next discussion meeting this thursday (9th)

from 8.30 pm in the Longstone pub (if you come before nine they serve food, it is also very near to where the life drawing goes on, near the screen cinema) and they also serve coffee and tea all evening. I know we decided this date way back at the last discussion in September so I hope we´ll have a good turn out. I also know a few of you might be going to life drawing so you should be able to make it down after 9pm. I know people may have to work the next day so if we can even get some volunteers to organise the next sessions and if you can´t make it for thursday maybe you could volunteer yourself for oganising one of the forthcoming Sundays?

We also hope to discuss about how the website/ mailing list are working out and about the sketching weekend away. Hope to get as many of you as we can! Yours Sarah

PS new people or anyone who has any suggestions about how the group should be run please come! We welcome your input.


Sarah Bowie said...

I'll see ye there after life-drawing... :-)

sarah ferg said...


just spotted you guys on the internet, would love to join you on thursday! was also wondering if you new where the life drawing was before because would love to do that first if possible. weekend away sounds great!!


sarah Ferg

SarahOR said...

there should be a link to the Trinity artsworkshop blog to the bottom right. Its just opposite o´neills on pearse street and if you come to a side entrance of tcd you´ve come too far.

The longstone pub is just up from the screen cinema and about a five minute walk from life drawing.

Hope to see you there Sarah Ferg, (we´ll have three Sarah´s!!!) :)