IIlac Shopping Centre/Moore Street Sunday 30th @2pm

Hi all - apologies for late posting!

This Sunday we will meet at 2pm at the Moore Street entrance to the IIlac Shopping Centre, just off of Henry Street. There is lots to draw in the area - the City Library is upstairs in the Shopping Centre and is always interesting, Moore Street in itself is a haven of characters and of course the general hustle and bustle of the shopping centre.
Location Map: http://goo.gl/maps/mQOa

We will meet again at 4pm at the same spot - just inside the door of the Moore Street entrance to the IIlac Centre.

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!

Sunday venue?

Are we going anywhere on Sunday? University Church on St. Stephens Green / St. Stephens Green if the weather is anyway decent / Science place in Pearse Street / Trinity College are all possibilities? Anyone have any preferences or suggestions?

Sketches by Patrick Daly from Sketchcrawl!

By Patrick Daly

30th World Sketchcrawl. Jan 22nd.2011. Dublin. Some sketches.

There were eleven sketchers and we first met in the National Gallery, then at 2pm we moved into the Natural History Museum also in Merrion Square, and finally we all finished up in the National Archaelogy and History Museum in Kildare St.
 It was a good place to be as it was a very chilly day!  As we finished up at around 5pm. their cafe was closed so we all headed off to the amazing "Cafe en Seine" for refreshments.  Looking forward to the next Sketchcrawl!

Interior of the National Gallery.

Here are some of the sketches done in the Natural History Museum.


Sketches from the National History & Archeology Museum

     Photo of interior of the History Museum in Kildare St.

Finally a photo from the Cafe en Seine in Dawson St

Tomorrow's Sketchcrawl and Sunday to the Powerscourt Centre we go!

Hello hello!

Well a busy weekend lies ahead of us so I hope you have your pencils at the ready - with the 30th Worldwide Sketchcrawl tomorrow and our usual Sunday sketching to the Powerscourt Centre - you're all sure to produce some fantastic masterpieces!

Details of the sketchcrawl are below - thanks a million to Tom Galvin who is taking the reins on this one - sound! There is also an event on facebook for those interested!http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=179640155409515

For Sunday, we'll meet at 2pm as usual, outside the main entrance to the Powerscourt Centre Sketch until 4pm and then meet back at the entrance at 4pm to decide on a nice place to go for coffee. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Sketchcrawl Tomorrow!!!!!!!

Greetings again,

So starting tomorrow at 12:30, at the entrance to the National Art Gallery at the MERRION SQUARE ENTRANCE (not the modern entrance on Nassau Street!), we will kick off the sketchcrawl. There are no rules for the day, we'll do as we do at the usual sketchers meets. I'll be outside with my sketchbook, and hang around until 12.45 or whenever. At around 2 we'll meet back there and head over to the Natural History Museum, then at 3.30 or so we'll stroll to the National Museum. We'll find an ol' watering hole at the end of the crawl to top off the day with a pint or two. So the deal is after we meet up we can wander off on our own and meet back, or hang around and sketch in groups, whatever your comfortable with. You don't have to stick to the locations, inddor locations were chosen in case the weather is off, but if the weather turns out to be as good and clear as today feel free to wander around and sketch in the fresh air. The reason for the length of the crawl is to allow for anyone who wants to pop in or out during the day, bein a Saturday a lot of us have bits and pieces we probably should be doing rather than sketching. But I'll be there all day and I'll have a camera with me for anyone interested in having their drawings/sketches posted on the blog here, I'll publish them on Sunday or Monday. Anyway Hope to see people out.

Tom - Just in case my mobile is charged up and will be switched on all day tomorrow - 0876803867.

IMMA sketches

Sketchcrawl Saturday 22nd January 2011 International Sketchcrawl Day!!!!

Greetings. Apologies for not hanging around yesterday after the sketching I was desperate to catch the end of the Munster match which turned out to be a bit of a damp squib!

The plan for next Saturday I mentioned it to a couple of heads yesterday, is to meet at the National Gallery (MERRION SQUARE ENTRANCE) at 12:30 hours. My idea is to stay there for an hour and a half until around 2. Anyone interested then can join us next door in the Natural History museum for another hour and a half or so followed by a final trek over to the National History museum that'd bring up up until five 'o clock. Following that we can all just take a stroll until we come to a half decent watering hole to pass the sketchbooks around at the end of the day over a couple of warm or cool ones.

