Further Sunday 15th Posts

Just want to wish Sarah O'r the originator of the Dublin Sketchers Group all the best on her travels to Mexico and then on to Sri Lanka for a time, likewise the best of luck to Paul another member who's off to Berlin - try to post if you get a chance both of you. Have a great time.
We'll miss you till you return.

Contributors today were Deirdre, Katherine, Gearoid, Sarah Bo, Michael, Kerrie, James apologies if I spelt your name wrong. The plan is to return to the botanic gardens next week again.

By the way if you arrive onto this website Colm and Maeve send me an email via my blog admin address below - goodluck with the new arrival Maeve


Gearoid said...

Thanks, James, for filling in all the names. Cheers,too, to SarahO'R and Paul on their different travels (some have all the luck!). I think your stuff today is very interesting. I checked over to your blog and saw your Achill work - same style. I love the idea of editing down to the essentials and using bold areas of colour.It's a sort of journey of exploration. It was great too to see so many fellow sketchers there today - each with his/her own style.

SarahOR said...

hola from mexico! is 40degrees but I have perserved and done some sketches of horses and such.
I never seen so much hair-gel used in one country!