please once again see the email i recieved

> Hi Sarah,
> My name is Lorraine,  I'm a community inclusion coordinator with Walkinstown
> Association (we provide services for adults with intellectual disability) we
> have a art group here and we get involved in a wide variety of art projects.
> We have an idea! We would like to do a Postcard Exchange with another group
> interested in art..so we are extending an invitation to you. The idea is
> that we will get a chance to share out art and make a contribution to the
> art world! We give another group a chance to share their art with us, and
> importantly share a little bit of our lives and hopefully bring a smile to
> someone's face. I'd appreciate it if your group would consider our
> invitation and let us know what you think!!
> Thanks for taking the time to read this email,
> Kind Regards,
> Lorraine.
> Walkinstown Association


TAW Blog Admin said...

Sounds like a fine idea to me - I'd be happy to go along with something like this - how do we sign up for it Sarah?

Tracy said...

Ya - it sounds good - count me in :) Thanks for organising all of this Sarah - hope you're hols are going well!!

Gearoid said...

Great idea!