Suggestions for June the 8th

Post up here if you've any ideas (the majority rules)..

also I will be in Mexico 15June-1stJuly if anyone else wants to volunteer for organising a meeting venue/ emailing people.


ps having a beers or two friday the 13th of anyones around in Dawson's lounge (teeniest pub in duberlin) if anyone wants to pop down :) from 8pm as have to get in from work..


Tracy said...

Won't be around for the next 2 sketching sessions and will be going to Leonard Cohen on the 13th June, so unfortunately will miss out. Next time though :D

Raf - Kildeal said...

Hi, There is a Picnic in the Park - Classic Cars - event at Farmleigh on 12/06/2008 - I might go to it - have a browse through the clasic cars and njoy d music - maybe a bit of sketching - More info at the following link :
anyone interested in going ?

Stephen said...

Sounds perfect, start a new blog about it or it'll get lost in the comment well ;) I wouldn't be able to make it until about sixish though.

SarahOR said...

prob won't get into town that quick so probably be from 8pm..