Sunday Suggestions

Hi guys,
If anyone has anything they particularly want to see this Sunday, please feel free to post a suggestion here. Any and all ideas gratefully received. Preferably city centre and indoors ;) Hooray for the Irish climate reasserting itself!



Tracy O'Brien said...

I have a wedding on Saturday so I'm afraid I won't be about on Sunday (not at a decent enough hour anyway!) - see you all the week after I hope!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Ideas.. the Smithfield Market is a good one - but you really do have to be there early. By 1pm they're all leaving!! So.. if people really want an early session - go for it.

In other news.. it's PLAY DAY in Merrion Square! (Dublin City Council’s free event 14:00-17:00, a children’s event with plenty of mess and mayhem. Could be nice to get out and sketch the fun!

There's also a teddy bears picnic in Blackrock and a vintage car show in Terenure (costs 10euro in though) and that's all I can think of! I'd suggest somewhere with an indoor back up plan.. as the weather is a bit tempermental!

Sarah Bowie said...

Smithfield would be great, but the early start is not so appealing. Merrion Sq might be good, and it least it's close to the gallery if it rains.

Mary said...

Merrion Square sound good, thanks for the suggestion Tracy.

Stephen said...

Sounds like Merrion Square it is. It looks like I won't make it though, I'll have to be at work on Sunday :( Sorry about that, things are getting pretty hectic at the minute.