Drawings from Chester Beatty

Twas such a gorgeous sunny afternoon we abandoned Rembrandt (actually were kicked out by security on account of rather oversized baggage) and took to sketching in the roundy garden nearby. was so hot at one point i was compelled to remove my leather jacket for the... 2nd time this summer. anyhow, in between some deep and meaningful debates with Ric and Ciaran the sketches above were carried out. Hope to see some more of you next time. (BTW Ciaran, tuned into Lyric on Sun PM and was very impressed - great stuff!)


Clawless said...
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Clawless said...

I won't be back sketching until late august/september (due to general busyness), but I just wanted to say I also heard Ciaran F.'s piece and thought it was really impressive.

Ciaran L.

Rik said...

I promise, I'll do more next time. The sunny day and the conversation distract me from sketching. I do like what you drew Sarah and I like the details in the pigeons.

Tracy said...

I'm afraid I'm away too for next few weeks - summer time and weekends seem to fly by. Hoped I'd make it out but no joy!

Really like the snapshots in your sketches Sarah - little captured moments - really interesting!


Pook2000 said...

Yes lots of really good stuff here Sarah. Very prolific!

I will be making a trip back too to see those Rembrandt sketches. Beautiful altogether.

Thx for comments re: music, appreciated!

I'm out for lunch tomorrow so won't be around but hopefully next week.



TAW Blog Admin said...

Like that pigeon Sarah - nice one : )