cost you €8.50. Pasta courses like the Egg Tagliatelle with smoked chicken, roasted bell peppers, sweet thai chilies and pine kernels are very good indeed (€11.50) There's a good selection of main courses like the Thai Scented Green Curry of Chicken with coconut milk and basmati rice (€11.50) and the Roast Rack of Wicklow Lamb with Gratin Dauphinoise, Rosemary-scented jus and confit of garlic (€22).
Also, The Bank offers Dubliners another decent lunchtime meal option at the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, they serve brunch until 5pm and the Mezzanine area is available for private hire.
The building is a beautifully restored specimen of Victorian commercial architecture designed in 1893 by William Henry Lynn when the site was turned into a branch of the Belfast Bank. Before that, the Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Company traded there from 1876. Before that again, it was a Watch & Clock Manufacturer, a Department store (Reside & Co.) and originally Bigwoods Wool Emporium.
The Dublin bar was once the main banking hall and is a temple to money power with its stained glass ceiling (which fills the room with natural light), mosaic tiled floors and beautiful hand-carved plasterwork. The Bank on College Green,20-22 College Green,Dublin 2.

Given the ongoing cold snap we will continue with the indoor venues. For an interesting one architecturally and people wise we will be meeting in the Bank on College Green pub(coffee/teas available) on Dame Street for 1pm this Sunday the 8th. Looking forward to seeing some of you brave souls there.

Ok further WALK Art trading session developments from Paola

The afternoon should be just fine on the 14th. I am awaiting confirmation from Lorraine and I will get back to you then. Cheers Paola

Try to keep two to three hours free then if you can folks

Rooting around the attic, I found my sketchbook from when I was 15, and found this picture that I thought I'd share; its based on a very old photo of my granddad; a suave bugger in his day, it seems... ;)

Check out our newest members website - beautiful work from Shamas (apologies for wrong spelling)