Sunday 8th June Session

Unfortunately I can't make that Sunday 8th myself but maybe the Sunday 15th after.



Meeting this Sunday

meeting on the northside at Sean O'Cassey bridge (new pedestrian bridge linking IFSC to city Quay on the southside at 1pm..if your new have a sketchpad out or text me if your going to be a few minutes late as we might be hard to recognise!


we can then head down to sketch the boats/ people at the docklands around the IFSC. If it rains we can head to Connolly to do some life sketching or the indoor market in the IFSC.

Botanic Gardens for next week? James do you want to organise a meeting place for this? sorry for the delay in posting...! also a few people are heading to Indiana Jones tomorrow night in Tallaght.

Sunday 1st June Suggestion - The Botanic Gardens Glasnevin

How about the glasnevin botanic gardens this Sunday - meetup at main entrance at one pm as per usual - great venue from the point of view of variety - plants,trees, animals - squirrels, people, dogs, fish, architecture - greenhouses, ponds, restaraunt. I have a rousseau like painting in mind and remember a particular greenhouse that should fit the picture...

Also Saturday evening if anyone wants to go see the new indiana jones film in the square tallaght - a couple of us are going to see it a eight forty five pm late i know but some of my pals are working till sixpm sat hence the late hour suggested - any way all who know us (james m and sarah o'r) are welcome.

Some sketches done last Sunday

finnally got some semi-charged batteries into my camera! I liked what James did last week so I tried experimenting with some colour! Done with conte crayon on textured paper..

Newbie - by all accounts.

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say hello and to enquire a little about the DCSG. A great idea I think!

I'm really just a beginner and wonder is this the right route I should take at this stage? I am also in my mid thirties too, so would I be too old to get involved? No offence taken on this end if so.

All best,


Suggestions for next Sunday

I'm open to suggestions...all though the national art gallery does do good coffee!

is 1 o'clock okay for people still?

Sunday May 25th - sorry I missed you all!

So, where was everyone...?!

Ok, so I was two hours and ten minutes late and went straght to Merrion (late night last night!) but hey - I still sketched!

Offerings below


Boyle Arts Festival Webpage

Hi, All!
The Boyle Arts Festival website is now up-to-date and you can get full info on the up-coming exhibition if you are interested in entering.
The website is
Don't be intimidated by the big names you'll see there (e.g. Martin Gale, Le Broquy, etc, etc) - that's the professionals' exhibition. Just click on 'Local Art Exhibition' for the amateur one.
Good luck!

meeting at Iveagh Gardens at 1pm

then moving onto Merrion Square at about pending

Does this suit everyone?

We'll be sure to have coffee afterward this time too!

An idea for Sunday...?

Soul Picnic

Apparently it's an open air Soul concernt in Merrion Square from 12-7 on Sunday.... Could even do that as wella as the Iveagh Gardens...?

More here...

It might be a bit busy, but hey - they have gourmet sandwiches and - get this - Buddha bags (massive bean bags the size of couches)!!

anyway, opinions welcome...!!


???Friday evening???

Paul what do you want me to do? Do you need a lift to the opening or something? I'll be travelling from Firhouse via the M50.


So, we're all in...!

Sarah - I think I messed up your message: James, I meant Friday avec the car, not Sunday. Now I know why people never tell me anything...

See you Friday evening....!


Meeting at stephens green this Sunday

at 1pm at the arch..we'll hopefully head down to Iveagh gardens!! weather pending of course..


ps art exhibition this Friday in Leopardstown Park Hospital from 8pm, all welcome!

Iveagh gardens

Iveagh gardens sounds like a great place to sketch - especially if they have sculptures there too....... I sadly won't make the next three Sundays, but hope to be back in the middle of June. Loved the stuff from last weekend.


Paul and Gearoid's sketches

Gearoid's and Paul's sketches!

Sketch - Sunday 11th Stephen's Green

Didn't fix up the tree, so it is a little too dark, but in general happy enough and like the composition. Will use the sketch for a further painting I hope. Thinking watercolour! Two different settings on my camera, hence the differences in the sketch.

Really enjoyed it yesterday, apart from having two pink arms from sitting in the sun!

Work from Sunday 11th in Stephen's Green

The Pond in Stephen's Green (photo of scene inc. below)- this is the third pastel I've done this year and I'm pretty happy with it partially on account of not having used pastels for about 10 years previously and also because I feel I've learnt quite a bit from this session.

The other two are also shown below, "St.Audeons " from last Sunday session, and the "Hill Overlooking Pond - Bushy Park" from about three days ago.

The Iveagh Gardens sounds like a good idea to me - do people know how to get to it? There is an entrance down a side street on the right halfway down Harcourt Street as you head towards Stephens Green - we could meet there or simply walk up from the Stephen's Green arch if that's an easier meeting point.

Iveagh Gardens

Hi all,

Had an amble through the Iveagh Gardens on the way home and it turns out that there's a big sculpture exhibition on there at the moment called "secret garden". Methinks it'd be an ideal place for a meetup.

More info here:

A few more photos (and the photos from Christchuch last week FINALLY!) here

What do yiz think?

(Apologies for starting a new thread to Sarah - but I wanted to attach some images!)


Any sketches from today

or plans for the next meet-up?

At last I seem to have managed to get my artblog going. Not very elegantly done, but a blogspot nonetheless!

Next meeting Sun 11th

Hey all,
Suggesting 1pm at Stephen's Green next Sunday 11th, at the main arch entrance. Idea is to sketch inside the green itself, weather permitting. If weather v. bad we can retreat to cafe in shopping centre which has brill views over Grafton St and down towards Baggot St. If you're new to the group have your sketch pad out so as we can recognise you. Also we were discussing some more ideas for places to sketch at the last meeting and a couple of people suggested getting out of the city and into the surrounding hills - which would be great on a sunny day! One option would be The Blue Light, which apparently is about a 30 min walk from Dundrum. Another one is Johnny Foxes - would mean people having to drive though. I only mention all this now as logistically it would take a little more planning to sketch outside of the city. Perhaps people could indicate if this idea interests them, and if so perhaps a month that would suit best....
Sarah Bo

New Artblog

Hi all,
I just set up my new artblog (very proud of myself as I normally abstain from all things remotely technical, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!)
You can find it here at