Next meeting 13th April

Meeting again at the merrion gate entrance to the National Art Gallery at 12. If the weather's fine we may do some sketching in Merrion square. I may do some sketching there next Sunday as I don't know if i can go 2 weeks without it!

Anyhow if your free for the 13th put your name up!

Sarah. :)

ps i will be wearing a long red coat!

Sunday sketching group

Good to meet up with everyone the first time out, thanks again Sarah for organising it and posting our pics.

Some thoughts about future sessions;

1. Could we perhaps pick a theme (optional of course) say for example if we were in the nat. art gallery we might just decide to only do a portrait that day of an old/young/man/woman either from a painting/statue, or from life either, or even do our selves, the idea being that we put a bit of structure and focus to our sessions.

Other ideas/themes could be capturing light and shadow, conveying texture, motion, pattern, colour, solidity, transparency, depicting rain, air,wind, etc.etc.

These "themes" could be loosely or closely interpreted depending on the individual, perhaps we could all take it in turns each week to suggest something rather than leaving it just to Sarah.

2. Could we perhaps draw more together as a group, or perhaps pair off sometimes, as opposed to everyone heading off seperately to draw alone. It might be helpful to have someone close by for moral support etc. It's just a consideration, optional again.

3. Could we decide on doing maybe an hour and a half to two hours before we break for coffee so that we have more time to get into the work.

In saying all that I won't be able to make it to another Sunday session myself till Sunday 13th as will be out of town for that time. Really looking forward to the next session though.

Thanks for reading.


Sketches done at the first meeting

Contributors are myself, James, Fiona, Gearoid and Jessica.

Sorry I missed you....

Hope all went well! Should be there or there abouts forthe next one thought!

I can go to the April one! I'm looking forward to this- it should be fun.

Initial Sketchers Meeting this Sunday 30th

At the merrion square entrance to the National Art Gallery at 12pm.

The group can start either Sunday i.e this weekend or the following weekend (April the 6th) its up to the group (Im free for both days!).

Also be sure to let anyhow interested in sketching know about the group/ website :).


Thanks for the Invite

Thanks for inviting me to join your blog Sarah and I think it is a really great idea.
I think given the general cold snap to the weather at present an indoor venue might be best.

Maybe your suggestion of the national art gallery perhaps at 11 or so on a Sunday would be a good and fitting place to start - if we get a couple of other people we can all meet, chat over a coffee and throw around a couple of ideas then head off and do some drawing or whatever around the gallery and then meet back at a set time for another tea/coffee and a chat about what we've done and decide where to go next time etc.

I've two other people I can suggest it too aswell, talk to you soon,



click here all new artists for some FAQs

I hope to create an informal amateur sketchers group to allow fellow artists to share ideas about their work and to meet new people.

  • The sketchers group will have no fixed abode apart from Dublin City and each member will provide their own art materials/ take a part in organising places to visit/ sketch on a rotational basis to be decided at monthly coffee meeting (2nd Thursday of every month).

  • The idea being we don't actually have pay to be a member of an art group but will still gain ideas from working in a group.

  • The idea is mainly for quick sketches using mainly pencil/ charcoal, but Pastels/ experimentation is always welcome- although the group will hopefully grow and develop, and be open to changes.

  • The secound idea is that we meet once a week, and sketch for about an hour or two with the option of discussing our work after over coffee.

  • Sunday are great for me but with the brighter evenings we could do it in the evening time during weekdays too just remember we might have to pick spots indoors to avoid the cold!
  • we also hope to organise sketching weekends away (eg staying in hostels/ renting a house) for down the country.
  • we also hope to have an annual exhibition and we welcome and encourage anyone with any good suggestions to participate at our monthly coffee meetings to help decide on the running of the group.

Ideas for intial sketching venues are: the national art gallery/ iveagh gardens/ trinity college/ dublin castle/ christchurch/ st mary's abbey/ stephens green/ IMMA/ botanic gardens/ merrion square/ the national history museam/ georgian dublin.

Of course a camera can be used to do a latter painting or a watercolour wash could be used later for a good sketch.

Anyhow if your interested post up, or better still click on the join button so you can become a contributor to our humble sketchers group!