For the day itself anyone who wants to join in can give me a call at 0876803867 and I'll let you know where we are at any given time.

Hope it'll be a good one,

All the besht,


Imma, Sunday 16th Jan. A few more sketches.

Sketches by Mary
The courtyard at Imma.                                                      Eileen Gray's Cabinet.


 Sculpture in the Garden.                               The  Clock  Tower
Sketches by Maura                 

2 coffee sketches from IMMA

Sunday 16th January

In these times of ambiguous star signs we all need something to hold onto. I mean, 13 star signs and Pluto's not a planet? Holy hell!! I want it all back the way it was, I was perfectly happy with a flat earth and Dublin being the centre of the Universe.

Still on with the show. In celebration of this moving with the times lets go see the moderns exhibition in the IMMA this weekend. Yeah, that's warm, you'd all like that. So we'll meet at the main entrance at 2:00 and again at 4:00 in the cafe to steal each others ideas.

Unfortunately I can't make it this weekend but that doesn't mean you can just randomly run about the place with scissors, I'm looking at you Tom! If you're new to the group just look for a small bunch of people with sketchpads and say hello. We tend to split up after the initial meeting and spread out so just go about your sketching if you're late and meet up with everyone in the cafe afterward. Don't be shy but don't sit beside that one, yes, that one there.


Pt.1. Some sketches from the Nat Gal. Sunday Jan 9th.2011

There was a very good turnout for sketching at the Gallery on Sunday.  Also the Turner exhibition  will be on until 31st Jan.for anyone who missed it.                                            

By Deirdre
                       By Carlos


 By Colm                                                                            By Catherine
 By Jane                                                                                By Karine

                                                                             By Maura
Left; By Cecilia.                             Above: By Balzas

Pt.2 More sketches from the Nat.Gal. on Sunday 9th Jan.2011

                                               By   Stephen

By Mary                                                                                                          By Deanna

By Kozue

 .                                                                                    By Tom.



It was brought up yesterday, so just a reminder that the 22nd of January is an International Sketchcrawl Day. Hopefully we can get Dublin on the map with a good turnout. There are different forums, the official being this one

It's a Saturday, but the usual Sunday sketch meet will take place as usual!

Anyhow, the idea would be to make it a longer session than the usual two hours, to start at one-ish and to finish up at five or so 'o clock and have a couple of chilled or warm drinks in a watering hole of some description afterwards.

It'd be great to have a big group, and another handy way to join in with the rest of us if you haven't been out before. I'm gonna check out what's going on that weekend, and i'll post a rough guide with stop-off sketchpoints along the way. Everyone will have phone numbers or whatever if they want to just jump in and out for an hour en-route. How's that sound? I'll give Stephen and Tracy a break from their phenomenal administration for this event.

Drop me a mail at futuretravis@gmail.com or gimme a bell on 0876803867 if you have ideas or any particular venues you'd like to visit on the day, and I'll try to incorporate them as best I can.

That's about it, hopefully it'll be an inspirational day.


Sunday 9th January 2011

Well hello again and happy new 2011.

I hope you all enjoyed your break and are eager to brave the hangovers this Sunday. The thing'll be on at the usual time of 2:00 and this week sees a welcome return to the National Art Gallery!! Hooray!!

Mary has it that there's a Turner exhibition on there for January. The theme is "Colour and light, caring for Turner's watercolours". In addition to that, the gallery has over 14000 works in it's collection and plenty of space so I'm sure we'll all find something of interest to sketch. We'll meet just outside the main entrance on Merrion Square. If it's your first time sketching with us, look out for a bunch of people who look like they might well be us. At the very least I bet they're interesting :)

See you there.


First meeting of the New Year!

Happy New Year to all the Dublin Sketchers!

Now that we are all back to our routines (or at least struggling to..) where would you like to meet for our first sketching meetup of 2011? Please post suggestions here or on our facebook page!

Hope you are all well rested after the holidays!