Next meeting 13th April

Meeting again at the merrion gate entrance to the National Art Gallery at 12. If the weather's fine we may do some sketching in Merrion square. I may do some sketching there next Sunday as I don't know if i can go 2 weeks without it!

Anyhow if your free for the 13th put your name up!

Sarah. :)

ps i will be wearing a long red coat!


Sarah Bo said...

See you there for sure, sounds like a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Looking forward to a little bit of sketching :) Sounds great!! Cork_girl

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Waiting for sunday to go back into sketching. seems to be good.

Kev said...

Sounds good! If I'm not too hung over I'll be there!! Any chance someone can leave a contact number in case I'm a little late or somehow miss meeting at 12??