Botanic Gardens - Sunday 28th June 2009


Had a great day at the Botanic Gardens today and sorry we had to leave early. Here are 2 of Maura's sketches
and one of mine also.


Jessica and James

Cornfirmed! Botanic Gardens - Sunday 28th

Hey there,

Given the run of good weather we've been having lately, thought it might be a nice time to visit the Botanic Gardens again.... although not sure if the forecast is so good for the weekend.
Or if there's something else happening this weekend that people know of, then just post here.
Otherwise, I suggest we meet at main entrance to the gardens at the usual time of 1pm.

For directions of how to get to the gardens, see here:

Cheers :-)

Irish plein air painting festival, Art in the Open 2009, takes place in and around Wexford Town from Friday 31st July until Sunday 2nd August

Art in the Open 2009 The second Irish plein air painting festival, Art in the Open 2009, takes place in and around Wexford Town from Friday 31st July until Sunday 2nd August with a juried exhibition opening on Monday 3rd and closing the following Tuesday evening. This visual arts festival is more about creating than exhibiting and it is an event which interacts directly with the public as artists from set up their easels in full view on the streets and quays of Wexford.There will be a number of Guest Artists, ensuring a wide variety of approach to plein air painting in a range of media, and setting a high standard of work. These are joined by many more, professional and amateur artists, who come to participate, to watch and to share. Last year, over one hundred artists took part. In 2009, Art in the Open will feature artists from the United States, France, UK, Netherlands and throughout Ireland. A number of art workshops are added to the schedule of events this year while festive street entertainment will be provided by Wexford Arts Centre on Sunday afternoon. Entry forms are now available online from: For further information please contact: Tony Robinson, 13, Selskar Street, Wexford, Ireland.T: 353(53)9122019

Sunday 21 June 2009 - IMMA - Work by WALK and The Dublin Sketchers

Here is some of the work from today. Where we know the name of who did what we will write it next to the picture, apologies for not remembering everyones name yet. Sorry if some of the pics aren't that well captured we were in a rush earlier when we were taking the photos. Anyway in no particular order....










Sunday 21st June 2pm till 5pm IMMA main entrance meetup with WALK group

Good suggestion Stephen and I would be happy to do the street performers except that the WALK group have got back to me and are up for a sketching session in and around the grounds of IMMA from 2pm til 5pm (note the slightly different time everyone) and meetup after at cafe at 5pm for usual chat and coffee, although if you fancy bring a packed lunch we might do a picnic thing also. Hope noone minds if I make this the official session for next Sunday the 21st June .
Main Entrance Irish Museum of Modern Art IMMA Kilmainham.
2pm til 5pm. Look forward to seeing folks there.

Suggestion for Sunday 21st June

Hey lads,
The world streetperformers championship is on this weekend. Could well be worth a visit. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Animation... La Maison en Petits Cubes

Some pics despite missing todays session

Sorry couldn't make the Chester Beatty today in the end. Here's a couple I did when I was in Mayo. Croagh Patrick from life and a black pen drawing of John Hurt from a photo.

Also shown are two of Ciaran O Briain's from last Sunday, Ciaran in case you are wondering I have your notebook you left it in Bewleys and Ed handed it to me for safe keeping.

Chester Beatty perhaps?

Since no one has picked a Sunday venue...

From the Land of the Taj Mahal: Paintings for India's Mughal Emperors in the Chester Beatty Library

March 21, 2009— June 14, 2009

There is an exhibition which is not free but this Sunday is it's last day. We could also draw the regular things for free.

1pm, June 14, front entrance to the Chester Beatty Library,

If no one has a better idea.. hope to see you there :)

Extended pose life drawing

John O'Flynn has asked that we pass this on. If anyone's interested his contact details are below.

Extended Pose Life Painting Class

It is widely acknowledged that in the field of life drawing, one can learn a lot from quick poses and quick sketches.

However once in a while one can also learn, and get satisfaction from, executing a finished painting, when given the time to do so. This type of class is not readily available.

I am organising a 2-3 day single pose class for anyone who is interested. The studio is at the United Arts Club in Fitzwilliam Street, dates to be agreed by participants.

If you are interested please contact John O Flynn on :

087 2709097 ;


Life Drawing on Thursday 11th June?

Hello Fellow Sketchers,

Does anyone know if Life Drawing is on at Trinity this Thursday? Anyone any idea when they break for the summer?

See soon on a Sunday!


Another sketch from Stephens Green.

Great to get a fine day after all! I used the grey brush marker and a fine pen. I liked using the brush pen, it gets you there faster!

Stephens Green - Sunday 7th June 2009 Sketch

We got lucky with the weather today especially after yesterdays deluge, here's one of some trees on the island in the pond in Stephens green

Sunday 7th June

Hey lads,
I don't think there's anything major on this weekend. The James Joyce walk is on Sunday but Ulysses bored the crap out of me when I tried to read it :) In the absence of any other ideas I propose that we meet at the gates of Stephen's Green and go from there. As always we'll be there at 1:00 (probably ten past for me ;) ) I'll be the odd looking chap with a beard waving about a sketchpad.

If the weather is bad we'll be at the entrance to the shopping centre. From here we'll likely head into the park or some people might want to stroll up Grafton street for inspiration. Sketch anyone who stands still for more than 10 seconds, loiterers have it coming! Anyway, yes, Stephen's Green it shall be, unless anyone has any more inspired suggestions?

Let's say Bewleys on Grafton Street afterward for coffee at 3:00 :) According to the rules of sketch club, if it's your first time, then you have to sketch.