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1. Shuttle Visible Over Ireland

If you've been following you'll know that the launch of the space shuttle Discovery has been delayed a third time this week. The launch is now scheduled for Saturday, August 29, at 4:59am Irish time. As with the launch of Endeavour on July 15, people in Ireland will be fortunate enough to see the shuttle and its huge external fuel tank flying over 18 minutes after launch (so that'll be 5:17am our time), a sight that was described by many as "the most spectacular sight they have ever seen".

Not only that, but in the nights following the launch, there will be a "space chase" as the shuttle approaches the International Space Station (ISS), and for times to view this amazing sight, and more details, click HERE. Don't forget, If you see any of these extremely rare sights please email to be included in our magazine report. So, definitely set your alarm clock and outside and watch the show.

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TAW Blog Admin said...

Wow I think I will set the alarm for this one, hopefully it won't be too cloudy.