Docklands 1pm Sunday 2nd

Ok guys 'n gals - this Sunday we will all meet at 1pm on the north side of the Sean O'Casey bridge - we can venture on from there, weather dependent - perhaps the CHQ building if it is less than ideal!

I may not be there at 1pm sharp myself, have some head banging to do at Metallica on Sat. night! If I turn up late that'll be good, so hopefully see ye at some stage, but my suggestion is that if it is raining at 1pm, head for the CHQ and sketch there.



Mary said...

Will be there, Tracy! Looking forward to the sketch!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Lads I just remembered that the Cork game is on at 2pm tomorrow, so it's now even more unlikely that I'll be there!!

Mary said...

Thanks folks. There were some mighty sketches done by the group.