Meetup at the Botanic Gardens for Sunday 15th June

The usual meetup time of one pm at the main gates into the botanic gardens. Please have sketch books visible so we can recognise each other. Hopefully it'll be a nice day if not there are always the glasshouses we can work in. Plenty of people, plants, water, architecture etc. Find out more here.

This is a great place to sketch, paint etc. in and it's also free entry. Any newcomers are very welcome but just remember to bring your own equipment of choice - I'm gonna be taking some acyrilics to paint with this time. Look forward to seeing you all there.




Paul said...

Hi James,

I won;t be able to make this unfortunately, as I'll be en route to Berlin!

Was think of having an impromptu Saturday sketch at the Street Performance Champs in Merion Sq on Sat though....?


Sarah Bo said...

count me in for the Gardens - yipee! Paul best of luck in Berlin - you going for a visit or to live?

Stephen said...

I'll be going to the Taste of Dublin festival on Sunday but could certainly entertain the notion of a Saturday sketching people falling off unicycles. What time and where exactly do you want to meet up for that? Maybe start a separate blog entry for the separate meeting? ;)

Clawless said...

Sounds great, but I won't be there unfortunately. Hope you get a lot of sketchers.